Sources that influence Nutrition and Health

Good morning on this Sunday, January 19, 2020

January 2020 is off and running.  Thank you for tuning in with me today.  It is always amazing how quickly each week ticks away.  My mission is to enjoy each and every moment.  Time definitely flies when you are having fun!  Staying fit mentally and physically is an integral part of my life.  Make 2020 an incredible and amazing year!  Be there for one another and always be willing to lend a helping hand.  

Maintaining great health is such an important factor in our lives.  Our bodies are finely tuned organisms.  They require a balance of our mental, physical and spiritual structures to operate properly.  Each part of the puzzle should be in balance, so we can enjoy life at maximum capacity.  If we begin fueling it with less than optimal additives, our performance levels decrease.  This is true when it comes to health.  Food and water are a vibrant source of our nutrition.  They are an important resource for sustaining our life.  There are other sources that have a significant influence on our health and mental well-being.   

How do other sources we ingest with our mind, body and senses impact our health and nutrition?  Eating junky food or drinking unhealthy liquids, has a negative effect on our physical and mental well-being.  Our body always seems to know best.  You feel bad, sluggish, your mind feels cloudy or you just do not feel “right.”  The end result, your mind and body operate at less than maximum capacity.  If you have ever overindulged in food or drink, you know it is not a good feeling. 

Similar results are possible when we ingest (medication or illicit) drugs.   These substances are not a natural source of nutrition, nor are they part of our bodies normal function.  While there are medications associated with maintaining life, most drugs typically treat a symptom and not the root cause of the problem.  Drugs typically create “side effects” which are an undesirable secondary cause of the medication.  These have the capacity to create other, and sometimes even more significant issues within us.  The negative secondary effects are not good for our health.      

What you expose your body to, ingest, see, hear, feel, smell or taste; can influence your over-all health.  The type of music you listen to can impact your mental health.  If the music is loud, has lyrics of death, destruction, violence or sadness, it can alter your mental state.  The same can be true watching movies, videos, TV or social media; when violence, horror or sad situations are depicted.  The emotions and images projected have the ability to influence on our wellness.  Listening or watching forms of entertainment can create soothing feelings of happiness too.  What our senses perceive become part of our world.  Their influence may last briefly, or they may bring on more serious or long lasting feelings.

I dealt with years of violent, traumatic and horrific situations during my career in law enforcement.  These incidents had an impact on me mentally, physically and spiritually. The vast majority were never processed by my mind.   I was not able to allow a release of my emotions.  During these incidents my feelings remained in check, in order to process and deal with each situation safely.  Holding emotions in, while being immersed in each event; never allowing my brain to adequately process the pain, creates trauma.  With each new incident the pain and trauma continued to manifest and grow within me.  There were times it made me physically sick.  My relief did not occur until years later, when I found Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.  This therapy allowed my brain to process and release the trauma and toxic thoughts.  My brain processed the events and stored them properly, not to cause me harm again.  

When the brain does not fully process a traumatic incident, it retains each memory, continually replaying it over and over in the mind.  The trauma creates negativity and toxic thoughts.  The  pain associated with each event, is sometimes created unknowingly.  It manifests as stress, anger, anxiety, depression sadness and guilt.  The agony and frustration you feel are real.  Your health declines, as it has a serious impact on your mental health and well-being.  The struggle to maintain balanced mental and physical health can be significant.  Make a conscious effort to recognize when there is an imbalance.  Do not spend time worrying if your balance is off.   

There are many outside sources that create stimuli that have the capability to influence the health of our mind and body.  Traffic, crowds, disasters, social settings and so many other situations can bring on uneasiness.  I wish there was a simple solution to resolve each challenge we face.  The best advice I can offer is what I have found that assists me.  Each day I wake up with gratitude and thankfulness in thoughts.  I am more mindful and present with my life, loved ones and everyone I encounter during my day.  I strive for balance.  I may not always achieve it, but that is my goal.  I listen to softer music when I need it.  I am very aware of the violent world around us, but do not engage in violence or the media sources that display it.  I know there will be traffic, crowds and unruly people to deal with, it is a fact of life.  I eat healthier foods and drink less alcoholic beverages.  I focus on what is good in my life.  I breathe slower and release the anxiety.  I say hello, hold doors open, smile and make people smile back.  I am friendly, kind and maintain a positive heart.  There is pain and suffering in the world.  For now, I am making an effort to bring joy into our world.     

How much time each day do you spend looking at your cell phone?  This time should include seated in front of a computer or any visual screen or monitor.  What are the effects these create on your eyes, mind, brain and body?  Does the artificial light they emit impact us in a good or bad way?  Add our seated commute travels into this equation.  We spend so much time seated, driving, riding, at a desk, on the couch or holding our cell phone.  We typically have our shoulders tight and hunched forward, our teeth clinched and our body rigid.  The combined tension creates stress and anxiety.  It can affect our mental and physical wellness, which can lead to negativity, fatigue, sore muscles and agitation of our mind.  Do you believe this activity impacts our life?  Our mental and physical health are important for longevity and happiness.  Do not let them slip away.     

My career in law enforcement took a toll on my body, mind and spirit.  My body got beat up and broken.  My mind was filled with trauma and pain.  My spirit, sometimes shaken, never doubted what my mind and body were capable of doing.  The factors that kept me from going over the edge were, I was strong mentally and physically.  You have to believe in yourself; I did.  I always worked on building my own self-confidence.  My spirit and soul remained positive, even during negative times.  There were times in my life I was not my happiest.  I struggled with incidents of anxiety and depression, but I always kept a positive outlook.  There were moments in my life that opened doors.  I was happy I recognized most of them and changed my path.  I suggest you slow down a little in your life, so you can recognize when those opportunities and doors appear.  You have to be aware of those chances when they present themselves so you don’t run past.  I am much more mindful and present in my life.  When the universe presents an opportunity, I am ready.  Will you be?  Be open and willing to change.  It really is an amazing thing.  Change can bring the nutrition of life at its finest.

When we achieve that balance of food, water, air, sun, exercise and rest, our minds and bodies transform into amazing and beautiful beings.  We are truly unique and incredible creatures. Finding and maintaining that balance takes work and effort.  This is especially true in today’s age of technology and fast paced living.  The challenges are real, but our will and strength to succeed is even greater.  We are in control of our own body and mental attitude.  Make the conscious effort to change for the positive.   The moment I decided to change, my life changed for the better.  It really is amazing how a positive attitude can alter our lives.  A calm mind brings relief to your body.  Live and enjoy a happy and healthy life.  Happiness is up to us.   Be the change you want to see the world become.  Life is a blessing and privilege.  Don’t waste it.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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