It’s my Opinion. Do you know yours?

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Good morning and happy Sunday, May 17, 2020.  It’s nice to see plants, flowers and trees blooming into spring time.  I’m happy our nation and world are beginning to rebound, slowly returning to life.  This is the time we need to nourish ourselves and everyone around us.  I will flourish into the future.  This revival isn’t just for me.  It’s for my daughter and all of our children.  It’s time to take a proactive step to rebuilding and growing.

My career in law enforcement taught me many things.  It broadened my thinking, increased my knowledge and built experience.  I learned to be a great investigator, among a variety of skills.  I became more of a skeptic.  I searched for facts that would ultimately lead me to the truth.  I was never one who pushed conspiracy theories.  I still don’t put much credence in them.  My thought process takes me outside the box and down every path.  When you collect pieces of evidence, the puzzle begins to come together.  This isn’t about politics or what party best represents you.  This is a world health and humanity issue.  I don’t care for people who lie or bend the truth to best suit their vision or agenda.  We are in a crisis!  It’s time to educate yourself so you can make informed decisions; that are not promoted by fear.  Use your wisdom and intellect to vet the fact from fiction.

How do you process information presented to you regarding topics of local, national or world importance?  Do you believe everything you read or hear?  Do you take the time to research topics and seek the truth?  Over the nine weeks I have been “locked down,” my curiosity grows stronger and increasingly restless each day.  When sources first began outlining the coronavirus situation, information seemed skewed from all sides.  Experts and media sources were providing a variety of opinions and input.  Topics ranged from where it came from, how it started, what it was and how it would impact the world.  Months later, there is still a lack of clarification on many points.  The current evidence indicates this virus began in Wuhan China.  Beyond that, there is still speculation, not only about where it began, but how and why.  Experts, researchers and scientists around the globe are working on these questions, but there are few true answers.

I completed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification twice.  My first certification was when I was a firefighter with the US Forest Service.  The second, while I was assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department, Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT).  The certification process for both, required months of classroom education, working a number of hours in Hospital Emergency Rooms and riding with paramedics responding to emergency calls for medical service.  During my career I had direct exposure to many hazardous diseases.  I know and understand the protocol for protection and prevention.  I do not consider myself a medical expert by any means.  What I do know, from my training and all my experience, including nearly 34 years in law enforcement, is the importance of following procedures, policies and the best practices for achieving specific results.  In this particular case, it involves the treatment of patients and saving lives.

It doesn’t take an expert to know how we build our immunities to viruses and disease.  This natural process is done through interaction with everyone and everything you come into contact with on this planet daily.  Our bodies build up resistance and immunity naturally to various diseases and viruses.  The interaction with bacteria is actually a good thing.  I’ve watched several informative interviews regarding this topic.   If we remain at home for months, wear a mask when we venture outside and continually disinfect ourselves and everything around us, our immune system will decline.   We have overcome past influenza and coronavirus outbreaks

During the imposed confinement I have expanded my search for knowledge and education on the coronavirus.  I want to understand why various forces are working hard, continuing to push an unknown agenda down my throat.  Mainstream media thrives on daily doses of statistics, uncertainty and fear.  They all seem to be saying the same things over and over.  So what is the truth and who do you believe?  Here in the USA, information is being expelled all day every day from many sources.  Knowing what is true, factual, exaggerations, fake or fabrications can be difficult.  The president, state governors, city mayors and even the news media have their selected “experts.”  The rhetoric spouted daily (especially by mainstream media) spin their reports that instill fear, increase panic and stress. 

The world has experienced illness and disease for thousands of years.  Mankind has survived plagues, pandemics and epidemics.  Cancers, AIDS/HIV, Ebola, Zika and other diseases persist to this day.  Yes, deaths occur, even though modern medical services are thriving.  The more we work to control nature, the more adverse reactions we receive.  Why is our nation ruining so many lives, and our economy, by reacting as it is?   This and the promotion of fear doesn’t make sense.

In 2002, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) began in China.  This viral respiratory illness is caused by coronavirus.  The reporting of cases was delayed several months, as the virus spread globally.  It had an estimated 9.6% fatality rate worldwide.  Two years after the outbreak it had all but disappeared. 

In September 2008, H1N1 (swine flu pandemic) began in the USA.  Deaths, confirmed by tests, were relatively low at 18,000.   The CDC estimates there were between 151,000 to 575,000 deaths globally.  The majority of deaths occurred where testing was not completed for various reasons.  A vaccine was developed and administered, with a 56% effective rate.  Accusations were raised that a false pandemic was created in order to profit from vaccinations worldwide.  The vaccine caused a number of serious side effects.  This virus continues to circulate today. 

According to the CDC, each year various influenza strains cause or contribute to the death of people around the world.  These totals are between 30,000 to 60,000 in the USA and nearly 600,000 globally.  The flu vaccine varies from 40%-60% effective.  COVID-19, based on World Health Organization research, has a fatality rate of between 1.3 to 3.4%.  Why is a vaccine touted so highly for COVID-19?  Why is a billionaire pushing for worldwide vaccinations?

Cancer deaths in the USA were over 600,000 in 2018, as per the National Cancer Institute.  New cases were estimated to be over 1.7 million.  Deaths worldwide were approximately 8 million.  Experts have been doing research for a cure for decades.  Now we’re expected to believe a coronavirus vaccine will be ready for humans in six months.  What’s wrong with this picture?

I question if we’ve received all the information or truth about this virus or pandemic.  Like many things out of our control, it is difficult to say if we will ever know the truth.  Information continues to be disseminated from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  This is our nation’s federal health protection agency.  The CDC recalculated the cause of death totals from coronavirus in the USA.  Apparently the only cause of death the last few months is the coronavirus.  Hospitals and doctor offices are closed to “elective” procedures.  I’m sure people are still experiencing life threating emergency medial situations; like heart attacks, strokes, cancer or a variety of other health issues.  All of those fatalities were being lumped together as coronavirus deaths.  The CDC reduced the virus death total by nearly half.  The numbers on the CDC website have been adjusted, but the news media continues to attribute all the deaths to the virus.  This is misleading and untrue.  Why would they continue to do that?  

The World Health Organization (WHO) has rendered its own view.  This is an international health organization, directed by the United Nations.  It is set up to respond and take the lead in global health crisis.  Their face mask protocol states to wear a covering if you’re caring for someone with the virus.   Other healthy individuals should not be required to wear masks.  The Surgeon General reaffirmed this week that healthy individuals should not wear masks.  I think it’s particularly interesting and somewhat comical seeing people driving alone in their cars wearing a face mask and gloves.  My intuition tells me these are actions based on fear.

The WHO accepts donations to enhance their worldwide mission.  It’s easy to research the top donors of this organization.  When you discover where the majority of funding is coming from, then their picture becomes more clear.  When certain individuals contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to an organization, hidden agendas begin to emerge.  You may be telling yourself that world leaders wouldn’t do anything harmful to their own people.  It may be time you rethink what you’re telling yourself.  There are evil people in the world, from all walks of life.  These people are driven by power and greed.  Control and dominance of the masses is what compels them.  This is stronger than any passion or truth. 

Many times during my career I was involved in critical incidents that garnered media attention.  I recall seeing TV reports and newspaper articles depicting these events that made me wonder if I was at the same situation.  Sensationalizing and fabrication for the sake of garnering headlines was rampant.  I think it’s almost comical how several networks are using similar terminology during the pandemic.  They like to say we’re reporting the truth, or this is where you’ll only find the truth.  This verbiage makes me suspicious, instead of believing them.

Is the lock down and stay at home order slowing the spread?  The order continues to destroy our economy and many families.  The closure of everything “non-essential” has sent unemployment soaring beyond 35 million.  It is crippling businesses large and small.  People are struggling to survive beyond belief.  We are told the reason behind this is to slow the advance or spread of the virus.  It will keep our health care system from being overwhelmed and reduce the amount of deaths.  Do we really believe we can control everything, including diseases?  Experts speak daily, but offer little true insight.  I’ve watched interviews and read articles from respected individuals, clearly experts in their field.  They provide information and understanding of the virus.  Their insight is enlightening to say the least.  Why isn’t their wisdom being broadcast to the world?  This is baffling.  Maybe it’s because their truth contradicts our so called “appointed experts.”  Maybe the ego of these individuals won’t allow themselves to be corrected, even it means more people will suffer or die. 

Advertisements for drugs flood commercials on TV, radio, the internet and social media.  The pharmaceutical industry pushes drugs for everything.  These industries have been researching diseases for decades.  Where are the cures?  Now we are being pushed toward a vaccine for the coronavirus, while researchers around the world are studying and learning about this virus.  Medicines require years of research and testing before being approved to be safe and effective for human use.  The years of testing and development root out potential serious side effects, including death.  All drugs have side effects.  Some are severe.  These policies and procedures are in place to protect everyone.  The intention is vaccinating the world.  Do you think this is safe?  Is there an underlying agenda for the haste? 

I’m not anti-medication or anti-vaccine.  Medication, used wisely with proper treatment, play a significant role in saving lives. Drug treatment for life long treatment tends to be a money making opportunity.  Vaccinating the world would be a multi-billion dollar profitable payday for those involved.  Is a vaccine the answer, or will this virus run its course and be gone?  We, the people, need to press our elected leaders to ensure their honesty and integrity. Billionaires, (or other power hungry individuals), seeking to control our freedoms, rights or destiny, should have no decision making power.  We, as Americans and humans, need to stand together for all humanity.   

Where do we put our trust?  I’d like to believe our leaders have our best interests are heart.  Decisions should be based on complete and accurate information.  Leaders make sweeping decisions that affect millions of people daily.  We are in such a rush to control this, that it’s killing us in many ways; economically, mentally and physically.  Do you blindly follow or examine the facts?  There is so much information being thrown out daily.  How do you know what is credible?  The unsettling issue is how some politicians play political games with our lives and future.  This should be a time of undivided unity to assist all people.  Don’t allow politics or fear to divide us.  

I want the America I love to thrive!  When did we decide it’s okay to put a mother in jail for trying to earn money by opening her store.  People are desperate to feed their families.  The need is real.  A judge kept her in jail because she refused to say she was “selfish” and “sorry.”  Then there are many sad situations at hospitals around the country.  Why are we letting people die without family by their side?  A women lost her grandmother and three uncles within a couple weeks.  Her sister is in the hospital as well.  The woman is a health care worker herself.  Another sad story is of a security guard, killed at a store for telling someone they couldn’t enter without a mask.  This is insane!  These incidents are occurring in many parts of our country. 

The desire for money and power wield enormous cravings in some people.  I’ve seen firsthand what a taste of power creates.  Individuals, once honest and forthright, become incredibly driven for the control and dominance of others.  I hope our own government and leaders (at all levels) wouldn’t throw us under the bus, but money and power have an incredible pull.  

Closing parks, hiking trails and beaches, when we need exercise and the healing power of nature most is ludicrous.  Arresting people for not “social distancing” is just sad.  Releasing criminals from jail to slow the spread in prison is another interesting strategy.  Some leadership decisions make me wonder who’s in control.  This is a time we need healthy food, exercise, air, nature and human interaction.    

I ask you to look at the facts, not what we’re being preached about daily.  Do your own research.  If you feel the need to wear a mask, social distance or stay at home, then please do that.  Please don’t blindly follow the masses.  You have the power to seek the truth.  All you need to do is open your heart.  Turn off the TV, get off social media and seek other sources of information.  There are sources out there if you expand your thought process.  Knowledge is power.  Turn off and put aside your fear.  It’s created as a measure of control, so we will think less freely and openly.  Educate yourself with facts, not fiction.  These are our lives.  We’re not toys that can be played with or manipulated.  The lives of our children and their children may hang in the balance.  Do the right thing.  We are (the entire world) all in this together.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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