Flag Day

Sunday June 14, 2020

Good morning friends.  Happy Flag Day, June 14th!  The “stars and stripes” are the symbol of our countries freedom.  Our nation has imperfections.  No country or government is perfect.  The United States of America has the unique distinction of being “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”  Freedom is an incredible and magnificent standard only some countries achieve.  The rights we share have come at a tremendous cost in human lives.  Our brothers and sisters have sacrificed all to ensure our independent way of life.  There are some individuals and extremist groups, who live among us, that do not share our values or ideals.  These anarchists would rather create chaos, loot, burn and destroy our freedom.  Today we need to stand united, as a nation and people, to support each other and all lives.  Together under our flag, we can banish the oppressive, eliminate hatred and racism, so we can all live in peace.

What does our flag represent?  The original American flag represented the unity of the thirteen colonies.  It commemorated their freedom and independence from England.  On June14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution.  This designated the stars and stripes as our nations official flag.  The flag is made up of thirteen horizontal stripes, including seven red (top and bottom) and six white.  The thirteen stripes signify the original thirteen colonies.  Today, the blue canton (background) contains 50 stars.  Each star symbolizes a state in the union. 

The red, white and blue colors have their own meaning.  Red symbolizes valor.  This equals great courage in the face of danger.  It can signify standing for your ideals or especially for bravery in battle.  Valor doesn’t have to mean you’re courageous.  It represents the boldness of our country.  White stands for purity.  The pure nature under which our nation was formed has taken on a less than pristine look lately.  Equality and respect need to be re-established for all in order to prove our purity.  The blue canton behind the stars symbolizes vigilance and justice.  We have been a nation maintaining a careful watch for dangers that threaten our land.  We began as a just and fair country.  Now more than ever we need to ensure equal and fair rights for all.

The beauty of our country (represented by our flag) is our freedom.  We enjoy these rights under the protection of the laws provided by our Constitution.  Personal, religious and political freedom are amazing rights to share.  George Washington, and other colonists, wanted a better and free way of life for our country, then and now.  It is up to us, “We, the people,” to again make that a reality. 

There are countries around the globe that do not share the personal rights, civil liberties and freedom we often take for granted.  North Korea, China and Russia are among the largest, while there are other countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America, that are ruled by dictators or totalitarian governments.  In those countries there are no individual rights or freedoms.  These are authoritarian, communist or socialist politics at their finest.  Total oppression of the population is maintained through force and fear.  If you dare to share your own thoughts, ideas or oppressive government views, you are subjected to torture, imprisonment and often death.  This is no way for any human to live.  This is not how I want to live.   

From the dawn of civilian, many countries on this planet have experienced oppression.  World War II was fought to end the hate and racist regime of the Nazis.  Hitler brainwashed the population with lies, hate and deceit.  They murdered millions of Jews, Germans, Russians and others they deemed inferior.  The United States, along with our Allies, paid a significant price for ensuring the worlds freedom.  The lives sacrificed haven’t been in vain.  We need to ensure the legacy of freedom they provided does not deteriorate.  The anarchy we are experiencing right now is a coordinated effort to subvert our laws, government and free way of life.  I wake up grateful every day to be a citizen of the United States of America.  It’s time for you to wake up and see this activity for what it is; anarchy.  This has very little to do with racism and everything to do with destroying America for all people.  Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by the hate and deceit being wrought on our soil.

I fear young adults and teens do not know or understand enough of our American history.  We have made amazing strides for equality and freedom for all.  Our youth have no idea and have not witnessed the oppression and suffering in countries with socialist rule.  Our youth have been led to believe, by teachers, professors and organizations with radical political views, social change can only be achieved through revolution.  These left wing extremist views express the fundamentals of Antifa and black lives matter.  Our children are being recruited into “climate change” or other social organizations.  These groups guide them down the rabbit hole into their socialist ideology.  The ensuing indoctrination makes them believe a revolutionary agenda is the only way to effect change.   Extremists on the right are no better, wanting to topple our government by any means necessary.  We cannot allow these subversives to be the only voices heard.

My Dad served in the U.S. Army during World War II and Korea.  He landed at D-Day, traversed Europe, Battle of the Bulge and into Germany.  The defeat of the Nazi regime and their radical ideals was a heroic triumph for good.  My Dad was proud to be an American.  He loved our country.  He would be devastated to see Americans kneeling during our national anthem.  Some people say it is disrespectful to their cause when we do not support their kneeling.  I believe there are other avenues rich athletes can use to influence their fans.  Too many people see these individuals, as they do actors in the entertainment industry, as their hero’s.  Kneeling in front of the flag during our National Anthem is disrespectful to our nation, military and our citizens.     

Our freedoms are under attack.  We All (races, colors and genders) need to stand together to ensure equal rights for every person.  I do my best to maintain an open mind about people who kneel during our national anthem or in the presence of our flag.  I see this as a display of disrespect to our country.  I avidly support our Constitution and the freedoms it affords us.  The first amendment provides freedom of speech, including peaceful protests and voicing opinions.

I respect Drew Brees for expressing his opinion and taking a stand in support of our flag, National anthem and Nation.  How dare others, especially his fellow athletes, for chastising and bullying him for voicing his views.  Saying he is “insensitive” to their cause is absolute bull!  How dare they!  If you don’t show support and love for the country you are a citizen of, why are you here.  When Drew shared an apology (several), it makes you realize this country is in dire straits.  Did his opinion jeopardize something?  When did freedom and equality for all people become about bending to the demands of others.  The same applies to Terry Crews.  Why does speaking for equality for all people invoke a hate filled backlash and rebuke?  It shouldn’t!  The people responsible for these rebukes are shameful.  Where is their respect and love?  Freedom of speech (a First Amendment Constitutional Right) is not a one-way street, only given to a few.  The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees these freedoms and rights to ALL.  This right allows people to conduct peaceful protests, and even burn our flag, as a sign of discontent.  I do not condone the burning of our flag, or people kneeling during our countries National anthem, but it is their right under the law.  Because we have a Constitution and laws, these individuals are free to exercise their rights.  These rights do not allow extremists or any individual to commit crimes, loot, steal, burn businesses, commit acts of violence or insight anarchy.  These behaviors are not acceptable and should not be tolerated.  

Athletes and actors are paid millions of dollars to provide entertainment.  Why are they placed on pedestals and provided “star” status?  What makes them so special to be paid outrageous salaries?  What qualifies them to know anything more about our world than any of us?  They preach their own agenda and influence others by their “status.”  They sit protected in large gated mansions away from the chaos they generate.  Similar to others like them, it comes down to wealth and power.  Where are the individuals that stand for the equal and fair rights of all people?  They are walking among and next to us.  Why aren’t we listening to people who speak the truth?

One of the many things that make our country great, is the ability to have different opinions, yet still live together in peace and understanding.  We are a mixed variety of peoples, united under one flag, one country and the common goal of living in freedom. 

Yes, this country has serious political and racial issues we need to resolve.  The lazy or corrupt politicians keep spouting meaningless words, but never deliver any positive actions or change.  Many of these career office holders have never made an attempt for significant improvement or unity among our diverse peoples.  It’s easier to point fingers and blame others.  Why are these elected people continually voted back into office?  Don’t listen to their lies and false rhetoric.  These hypocrites and the wealthy keep building their rich and powerful lifestyles.  They continue to spread discontent and a division between us.  The poor and middle class are the people who suffer.  Nothing changes. 

Some protestors are screaming to “defund the police.” These leftist radicals want to eliminate the police, laws and all social structure. They have elected officials throughout our government, working diligently to destroy us from within. Looks what’s happening in Seattle, Minneapolis and other cities.  Without law and order our society, rights and freedoms will vanish.   There will no longer be freedom, only anarchy and oppression.  If you want to regress 200 years and live in a lawless land, why not simply move to another country? This is an extremist worldwide moment. It’s time to recognize this as much more than race issue. If we do not act to stop these groups, we may see dire days ahead.   Do not allow bullies to intimidate or sway you.  Stand tall together, all colors and all people.

We All deserve Respect.  If you are unable to give it, how do you expect to receive it in return.  If you say I’m a racist because I’m a cop, white or any other color, you need to look in the mirror.  Search your own soul for your biases and hate.  My Dad taught me at a very young age to respect all people.  Maybe some people never learned that valuable lesson.  It’s possible some may have received an opposite view.  My integrity and values have never changed or wavered.  All people are good until they show they are not.

We cannot allow extremists from the left or right, domestic terrorists, or foreign influencers spread their agenda of division, hate and discontent.  Their mission is to tear our government and country down by whatever means necessary.  Their direct action forum uses violence and fear to achieve their goal.  They wasted no time in seizing the moment, turning peaceful protests into violent assaults against law enforcement, innocent people, businesses, cities and our government.

If you advocate braking the law, violence, hate or anarchy; you do not belong in this country.  We need all people to stand together; all colors, races and nationalities, to ensure our freedom.  I look forward to our country and people healing.  We have endured hurt, pain and sadness from so many tragic events this year.  We need to put the hate of the past behind us and move forward from today.  If we keep living in the past, we can never move forward into our future.    

Over half of my life has been dedicated to public service.  My years of life and career have brought me into contact with diverse groups of people.  I have met and interacted with people from all races and walks of life.  The vast majority of these people are good, hard working and decent individuals.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel and visit wonderful foreign countries.  The people I’ve met from around the world are good, while many struggle with daily quality of life issues.  They all seek what we have; peace and freedom.  Each time I return home I thank God to be an American.  

We all share a common goal and belief; the right to be free and equal.  Our combined effort, along with ensuring our elected officials do what’s in our best interests, will achieve our desired goals.  Do not sit back, surrender, become helpless or feel paralyzed by the actions, misdirection and misinformation by politics, the news or social media.  I stand united and with respect for all to maintain equal rights and freedom for All people. 

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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