Father’s Day

Sunday – June 21, 2020

Good morning friends!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in the world!  Today is truly a special day.  We get to celebrate our amazing Dad!  Whether your father is with you, close by, across the country or no longer with us; be sure to express your love and admiration for him.  I am sure he will love knowing you’re honoring of him today.  Our father’s deserve praise and thanks, so don’t hesitate to reach out with all your heart felt love.

I know from experience (as a Dad) our role can be packed with fun, but it also carries much responsibility.  We must be guiding lights of information and integrity for our children.  As a father, it is our job to set the example that our kids will view and emulate.  Always strive to be the best possible version of yourself.  Talk with your family daily.  Be honest, open and always share your heart with them.  Let them know it’s okay to express and reveal their emotions, thoughts and feelings.  Allow them to set goals, live their dreams and discover their passions.  Keep them on a path of goodness.  Teach them about the universe, diversity and God (if you believe).  We have the ability to impact their lives in a positive way each day.  Give them the skills and ability to make our world wonderful.   Most of all, be there for them with love!

Father’s are truly unique and interesting individuals.  They are often the parent who allows that extra hour of play instead of homework.  They buy ice cream, take kids to the beach, teach them how to change a flat tire, or bring them to sporting events.  They enjoy singing along with their children’s favorite songs while driving and holding hands while walking.  Our kids bring us to the park to push them on the swing or spin them on the merry go round.  They want to be close to us.  We, in turn, need to keep our children safe, secure, happy and out of trouble.  A father should be a resource of greatness.  We give them strength to move forward and hugs when they are sad.  Dads have incredible power to share so much of ourselves and the world around us.  Be sure you take the time to teach your kids right from wrong, good from bad, to seek knowledge, truth and empower them to into adulthood.  We need this now more than ever.

My Dad passed away several years ago.  I had the pleasure of enjoying his company for many years.  Not a day goes by that I do not think about him or talk with him.  He was an incredible man and father.  He showed and taught me respect for all humans.  I have a mind full of great memories.  We shared amazing times together.  He worked hard Monday through Friday to provide for his family.  He often did various construction jobs on the side.  I was always excited when he’d ask if I wanted to join him on a Saturday morning.  I loved it and never hesitated to say, “Yes!”  There always seemed to be a variety of people working around the job site; different races, nationalities and colors working together.  It was like a cultural smorgasbord of people.  I learned at a very young age to respect all people.  He would always introduce me and I’d shake hands with each person.  Dad would say, “The world is filled with good people.  There are a few not so good ones out there too.  You’ll know who they are.”  He always treated everyone the same; with respect and dignity.  Everyone like him, as he was “just one of those guys.”  Those were amazing days.  I met some incredible and wonderful people.  They never seemed to be concerned with the past.  They were living in the present; all working for a brighter future.  There are some people today still caught in the past.  Why is that?  If you really want to progress, you need to move forward, not backward.      

As I grew, matured and had my own experiences with the world, I understood what he had been teaching me all those years.  It was easy to recognize there are many good people in this world.  As my knowledge and interactions increased, it became clearly evident there are some evil people mixed in too.  My career in law enforcement was no different.  I treated all people equally and fairly.  I gave dignity and respect, expecting the same in return.  I met good people in many communities.  Unfortunately, life isn’t always pretty.  The majority of my interactions were with people that may not have learned the same values of honesty and respect.  Not all encounters went smoothly.  Evil and misguided people do exist.  You don’t know what choices a person will make, but you must remain vigilant to the outcome.  Individuals on the fringe of society are few in number, yet they garner all the media attention.  The vast majority of people living in America want freedom, equality and peace.  The poor choices of a few continue to play a significant role in where their path take us all in life.  It’s time we shout louder than the few and make our voices heard.  Like our fathers, let’s choose wisely.  

Sad and crazy days continue.  Misrepresentations of the truth lead to more violence and hate.   Some media outlets maintain a steady dose of fear and hype. They revert back to the virus whenever there’s nothing else to fill their agenda.  A few dig up our countries past history as a way to stir more controversy and discontent.  A segment of our nation’s youth and young adults think society owns them something.  Some of these individuals believe they’re exempt from the law.  They (all races and colors) display a sense of entitlement never seen before in this land.  The majority work every day toward a better future.  The others want everything handed to them.  Some groups push to remove authority and laws.  The socialist or Marxist ideology they seek is not a savior, but a destructive force they don’t understand.  The solutions they’ve been fed in school or by others, is nothing but BS.  The agenda of these individuals is to destroy our nation.  This is anarchy, nothing more.  All of our fathers and grandfathers, those who served in World War II, or those serving our country now, must feel betrayed, beleaguered and devastated.       

Domestic terrorists, extremists on the left and right and other fanatics continue their rein of madness.  This is lawless mob rule.  Seattle, Portland and other cities are prime examples.  They are doing a good job of dismantling our society and country one brick at a time.  It’s absolutely astounding how many people are buying into this chaos.  It never ceases to amaze me how individuals from the entertainment industry, sports world or social media spout off silliness they pass off for authentic words of wisdom.  Then we have a myriad of elected political people tossing out opinions that are just as foolish.  All of these individuals make far too much money and do little to no worthwhile work.   Where are their competent solutions to our issues?  Where are our real leaders?  We must have someone out there willing to take a stand for America, our freedom and our citizens.  We, the people of the “silent majority” need to rise up, express our views, take action and regain our country.     

Dads, it’s time we step up and fill that leadership role for your children.  Kids need father’s in their lives.  Our guidance and support is crucial to their development.  This has nothing to do with race, nationality or the color of your skin.  It’s all about being the best possible father.  Be a role model for good.  There are times that means just being there for them with your love.  I was divorced when my daughter was seven.  That didn’t stop me from being there for her as much as possible, and more if she needed me.  I love being a Dad more than anything in this world.  I went to her school plays, teacher conferences and sports event.  I knew who her friends were and made a point to meet their parents too.  I helped her with homework, passed on the character traits my Dad passed to me and made sure we talked.   It’s an amazing and rewarding experience.  I share a uniquely special bond of love with her that is absolutely spectacular.

Our children need both parents in their lives, full time, so we can ensure they develop into outstanding adults.  Parents don’t be wrapped up in your own world.  Be there for your children.  Help them to learn, grow and mature.  They will be our future leaders, teachers and parents.  Do all you can to teach them respect, honesty and integrity in all they say and do.  Let’s ensure they have the necessary skills to make our world a wonderful place for us all to coexist in peace.     

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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