Independence Day = Freedom

July 5, 2020

Good morning friends.  My daughter suggested I begin todays blog with an Independence Day joke.  She told me, “We need to lighten things up a bit Dad.”   Her first joke, “Why doesn’t the United States begin with a knock knock joke?  Because freedom rings!”  Her second, “What did one American flag say to the other American flag?  Nothing.  It just waved!”  I love her sense of humor and pride in our country.  “Thanks Sweetie!  Freedom is an amazing thing! Let it ring!”

Friends, these are drastic, crazy and sad times.  Our nation is under attack.  If you’ve been attempting to stay off social media, not watch the news or stay away from ultra-extremists, you aren’t alone.  I ask you to remain vigilant to what’s happening in your community and our country.  Take a hard and truthful look at what’s occurring.  A fragment of our nation has broken away from our values and what we as Americans hold dear.  Extremist groups (like black lives matter and Antifa) are pushing to overturn our government and destroy our free way of life.  They are openly calling for the killing of police officers.  They are actively tearing down our history and destroying our nation.  This isn’t about color, race or nationality.  These are anarchists.  When did this behavior become okay in our society?  These individuals are all about creating hate, fear, discontent to achieve their own political agenda.  The lies and fake stories are relentless.   They want you be afraid and fearful.  They want control.

Yes, this began, as it has before, with the death of an African American (George Floyd) by police.  What about the hundreds of Blacks killed across America by other Blacks?  African American men, women and children are killed in shootings by people of their own race, yet there is no outcry for them.  Six Chicago children were shot and killed in a single week.  Where is their justice?  The black lives matter group doesn’t care about them.  These deaths stir no political agenda for them.  This group is all about creating more racial tension where it doesn’t exist.  Far left and right extremist groups are using these events as a catalyst to launch their attack on America, our way of life and all of its people (US).  It’s time we remember our history, where we were and how far we have progressed since our countries inception.  We have fought many battles against formable foes who sought to oppress the world. 

News outlets, social media and extremists have fed years of lies to us, our kids, teens and young adults.  Many young minds have been corrupted to believe they deserve everything handed to them.  Now we are witnessing this divisive agenda play out in real time.  Peaceful protests are part of our rights as Americans.  Violence, looting, burning, destruction of property and vandalizing memorials is anarchist behavior.  Some politicians and billionaires are seeking to gain more control and power.  They only seek to further their own radical agenda for our nation, while increasing their own lust for greed.  Don’t be fooled.  We are facing an enemy from within our own borders. 

Words like “systemic” and “privilege” are used to describe racism in our country.  I’ve lived an active 66+ years on this land and I do not agree.  Yes, there is an element of racism in every nationality, race, ethnicity and color.  It isn’t something attributed to only one people.  Luckily it’s only infected a small percentage of the population.  Individuals want to drag us back into the past to describe what’s happening now.  Our past is our history, but it isn’t who we are today.  If you believe racism is embedded in the fabric of our society, then you either don’t interact with many people or you hang out with the same group all the time.  There may be a person in your group who sways your point of view.  Like all nations, the United States has endured good and bad events since it’s inception.  No place on this planet is exempt.

Our country was formed July 4, 1776, when members of the 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence.  With this act, they declared their freedom from England.  This began years of struggle to achieve a dream and create the United States of America.  Our country has grown over the years.  It has endured hardships, wars, internal conflicts and social unrest.  We learn and grow from each event.  Race relations, women’s rights and social aspects of life have progressed in many ways over the last 100 years.  It’s sad the disunity of a few continue to drive us backward.  My profession provided close interaction with some extremist individuals and groups.  It’s sad knowing they exist and harbor such hate for other people.  Their ideals and agenda are scary, to say the least.  Our freedoms allow many things to exist, including evil.  Now more than ever, strong laws, backed by a powerful judicial system, are needed to deal with these law breakers.  Somewhere along our path we have lost that ability.  Now criminals are set free and continue to prey on innocent victims.  Subversive politics and personal agendas chip away at our foundation, as some put their own needs first.

We are a nation comprised of many races, nationalities and ethnicities from around the globe.  We are all humans.  This nation was forged from conflict to establish its independence and freedom.  We have fought many battles and wars to maintain that freedom.  The majority of people work hard to achieve their dreams.  There are a few who believe they deserve more. 

Some don’t work because the government gives them many things for free or close to it.  When a person is handed food, housing, health care, cell phones and cash, what’s the incentive to work? These individuals have been given a free pass for far too long.  Jobs need to be created, along with a better educational structure.  Knowledge and a career build a better more vibrant community.  

Now we have a new generation, who expect everything to be handed to them.  The students of dissident professors or teachers, brain washed into believing socialism is the answer are violently misguided.  Socialism, fascism, communism, or any other ideology, all lead to one end; oppression.  Factions of our political leadership have failed in building a strong nation.  They allow apathy and poverty to thrive.  What people need are jobs so they can work building their own successes.  When you’re handed things, you don’t have the opportunity to develop self-respect or dignity.  You must be a contributing member of society in order to have pride in what you do.  We’ve allowed poverty, drugs and lack of family values to thrive in our cities.  Yes, we have issues that need to be resolved.  We need leaders who aren’t afraid to take action.  True leaders build unity, trust and cooperation among all people.  Violence, destruction or socialism isn’t the answer.           

Do not be drawn into false or fictitious narratives about who we are today.  History is often used (like statistics) to sway people with prejudice and hate.  Extremists use these skewed inaccurate statements to fit their own bias or agenda.  They construct fabrications and spread lies to further their own cause.  People with power only want more power.  They are greedy individualistic manipulators.  These ultra-wealthy billionaires and old politicians want more control.  They will do anything to leverage an increase of their power and financial gain.  They manipulate news outlets and social media sources to spread hateful rhetoric and discontent.  Do not believe their despicable and repulsive garbage. 

Toppling our government or defunding of police departments is not the answer or solution to our issues.  Abolishing law enforcement is both ludicrous and dangerous.  Consider what this land would look like without the Thin Blue Line of defense.  The vast majority of our law enforcement professionals are amazing and hardworking individuals.  They put their lives on the line daily to protect the community and keep us safe.  Most people have no idea what this career entails, but are always quick to judge and evaluate every situation as if it’s a sporting event.   

Change and reform can be good for any institution.  Growth is an evolutionary process for individuals and businesses.  Education and knowledge bring improved hiring, training and tactics used by police.  Establishing national standards of hiring and training, so all police agencies maintain the same policies and procedures, would simplify this issue nationwide.  All agencies and officers would be held accountable to a single standard. 

Several key steps are necessary to better assist law enforcement in creating reform.  Begin by improving the selection process; including background investigations, mental evaluations and physical fitness qualification.  A complete and thorough assessment of candidates social, economic and personal history should be mandatory.  This process will assist to identify potential biased or unsuitable candidates.  This system should be integral parts to the selection, prior to hiring. 

Once candidates are hired, extensive and comprehensive academy training is required.  Trainees must maintain high standards and scores throughout the training.  Testing must ensure recruits understand all phases of training.  This should be accomplished via written, oral and scenario training and test situations.  Continual mental and physical evaluations should be mandatory throughout hiring, training and their career.  This would be a great start to effecting positive and relevant change.  

We live in an amazing country.  We have incredible freedoms that many people around the world only dream of attaining.  We (All of US) are not responsible for the actions of people that forged our history.  We are responsible for our actions here and now.  My parent’s families immigrated to the USA 100 years ago seeking a better life.  Many people still try to enter our nation because they believe it is a land of opportunity. We all want the same thing: freedom.  The United States of America isn’t perfect.  No country will ever enjoy that status.  Humans will always be humans.  The extremist groups crying for their rights don’t realize what they already have and enjoy.  They want to take our nation down a road that leads to socialism or something far worse.  Apparently they believe the ideology they’ve been sold will bring equal rights, leveling the distribution of wealth and status.  What they do not realize, if they achieve their goal; the chaos, disorder and restrictions of freedoms this will create.  A socialist way of government leads to only a single result.  Totalitarianism and total government control.  Only the rich will survive, the middle class will be eliminated and only poverty will exist.    

The youth of our nation are our future.  We cannot allow them to be led astray.  Better understanding is needed to stop and prevent future discontent.  We need to exam the sources of where they learned about extremism, fascism, socialism and hate for their own land.  Weren’t they taught the same values (respect, integrity, honesty) I was by my Dad?  Were there other individuals or outside sources instilling subversive doctrines and evil into their minds?   Extreme liberal agendas have filled our schools, colleges and universities.  Radical teachers and instructors around the globe are spreading the socialist / fascist agenda.  These people profess their own brand of anti-American trash to our children.  Our educational system is in need of reform, so our children can learn, without being indoctrinated.

North America has a unique history, as does the world and all countries on this planet.  When mankind was born and people first lived on this soil, the history of the world began to take shape.  Much has occurred over thousands of years.  Our world and society are no different.  I didn’t write our past history.  None of us were here when our history was created.  Groups like black lives matter and Antifa apparently believe they can erase the past by destroying things from our present.  The things they are destroying don’t control or dictate our present or future.  Many things, like statues, monuments, places, things and people, are reminders of our past history.  Some remind of the good, while others of bad events who were a part of it.  You cannot rewrite or change history by destroying, removing or re-writing it.  Painting graffiti, knocking down statues or defacing monuments won’t change anything or improve our future.  It only reveals what true morons we have living in this country.   You are ignorant if you believe attempting to remove history makes our nation better.  Knowledge is an amazing power.  It gives us the ability to learn, evolve and grow.  Destruction of knowledge and inhibiting the ability to learn is the device of a totalitarian society.

Our present situation can seem daunting, but with strong leadership we can bring our nation together.  The key ingredient that sets our nation apart from other countries on this planet, is our freedom.  We live in a free society.  We are governed by laws.  The order these rules create protect all people, allowing us to live together in peace.   When people no longer obey the laws, our free society crumbles.  I stand for freedom, equality and fair treatment of ALL people.  Now is the time for you to stand up, all of us united, for freedom.  Anarchists, law breakers and extremists cannot be allowed to continue their destructive behavior.  A democracy is all people working together to achieve a common goal.  If you don’t want to work or provide for yourself, or you dislike America, then please feel free to leave.  There are plenty of hard working individuals that would love the opportunity to live here.  That is the privilege this country offers.

Our country has made huge strides for freedom, equality and civil rights.  Life and history isn’t perfect.  We continue to grow and change each day.  Let’s be united, let freedom ring and wave your flag with honor.  Freedom is never free.  Let’s ensure we stand up, defend our country and all the great people within our nation.  God bless the United States of America.  

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

4 thoughts on “Independence Day = Freedom

  1. Thank you John. I’m so concerned about the influence and sympathy that Black Life Matters is having on so many people. Good, kind people, people that I love. All life matters. Love matters. Radicals are trying to destroy our country. Thank you for your blog. I love your daughters sense of humor. My children too love our country. Take care ❤️

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    1. Lina..Thank you for your beautiful comment and kind words. I can relate to what you are feeling. Many of us are feeling the same things. Sad times. I hope and pray real leadership steps up to resolve and improve the quality of life for so many. Lots of Love to You!


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