July 12, 2020

Good morning and happy Sunday.  Here we are again, California in lockdown.  I can’t say I agree with our governor on this current situation.  Several other states are dealing with similar situations.  Is this an attempt to further push our nation into economic distress, social chaos and sway the politics of the November elections?  I know there are opinions on both sides.  Some people are concerned about their health, but I hope you’re also concerned about the health of America.  Our political leaders (state and local) are doing an amazing job of spreading fear and uncertainty.  There are a number of state representatives (senate and congressional) nationwide, that are furthering the attack on our country.  These are evil and manipulative individuals.  They are only concerned with one thing: “Control.”

Manipulation and domination of others allows them to gain more power and wealth.  Fear, uncertainty, division and discontent are tools to gain your compliance.  Once you align yourself to their goal, you become more easily led.  They are doing a great job of exerting their “control” of us across the nation.  It began with the pandemic.  Then it transitioned into the protests about racism and inequality.  It’s easy to see some people are fearful.  For example, I run three days a week and pass a variety of individuals.  I typically say “hello” or “good morning” to nearly everyone. Of those, about 75-80% do not respond.  The same percentage will either stand off to the side, at least ten feet away or cross the road, so as not to pass to close to me.  This wasn’t the case before the pandemic began.  Now the media chaos shifts back and forth from the virus and racism. 

Take a moment to examine the cycle of abuse associated with domestic violence.  It begins with control, mentally and physically.  The cycle typically continues into more abusive and violent behavior.  The misinformation and lack of leadership by these state and local officials only serves to create more anxiety and stress.  These individuals thrive on maintaining control of the population.  Having that power is an amazing thing.  They don’t care how their decisions affect people’s lives.  They continue a constant barrage of lies and deceit, about the virus, racism and social injustice.  The anguish is taking a tremendous toll on our population, mentally and physically.

Many years ago my Dad told me, “Don’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see.  He said, “There are two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle.”  What he told and taught me is valuable and useful information.  It proved very beneficial during my career in law enforcement.  The search for truth today can be a daunting task, but it’s out there when you look for it.  Unfortunately, too many people instantly believe everything they see or hear.  Their information is from a single source, or outlets that only share the same points of view.  Be honest with yourself and find the truth.  

This planet is inhabited by humans (people).  There are different shades and sizes, but we are all made the same.  As humans we have different views and beliefs.  Face it, none of us think exactly alike.  From birth we each begin our own evolution, education and development.  You discover people with various views and thought processes along your journey.  I highly doubt we will find anyone just like ourselves.  The beauty is we live in a vastly diverse world.  I hope we realize we are equally important and accept each other as humans.  We know, from past and present history, there are good and bad people living on this earth.  This is true of every person and in every nation across the world.  No individual or nation is perfect.  We all have endured good and bad times throughout history.  Some countries continue to struggle with dictatorships, communism, socialism or totalitarian governments.  The sad part associated with human nature is thinking one person or race is superior to another.  The tyranny created by these individuals, or nations, keep people in poverty and social upheaval.  These nations demand you follow the dictates of the government, or suffer severe consequences.  The common denominator of these lands are leaders controlling power, wealth and domination.  North Korea and China are prime examples.

We, the people of the United States of America, are blessed to live in a free society.  The circumstances of the past few months have brought us under the control of a few.  We are experiencing the effects of their domination at this very minute.  We are being told what we can do, where we can go, who we can see and how we will move about if we do venture outside.  Is this really about controlling a virus?  Is there something more sinister involved in these decisions?      

It never ceases to amaze me how we attempt to control everything around us.  Is it possible to stop the spread of a disease or virus or just delay it?  Should we try to slow it down or just allow it to run its natural course?  Is this part of some larger plot or agenda to manipulate the population?  I know the virus has caused sickness and death worldwide.  What I don’t care for is the fear and anxiety some politicians and media outlets have spread.  They skew the numbers to further control our lives.  We still do not have truthful answers to questions regarding this virus.  The CDC and WHO constantly change their views and assessment.  Just when we believed it’s safe to go back to work and have fun, there is a sudden “spike” in the numbers.  Clueless governors and mayors lock down cities and states.  The CDC admitted the increase in total cases was incorrect.  People are confined to home while protestors and looters roam freely.  No, you can’t go to church or have fun.  It’s forbidden. 

Could the sudden increase be because there is more testing taking place?  Maybe all the unruly crowds spread the virus?  Could all this be just to further a hidden agenda.  How many people are actually sick, not sick or in need of hospitalization?  My research says the truth is far from what we are being told.  We can’t stay at home forever.

The population of America is roughly 329,000,000.  The current number of coronavirus cases is approximately 3,324,000 and deaths are 137,089.  How many people are actually sick or hospitalized right now?  Does the reporting and fear it’s creating spark any suspicion?  The statistics show nearly half the deaths were in long term care and nursing home facilities.  Deaths are never good.  Unfortunately, thousands die every year from the flu and other diseases.  I tend to examine things logically.  The chaos created by this virus makes no sense.  I’ll leave it up to you to do the math or your own research. 

The things we can control, like pollution, we tend to just disregard.  Have you seen the before and now after pictures of some of the most polluted cities around the planet?  The air went from disgustingly polluted to clean.  In the wake of a nearly worldwide quarantine and stay at home order, our air has changed.  The lack of vehicles and industry discharging chemicals into the atmosphere has brought a resurgence of clean air.  Just think what would be possible if we actually focused on making changes for the future of our planet.  

Now we can add face masks and gloves to our pollution problem.  People so concerned or fearful from the thought of an unseen disease are now discarding these items everywhere, except where they should be placed.  In many instances, people aren’t even aware of how to properly use these items (typically used in sterile environments).  The idea of people wearing a mask and gloves, alone in their own car, out in nature or while exercising, is both sad and ludicrous.  This relates back to fear and control.

Our control seems to bring unwanted consequences.  We’re offered skewed explanations to make these decisions logical or needed.  Look at what we’ve done with our control of the Colorado River.  The dams we’ve constructed siphon off water at our demand.   You would think that we’ve done this due to the high demand for drinking water.  In reality, the majority of water (80%) taken from the Colorado is for irrigation.  The 1450 mile long river touches seven states before flowing through Mexico into the Gulf of California.  Unfortunately, all of the dams and water shed haven’t left little, if any, water to reach the gulf.

Many young people (teens and young adults) of today have enjoyed a stress free life.  They grew up playing video games, suckled by their parents, without a care in the world.  They haven’t had any real struggles in life.  They went to school, where dissident teachers and college professors filled their minds with anti-American propaganda.  Many aren’t willing to work and believe the government owes them everything.  You’ve seen some of them across the nation in protests.  They are screaming obscenities at the police, harassing and attacking innocent people, throwing rocks, bottles or anything they can get their hands on.  They are destroying property, looting businesses, setting fires, knocking down historic statues and defacing memorials.  These punks spread fear, hate and discontent.  They have no values, respect or integrity.  They are against everything the freedom of America stands for and believes.  These individuals stay in this country because it’s easy to live here.  They thrive from the taxes paid by hard working Americans.  Now these kids are being used to spread a different agenda.      

The problem in this country isn’t race or racism.  The problem is systemic corrupt and unscrupulous politicians.  These people have their own politician agenda.  It does not involve equality, fairness or freedom.  Our nation, and its people, have fallen prey to these divisive and evil people.  Politicians and wealthy elitists have used their influence to push their own goals for many years.  They use main stream news sources, social media and our educational system to further this process.  Local news networks talk about the same stories using the same verbiage.  Then you have independent news outlets at each side of the spectrum, similar to politics, except a bit more extreme.  It is difficult to find anyone who does not twist the news to fit their own views.  Obviously there are some that fabricate their own stories.  They spread lies, hate and deceitful rhetoric to divide our country.        

These people fund extremist groups to spread their propaganda; creating fear, hate and discontent.  Our younger generation have been misled and misguided for years by lies.  Now they believe they are fighting for equality, when it already exists.  Individuals and groups have been working for years to brainwash America.  They want to keep us divided, unsettled and fearful.  This is how they maintain control.  They want you to believe their lies.  The powerful stay in power and get richer each day.  They will do everything possible to seize and maintain sphere of influence.  The only way to end this madness is to get these individuals out of elected offices.  Get them out of our government.  Do not allow them to spread their hateful propaganda. 

They want communities to continue killing each other.  When have these elected officials ever done anything to solve the problems or issues we have faced in America?  The answer is, “Never!”   Gang violence, drugs, murders, rapes, robberies, pedophilia, sex and human trafficking continue to run rampant across the nation.  If law enforcement is defunded, the outcome will be disastrous.  The President is only as good as the support they receive from the Senate and Congress.  Some legislation has been attempted in recent years, but subversive political party influence has rendered these attempts futile.   Do your homework and research what our political leaders vote for and against.  What personal or political agenda are they supporting?  Who is providing them funding?

The true character of individuals is revealed while watching each news or media event.  This has occurred so many times during the last several months.  Governors, mayors, city council people, congress and senate members; from across the country appeared in briefings and news conferences.  I am curious what lies and fabrications some of these people told voters to win elections.  It’s scary knowing some of these fools actually are political leaders in this country.  Violent crime is rapidly increasing in cities across the nation.  Police officers and innocent people are being attacked and killed.  Slimy political leaders make excuses and blame others.  Radical groups and some news and media outlets only act if it favors their agenda.  Nothing changes.

Do not be fooled or misled by their fabrications, lies and deceit.  Maintaining these individuals as elected officials will only lead this country to its own destruction.  Do your own honest and open research.   Take off the blinders that have been placed there from years of internal propaganda.  Allow yourself to see the big picture of what’s occurring throughout our land.  Are there racists living in our country?  Yes, there are some and they come in every color, nationality and profession.  It would be wonderful to rid our nation (and world) of these despicable individuals.             

Cities are already paying the price for removing or defunding law enforcement.  Violent crime has steadily increased over the last few weeks.  During the July 4th weekend there were shootings across the country.  Here are a few stats: Chicago: 87 shootings, 17 killed (including two children); New York City: 41 shootings, 10 killed; Atlanta: 30 shootings and five killed; and Los Angeles: from June 28th to July 4th – 38 shootings, 11 killed, plus one killed by stabbing.  Crimes and violence will only increase if action isn’t taken to curtail the trend.  The answer isn’t defunding our law enforcement.  The solution is to improve and empower them.  Refine the selection and hiring process.  Enhance all levels of academy training.  Upgrade tactical training and ensure recurring education and assessments are completed for all personnel.

Let’s make our voices heard!  Stand up to our so called political leaders who do nothing to protect us or our nation.  If we wait, many more cities will fall prey to these rising violent trends.  You don’t have to agree with my views.  All I ask is that you do your own research before you follow a person, group or cause and before you cast your vote in elections.  Evaluate what any individual or group has done to better our nation.  What are the beliefs, goals or agenda they are seeking?  Don’t believe everything you hear or see.  Make your vote count for a better America.   We are not a racist country or responsible for the past.  Do not allow a few evil people to destroy this great land.  We are All one under God and our country.   

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

More health and less heavy next week!

Published by lapd22695

My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

2 thoughts on “Control

  1. That was well written, John. I agree with everything you said.

    It still baffles me how intelligent individuals can be so brainwashed. And then they pretend to listen (with closed ears and a closed mind)…because they know the truth but are too stubborn or bullheaded to agree.

    It is our duty to America to try to change people’s minds on how the left is killing our country. In doing so, people (friends and family) become offended and bitter…. so what’s the solution?

    Prayer for our country and prayer for our leaders to be righteous to their duty to uphold the Constitution is something we CAN do… these next few months feel like a ride on the Titanic, and I pray it doesn’t hit that iceberg!

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. With your permission, I would like to forward it to some people that need enlightening.

    Peace out~

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