An Easy Life

August 2, 2020

Good morning friends.  I wish you all a happy and healthy first Sunday of August 2020!  We are living in unprecedented times.  Our nation was thriving at the beginning of this year, socially and economically.  We have much to be grateful and thankful for, yet there always seems to be a segment of the population that is never satisfied.  America is a land of abundance.  We enjoy a comfortable and easy life.  Modern day technologies and conveniences make every day living simple and sometimes effortless.  Cellular telephones and internet services bring the world to us at the touch of a button.  Nearly everything we desire can be delivered to our door step.  This is evident now more than ever.  This lifestyle is assisting to create new generations of “entitled” young adults.  Look at what’s occurring in cities nationwide and who’s perpetrating it.  They’re radical views and actions are extreme and dangerous. 

This evolution seems to span all income levels and ethnicities.  Lack of respect, accountability and the sense of being owed something; seem to be the mentality of younger generations.  They believe more should be handed to them and they are exempt from any consequences of their outrage or destructive actions.  Are we becoming a weaker or lazy society because of this easy lifestyle?  The madness and “outraged” way of thinking is infecting our country far worse than the coronavirus.  Despicable politicians, slanted news outlets, social media and radical educators propagate these extremist views and behaviors.  Luckily, this does not encompass all our young or old.  The “silent majority” is still out there.

Our nation has enjoyed prosperity for many years.  We have freedoms, rights and independence that many people, or lands, only dream of attaining.  This country was built on values, principles, hard work and laws that govern and protect us.  These laws ensure we can live our lives, in pursuit of the American dream, while being protected from law breakers.  Like many nations, our country continues to struggle with quality of life issues; such as poverty, equality, hunger, homelessness and other issues.  As America strives to continue solving problems, growing and becoming better, why then is discontent spreading through our society?  This evil is within our own people.  It is imbedded in some government officials.  It’s shared among those in power for decades and new representatives with socialist ideals.  This threat is from power hungry individuals who are no longer satisfied with what they have.  They have been spreading division, malicious discontent and hate during the last three and a half years.  These people are using groups and factions of the population to push their own agenda in order to gain more control and power.  This isn’t a racial or virus issue, although there are those who want you to believe that false narrative.  It’s a political agenda of the rich and powerful, who only seek to maintain their brand of power and control.

Since our country was born, men and women have given so much to preserve our freedom and keep the American dream alive.  Our military, law enforcement and first responders are always on the front lines to defend and maintain our freedom.  Many have made the “ultimate sacrifice” to protect and keep US free.  My Dad was part of the “Greatest Generation.”  He was born and raised as an American, amidst different races, cultures and nationalities.  He served in the United States Army during World War II and Korea, landed at D-Day, traversed Europe and did his duty to help defeat the Nazi regime.  Dad taught me to respect and value all people, because that’s how he lived and what he believed.  I wonder what he, and so many others like him, would say about the abomination that is occurring across our land.  He, and the men and women who served, would be horrified and sad at what we’ve allowed this great nation to become.  Even older generations, who are being bombarded daily by slanted media, are becoming more complacent. 

During my career in law enforcement I developed and honed my observation and investigative skills.  My experience, wisdom and insight grew with age and knowledge.  Over the last several months I have been more attentive to what’s happening across our nation and the world.  There are many views and narratives being spread daily.  I don’t put much faith in many news sources, so I pick and choose where I gather my information.  Social media and news outlets perpetrate their own brand of miss information and hate to push their own agenda.  The wealthy moguls or corporate conglomerates that own or control many outlets have their allegiances.  It is truly difficult to find unbiased news sources.  If news outlets just reported the “news”, we might get some truthful information.  Unfortunately, many news agencies spin their reporting to what they want you to believe.  They provide their own version of “truth.”   If you pay close attention, you will see they (each news source) all use the same verbiage.  They all tell the same story, with the same lies and misinformation.  I search for the truth by reading more, engaging trusted friends and sources to establish what is really occurring.  My observations tell me much can be attributed to numerous stimuli that have occurred over the last few years.  The “perfect storm” (so to speak) of civil unrest was unleashed when George Floyd died.  He was a convicted felon, in the commission of another crime, now being hailed a martyr by some politicians and groups.  His death, while sad and tragic, is now just a catalyst to further a political agenda.     

Hatred and racial disparities are being used to further divide our nation and people.  Now words like “outrage” and “microaggressions” infiltrate our everyday lives.  Today, if you are “outraged” and yelling the loudest, whether it’s accurate, correct or truth, you are hailed by the left.  If anyone has a different opinion or unintentionally makes a negative comment, they are deemed racist or hateful.  That’s a “microaggression.”  We have some politicians performing these antics daily.  Their divisive actions validate it for others.  This behavior is both ludicrous and detrimental to our society.  Do we have it so easy in this day in age, that all we have left to do is complain?  It seems for some people living here, this is truly the case.  We have become a nation teaming with upset disrespectful spoiled brats.  If something doesn’t suit them, go their way or fit their agenda, they immediately complain.  They scream of social injustice, inequality and not given their fair share.   It begins with elected “leaders”, spreads to social media and then erupts into protests and ultimately violence.  If you don’t believe me, look at what’s occurring on social media, coming from news outlets and taking place in the streets across our country.

So what are these individuals (or any American) “entitled” too?  What is our fair share?  My advice, “ask any of the many hard working honest Americans.”  Ask people who go to work, pay taxes and live respectful lives.  These are the people who toil daily to ensure their families have food, shelter and the comforts of home.  These individuals are the back bone of our society.  They come from all walks of life; race, ethnicity, gender and color.   Their hard work and dedication make our nation pretty awesome!  We, as Americans, are entitled to the freedoms and equality our constitution affords us all.  If you want to achieve great things, it takes discipline, hard work and loyalty.  This nation has come a long way since its inception.  Freedom isn’t free or lazy.  It takes work to fulfill dreams, passions and goals.  I’m curious who will be paying the bills when so many want everything for free, yet complain at every opportunity.  Maybe life has become too simple and easy.  

Why do we, Americans, seem to have a worldwide reputation for complaining?  I have been fortunate to have traveled to some beautiful countries on this planet.  I have visited countries rich in history and tradition.  These nations have amazing people, cultures and social customs that are truly magnificent.  Some people live in less than stellar conditions and have far less than we do here.  In countries I have visited, the people are happy, friendly, kind and gracious.  They are grateful for all they have, which in some places is very little.  Americans shop in massive stores filled to capacity, yet often complain when a specific brand or product is not available.  The stores and markets abroad are small and simple establishments.  Countries like Italy, France, England and even Australia have smaller grocery stores with limited selections.  In America we have an abundance of everything, including multiple brands of the same product.  It really is crazy how much we have available at our finger tips, yet still not satisfied.  Our country probably wastes more food daily than people in other lands can ever imagine. 

I’ve witnessed Americans complaining here and abroad.  These individuals are typically loud and obnoxious.  It’s embarrassing.  Have we bred people that are unhappy or disrespectful?  How can you visit another nation and complain about their food, transportation, hotels, service or whatever doesn’t fit a particular need?  It’s rude, disrespectful and it’s just not right.  Why would someone do that?  When I visit a foreign land, it’s like being at a friend’s home.  It may not be like my house, but I respect what is theirs.  This is their land, their culture and tradition.  I don’t complain.  I enjoy and embrace everything they have to offer.  I am grateful to be sharing their hospitality and welcome in their country. 

Life in the United States is pretty damn good!  That’s why so many people would love to immigrate here.  Many nations on this planet are ruled by oppressive governments or individuals.

Countries like China, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, plus nations in Africa and South America are ruled by totalitarian governments.  Communist, Marxist, socialist, fascist governments do not allow freedom or independence.  These tyrannical countries control everything.  Look at what’s happening in Hong Kong.  They monitor your daily activities, regulate what you’re allowed to do, go or say.  Punishment is swift if you don’t conform.  This is a totalitarian system.  We do not want to go down that path.  Some Americans are attempting to sway our nation to that end.  I do not want that life or control for myself, or our nation.

I doubt many of the extremists, agitators and those attempting to push our country to the left (and socialism), have any true knowledge of what that would be like.  They need to visit other countries and see how fortunate we are as a nation.  We (Americans) enjoy freedom and civil liberties that people only dream of in other lands.  Yes, our nation has a dark side to its history (as does the world).  We have progressed in all areas (social and economic) since the 1800’s and even 1900’s.  The current unrest brings us to a turning point for our society.  Do we continue to grow with law and order or do we bow down to a few who are pulling this nation into chaos?     

There are many sad things in our world today.  Poverty, hunger, pollution and oppressive governments come to mind immediately.  Human trafficking, drugs, criminal enterprise, violence and ruthless sadistic people top my list.  Good and decent people work to solve these issues and fight for individual rights.  Other individuals only seek more power and control.  They aren’t satisfied with what they have and endeavor to divide our nation.  The good people of our nation need to make their voices heard.  Do not allow extremists to shout over our rights and civil liberties. 

What happened to the concept that hard work pays off?  Where is the loyalty for our country?  Don’t blindly follow the loud outraged mob.  I doubt these people are satisfied with the freedoms and liberties we enjoy, because they aren’t happy with themselves.  They create negativity, discontent and hate.  If they lived in other nations, where freedom is not allowed, they wouldn’t last long.  Why else do they stay here, when they don’t love America.  Our country has so much to offer.  The malcontents soak up as much freedom and handouts they can grab, then just complain more.

Don’t be fooled by unscrupulous politicians, one sided groups, biased media or anyone telling you what to believe.  I urge you to do own research.  Find the real truth.  We do have honest leaders and individuals in our world that want what’s best for our country.  Freedom, prosperity, law and order only work when we stand unified and strong against the “outrage” and its participants.  They are few and we are many.  Let your voices be heard.  Our parents and grandparents built this country with their sweat and blood.  Our nation has progressed so far, for better lives for all Americans.  Take the time to be thankful for living in USA.  Gratitude has amazing power.  We are truly fortunate.  Do not allow our freedom, rights and way of life be taken from us.  Our children and the world deserve better.  

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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