Why don’t they teach you this stuff in school?

August 16, 2020

Good morning and happy Sunday my friends.  I hope you’re doing well, staying healthy and always seeking the truth.  Life continues, as each new day brings more opportunities and possibilities to succeed.  My daughter and I were recently discussing issues concerning her job, income, spending, budgets and having a plan.  Finally, she calls and says, “Why don’t they teach you this stuff in school?”  My reply, “That’s a great question.  Maybe you should lobby the board of education to teach things relevant to assist kids in adulthood.”  I go on to tell her, “Besides all the basic courses, they should teach real life skills that are important for success.  There are some things you just have to learn on your own too.”  Her immediate response, “What else do I need to know?”   

I’m certain our schools and educational system don’t adequately prepare kids for what they need to know before entering the realm of adulthood.  I realize we, as parents, should be enlightening our children with much of this important information.  My daughter graduated from a prominent university and has been working hard ever since.  She’s intelligent, dedicated to moving forward and doing well.  I’m always happy to impart my fatherly wisdom and insight on any subject.  Like with most things in life, having a plan or setting goals helps tremendously to guide us along our path.  The material and lessons taught in schools has definitely changed since I was young.  The core subject material remains basically the same.  The advent of modern technology, coupled with social aspects regarding education, created alterations in learning institutions.  The evolutionary process transformed our schools into what is being taught today.  I’m not certain all these changes are for the better.  The current curriculum is lacking in several areas.  Wouldn’t it be better to provide our children the necessary tools to assist them before they enter college or the job market?  That doesn’t seem unreasonable or difficult.  Maybe our educational system is diluted with the “politically correct” mentality.  Our institutions of learning have been overrun by radical thinking policy makers, teachers and professors.  These individuals have the attention of our children daily.  In some cases, they may spend more time with them than we do.  The extremist propaganda some instructors are preaching in classrooms is helping fuel what’s occurring in our cities across the nation.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at who comprises the majority of these groups.  They’re young, white and a cultural diverse mix.          

So what are schools teaching our kids?  Do they support the same morals, values and beliefs we hold dear?  Do our schools and colleges reinforce or tear down the principles of our country and freedom?  In educational institutions across our land instructors are dictating their own brand of history.  When I see images of so many “outraged” young adults in the streets, it’s clear they haven’t learned the same values.  The history and freedoms of this nation have been slanted.  Their world view and vison is corrupt with radical points of view.  I believe our educational system is in need of repair and improvement.  It’s difficult to sustain positive values, including loyalty and honesty, when so many politicians and public figures promote constant distain and hate for our country, it’s leadership and people.  Our kids, not only need positive character traits, but need to be prepared for the practical things necessary to sustain themselves as adults.  Finances, savings, investments, bills, housing, taxes, food, budgets are a few and the list keeps going.  There are so many things to know to be a vibrant adult.  It’s time we get them on the path that respects and values a free, decent and moral world. 

It’s nice knowing my daughter is interested in her current financial situation and future.  She’s growing up.  I’m happy she is coming to many realizations on her own.  The fact that she is asking for my insight on money and world issues is wonderful.  Knowing that she is staying informed about global events, politics, social issues and our educational system, (as are many other young adults like her), is comforting.  All those years of my Dad advice is paying off.  Being an active part of your child’s life is an investment in their future and success. Unfortunately, parenting isn’t something they teach in school either.  Maybe it should be.  Dad’s, speaking from my experience, we make a huge impact on our children.  We set the tone for them becoming strong adults; mentally, physically and spiritually.  A child’s mother has an equally amazing impact on development, growth and well-being.  Parenthood is a lifelong commitment and responsibility.  When our children flourish, so does society and our country.   

Understanding and maintaining your personal finances is a novel concept!  When I was a kid, our high school actually offered classes that could assist for our future.  Home economics and shop classes were among these classes.  They were considered elective courses, typically available along with all the fundamental core skills necessary to graduate.  Home economic courses began as classes for girls but evolved into the 70s.  These classes covered several topics, including cooking, clothing, home management and finances.  A variety of shop classes included wood (carpentry), metal, print and auto shop were available.  These were amazing hands on courses providing students with trade skill knowledge. 

The last 50+ years have seen extensive changes in social and educational issues.  When school budgets were reduced, elective courses and extracurricular programs began to be eliminated.  Art, music and drama classes suffered budget cuts, as did sports and athletic programs.  Events that provided revenue for school districts were sometimes spared.  Learning activities that involved passion or skills, outside the norm, have been slowly deleted.  Schools focus on developing kids for college or just getting them through the system.  College is wonderful for kids that want to attend, but not a priority for all.  Some kids develop other skills that don’t necessarily require a college degree.  Why force them to go and incur all that debt for no reason.  These kids should be able to expand their potential by seeking out jobs and careers that excite and motivate them.  We need always individuals with specialized and trade skills.  They have a vital role in building and maintaining our nation and economy.            

I only attended college because my parents insisted.  I didn’t have a choice.  I sometimes wonder if the military or a trade school would have been a better fit for me.  Like many kids, past and present, I had no clue what I wanted to do after high school or college.  I had a few ideas, but it’s interesting how the universe works and guides us during those times.  Maybe having a diverse selection of elective type courses would provide insight for students and their future.  Course curriculum should stimulate growth and/or increase an individual’s potential.  We don’t want to limit a student’s decision making powers for career paths.  We must foster growth and build character in our kids.  I have no doubt teachers have their hands full teaching many subjects or maintaining order.  Today, nearly all kids have a cell phone, which provides answers to all subjects.  Let’s help our kids develop properly.

Kids are sent to school to receive an education and prepare them for adulthood.  Parents go to careers, which some are typically not excited about.  Why do you think that is?  I have heard these phrases from so many people.  “I hate my job.”  “It pays well but it sucks.”  “I took it because my parents pushed me that way.”  “I wish I could do something I like.”  “It’s not my dream job.”  “I’d love to do this but there’s no money in it.”  How many times have you heard or said any of these?  When are we going to start working at what we like?  Why be miserable?  Having more doesn’t equate to achieving more happiness.  Unfortunately, there are so many in this situation.  As adults we need to set the example for our kids.   

Over the years we’ve allowed our allegiance and loyalty to this great nation to deteriorate.  This division and hate is created by a few.  They enjoy the benefits this nation has to offer, but who do not support what it stands for.  They bask in the freedom, increasing power and wealth, while spreading dissent.  These dissents, who do not respect our nation, continue to push their agenda

Their agenda is focused on dismantling our way of life.  Their actions continue to further undermine our society, values and freedom.  Some of their direct actions, against our way of life, impact our children’s classrooms.       

As a kid, our school day began with students and teachers standing in front of our nations flag.  We’d recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem.  Those days are long gone.  Individuals file law suits claiming these activities are a violation of their civil rights.  Courts have ruled it’s a violation of First Amendment Rights for children to recite the pledge.  Our country was created to provide freedom for all people.  “One nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.”  Abraham Lincoln furthered those goals and beliefs during his presidency and after the Civil War.  Now our land and freedoms are under attack by extremists.  The movement to tear America down slowly began years ago.  These individuals are intent to divide our people and destroy our nation.  Their actions continue the racial and class division; spreading hate and fear.  The attack on God came by removing all aspects, visual or verbal, from schools and classrooms.  Protests during our national anthem at all types of events and gatherings furthers our division and mistrust.  That hatred has now turned its ugly focus on law enforcement personnel, symbols of our history and our free government.  We cannot allow this insane ideology to succeed.

It’s mid-morning on a Monday.  I just got home from a short three mile run.  I feel pretty good, but my body feels the aches of a senior citizen.  I’ve got laundry started and I’m setting the tone for the day. My phone rings and I see it’s my daughter.  I am instantly excited!  She’s grown into a vibrant and energized adult.  She adds complexity to our conversations.  She lives on the opposite coast, so anytime we get a chance to chat is a joy.  She probably thinks it’s just because I’m her Dad.  The real reason is because I love her so much and care about her every minute of every day.  That is one of the special bonds of parenthood.  It’s also one of those difficult things to explain to others.  There are some things you just can’t explain unless the other person has done or experienced it too.  Life is filled with twists and turns.  Just when you think you have it all dialed in, it kicks you in the rear. 

I pick up the phone and hear her voice.  This is an amazing and awesome feeling.  For me, there is nothing like hearing your kid on the opposite end of the phone.  I can tell by the sound of her voice how she is feeling.  On this particular morning she sounds good.  I can her a tone of hesitation and immediately ask her if she’s okay.  “I’m fine.”  She continues, “I have some questions about my finances.  Can I ask a question?”  I immediately become excited with anticipation.  There are two important reasons for this feeling.  First, I am thrilled she trusts me enough to know I will always tell her the truth, because I’m her Dad and want what’s best for her.  The second is it makes me feel good to know she seeks my insight or knowledge, based on my experience and love.  Our conversation leads us back to her saying, “Why don’t they teach you this stuff in school?” 

It’s time for change.  America needs to get back on track to personal and economic success.  We can only achieve that in a safe and free society.  Our educational system is in desperate need of an overhaul.  The repair begins with a reorganization of the leadership structure.  Next comes improvement of course curriculum.  Then we must ensure instructors are providing valuable and accredited class material.  Maybe they don’t have to teach kids about finances, managing money or investing; but maybe should.  Schools need to teach our true history and culture.  We need to challenge them instead of handing them everything.  Many students graduate with little direction and no motivation.  Their perspective has been skewed from years of just showing up.  The “outraged” young adults are the fuel to the discontent.  They are being pushed by the far left.

Our country is littered with young adults who continue to believe they deserve everything, instead of putting forth effort and hard work to achieve a desired goal.  When they encounter difficulty they have no idea how to respond, other than outrage.  Why seek employment or work hard to achieve something when they can just demand it.  We need to change this thought process.  Values, morals and character traits; like respect, honesty, discipline and integrity are missing.  We see it all around our culture and the world.  Dishonesty in sports, school admissions, criminal activity and politics are real and blatant (just to name a few).  We need to clean up our society.  It’s time to re-institute respect, gratitude and kindness back into our daily vocabulary.    

We are a country with a past, but what nation isn’t.  We have come far since the birth of our nation.  We have grown and improved, maybe not as fast as some may wish, but we are all part of the human race.  We all have flaws and perfection is a myth. Let’s be honest and open with the portrayal of how our country was founded.  It has risen to become a free land of amazing opportunity.  It, and the majority of Americans living here, are not evil or responsible for the past.  Don’t be swayed by the “outrage” culture or those pushing the “victim” mentality.  You do not have to be ashamed of who you are, your race or nationality.  We are living now, not in the past.  We (Americans) ALL have to work together to ensure our future; and that of our children’s; is safe, secure and prosperous.  Let’s stand together united in harmony.      

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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