United or Divided

August 30, 2020

Good morning friends.  I wish you a happy and healthy final Sunday of August 2020.  This month has flown by, maybe faster than the first seven!  Even with the pandemic madness and violence in our streets, time keeps on ticking away.  Now is our time America, to stand up, do the right thing and let our voices be heard.  It’s time we unite as a nation, country and people. Let’s ensure our children have an amazing, free and prosperous society to live and grow.  Their future, as well as our own, is at stake. 

The outrage, hate and violence in our streets magnify our fear and anxiety.  Toss in the virus, pandemic and social distancing rules; to further complicate things.  Add the political campaign antics for the November presidential election for more anxiety.  Bring those to a slow boil and we have some serious issues tugging at us constantly. 

Are you coping and caring for yourself; mentally, physically and spiritually?  If you’re a little like me, it’s all getting a bit exhausting.  You may feel frustrated, helpless, frightened or overcome.  The news, media and social blitz are nonstop.  The amounts of information to absorb daily is numbing.  Take the time to nurture you mind, body and soul.  Don’t allow yourself to become paralyzed by the continual disinformation and fear.  Be mindful not to surrender yourself.  You’re not required to have everything figured out this very second.  Use trusted news sources that provide honest information; free from bias. 

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2000.  I was in charge of a squad (15 officers) during the weeklong event.  Our mission was inner perimeter security at the front of the Staples Center.  We were part of the protection strategy between the crowds, outside the fence, and the convention center entrance.  There were thousands of people demonstrating in protest.  Many angry voices were heard and unrest occurred daily.  People were unhappy with the democratic leadership.  The party had made many promises over the years.  Political leaders often say what we want to hear to get elected.  Unfortunately, there has been little follow through on those promises, other than their own agenda issues.  That still seems to be the case today.  There is lots of talk and finger pointing, but not much action.  We need leaders who will actually do what they say and will make America a better place for us all.

The 2020 Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention both wrapped up this month.  I’m looking forward to the debates between the candidates.  I want to see how they measure up side by side.  It should prove to be an informative event.  I hope the media is fair in their coverage.  It’s interesting how the main stream news and social media outlets portrayed the events at both conventions.  Reports stated the media was “banned” from the RNC.  They characterized the events and speakers as inaccurate, not factual or they just didn’t report it.  Conversely, everything the media painted about the DNC was beautiful and wonderful. 

I don’t’ recall anyone at the DNC talking about the violence and madness spreading across our nation.  It’s sad when these political ‘leaders’ fail to recognize the true issues.  They continue to divide our nation and people by spreading their hateful rhetoric.  They want us to be fearful. I doubt they have all the answers to “save” our country.  The reality is, they haven’t had answers for decades.  Based on their current (and future) leadership, I don’t believe they have a useful solution for what’s best in America or for our population.

It baffles me how our elected political leadership can be disrespectful and filled with disdain for members of our current administration.  These individuals display a general disregard for America and many of us.  The lack of character exhibited by many of these individuals make me realize they truly have no respect for our nation or the people who love this country.  It’s frustrating how politicians use vial disinformation to buy support or votes for their party.  They truly are one sided, with the vision of their own agenda.  What happened to supporting our nation and each other in times of need?   What happened to working together to make America great?  That hasn’t been the case over the last three and half years.

So what is it with elected political leaders today; especially the leftist leaning?  All elected “leaders” are placed in office with our confidence and trust.  They are working for us.  Their job is to keep our country, and our, best interests at the forefront.  Contrary to our welfare, (and that of our nation), it appears these politicians primary focus is to concentrate on their own best interests.  They pursue their own agenda for maintaining power, control and wealth.  It’s easy to recognize the more they keep US divided, the easier it becomes for them to maintain a firm grip.  If we continue to allow this deceitful behavior, the America we know and love will be in dire straights.  

Many of these career politicians have been in office for 30 or 40 years (or longer).  It’s baffling how they keep getting re-elected to represent our nation.  Over their long careers, what have they accomplished to make America better?  There are many politicians around our nation, that during their time (years) in office, have done nothing to solve or improve the social or economic issues of our country.  They point their finger at others and lay the blame for failed policy on everyone but themselves.  They spread hate, fear and now endorse increased discontent and social disorder.  These individuals propagate the racial divide, violence and anarchist agenda. 

These elected “representatives” collect hefty salaries and benefits.  They are backed by wealthy constituents, lobbyists and big business.  They use tax payer money as if it were their own.  They vote for their own monetary raises and benefit packages.  They are living wealthy, happy and in control.  Why would they ever want to leave office?  Social and news media outlets, controlled by wealthy supporters, willing to spread their extreme agenda.  Our nation has issues that need to be addressed and resolved.  These aren’t the politicians who will solve them. 

America was doing pretty damn awesome in the beginning of 2020.  In March, cities and states began closing and locking people in their homes because of a virus.  If you do your homework again, look at who is controlling all those places that have severe issues.  Consider what all these closures continue to do, destroying our economy that was booming.  This year began with less unemployment, more money, happier people and lots less stress.  As human beings we will always have issues.  It’s in our genetics and deeply rooted in the worlds social make up.  It would be so wonderful if everyone could just get over themselves, be respectful and kind to all people.  Maybe someday we can actually make that happen.

For now, we need to seek out the truth and work toward improvement.  A good dose of respect and integrity is needed for some people out there.  We have always been a nation with various political views.  That is something that was born into our country and freedom.  We aren’t subject to one way of thought. 

Now it seems as though some politicians are attempting to influence us in only one direction.  Why can’t these individuals work in unity for all of us?  We all want to live in unity, equality and freedom. 

Like minded politicians across the country used the coronavirus pandemic to further their political agenda.  It was the perfect opportunity to seize control, while creating more fear.  Yes, there is no denying that the virus is real and it is killing some people.  There are so many other diseases and illness that do the same thing at a greater rate.

It makes no sense to me how some state and local politicians are controlling our lives.  I understand the concept to slow the spread of the virus.  I know much truth not being shared, or completely removed from our view.  We’re allowed to shop in massive stores, yet not allowed to attend church services.  Our kids can go to the beach, playgrounds, everywhere we go, yet not allowed to attend school.  People can sit at tables side by side outdoors, but not inside.  You say we all must wear masks, yet we know that many of these do nothing to stop airborne particles associated with disease.   Many of these restrictions make no sense, yet only serve to destroy our economy and our lives.  The economic devastation is catastrophic.  The effects on mental, physical and spiritual health is just as real and destructive.  Peoples future and health are being ruined.  The impact will be felt and realized in the years to come.

The left seized the opportunity on May 25, 2020 to further drive a wedge between Americans.  Closely examine the data and statistics on law enforcement encounters.  You will see there is nothing to support these claims.  The perception of inequality is pushed to the boundaries by our own political leaders.  They urged people to protest, to defy laws and to rein destruction in order to be heard.  The spark brought an unprecedented push to divide our nation, create racial unrest and violence against law enforcement.  There were no considerations for the virus spread associated with violent demonstrations, looting and attacks on peaceful citizens or the police.  These leaders led the push to defund law enforcement.  These same individuals added more security for their own personal protection. 

I was born in California with an Italian heritage.  As a human, my physical traits place me in the “white” category.  I don’t refer to myself as “white” or “Italian American.”  It’s simple, I’m an American.  I am grateful to live in a nation with vast freedoms.  We live in a land where we can peacefully protest.  If you do not agree or care for just about anything, you can protest.  In many countries, any type of protest could result with you being sent to prison or worse.  Look at what’s occurring in Hong Kong right now.  China is exerting massive control over the population.  Protests have continued, but leaders of the movement continue to disappear.  I find it very interesting how some extremist politicians, in our own country, have taken “peaceful” protests to a new violent level.  These demonstrations are anything but peaceful.  The news media does it’s best to portray these events as peaceful in nature, but hijacked by a few anarchists.  These conclusions are far from the truth. 

News and social media platforms control the content of what we see or don’t see.  Individuals, companies or corporations, that operate these businesses, maintain a tight grip on what and how stories are reported.  Stories are filtered to instill a fear, unrest and anxiety.  When we view this type of “controlled” material daily, it has the ability to become mind controlling propaganda.  Incidents that may be truly “news worthy” are not included in reports and sometimes removed from social media.  It’s up to us to seek out all news and the truth.  Do these people have our best interests at heart?  Is their agenda beneficial for us or our nation?  Are they working to influence public opinion to sway us to their political beliefs?   

Reporters and media outlets are in such a rush to be the first to report a story.  They often don’t have all the facts or know the complete set of circumstances of the incident.  Individuals who claim to have witnessed events are used to solidify the media account.  Many of these versions are incomplete, misleading or just false.  The stories distort the truth, causing serious violent consequences.  The factual basis of what really occurred is not known until much later or often just disregarded.  When the facts are established and the truth revealed, I rarely see those determinations reported by these unscrupulous media sources.  They would rather maintain their illusion of this ludicrous agenda to further divide us.     

What does it take for us to realize the media content we are being fed daily is one sided?  It’s pushing us toward one outcome.  I stand, united with each of you, for a free America.  It’s time to protect our country from tyranny, control and oppression.  Friends, please do your own homework.  Socialism (or communism, marxism, fascism) isn’t the answer for the United States of America.  Don’t believe all the lies and hateful speech from radical leftists.  Their rhetoric only serves to further divide our nation.  It will eventually tear apart our country.  If you doubt my words, please go live in a socialist run country and let me know your thoughts.  Do honest research of these countries.  You will easily recognize why these lands are oppressive and sad for the population.  We must unite, so fate does not overtake our country. 

I’m not writing this to support one political side or one person.  I am here to support our nation.  I am defending our rights, privileges, way of government and our freedom.  My fight is to save our country from anarchist, whether they are extreme left or right.  I support all law enforcement, first responders and our military.  Let’s stand together, united. 

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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