It’s time for logical thinking

October 4, 2020

Good morning friends.   I hope you are doing well, staying safe, healthy and informed.  How do you stay up to date with what’s happening in our world?  If you place your trust in news outlets or social media, it’s time to rethink that idea.  Many news sources don’t provide all the facts, twist stories, use misleading or false information to fit their own narrative.  Social media platforms are not any better at providing facts or the truth.  These sources are a “tool” used by powerful individuals or corporations to influence our behavior by what we see or read.  It’s best to exercise caution where we place our trust.  

Much of main stream media seems to be all about doom and gloom.  If it’s not bad, sad or fearful, they aren’t talking about it.  These outlets seem to add an element of fear to all stories.  They beat us up with continual coverage until a new situation grabs the spotlight.  They tell us they are providing the “news” we need to know, but is that really what they do or what we want?   When you examine the facts, you’ll realize these are businesses selling “air” time.  The stories they select are the products and we’re the consumers.  These companies compete in a frenzied, high priced and lucrative market.  Their intention is to sell us what they’re saying by any and all methods necessary.  Their objective is about making money and increasing profits, over people.  They aren’t working to make the world a better place.  I suggest you track the amount of time you spend daily looking at news and social media sites. You may be surprised.  I limit my exposure to all sources.  Then ask yourself, “How much time do my children spend on social media?  How much of what they see is influencing them or their behavior?”  Be fair and true with your analysis, especially for the sake of your children.        

The behavior of media outlets is upsetting, frustrating and wrong to say the least.  We should all be aware how quickly fake news or “misinformation” spreads across all media platforms.  This is where inaccurate or unreliable information grows like a plague.  The effects are real; creating fear, hate, social unrest and violence.  Are you asking yourself, “How can this happen?”  The answer is simple, “We’re allowing it.”  Main stream media companies mislead, manipulate and deceive us daily.  I monitor a couple sites, where it was fun staying in contact with family and friends.  Now social media is riddled with junk, hate and a divisive on sided influence.  Let’s look at a couple of examples.  I prefer to know all the facts before making any decisions.  This allows a clear understanding of an incident and what may have transpired.  Wouldn’t you rather know the truth of any occurrence before rendering conclusions or passing judgement?  Is it really up to us to pass judgement on anyone?  It’s time for logical thinking my friends.   

Have you been following the coronavirus pandemic?  The virus isn’t a hoax.  It’s real, like all other illnesses and diseases.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, because it continues to be thrown at us daily.  News outlets and social media sites continue their nearly 24/7 incessant coverage.  The only breaks come when they share news about protests, violence, hatred and distrust of law enforcement.  Yes, believe it or not, there are politicians, media sources and radical groups that want to create fear, division, racial tension and hate.  The virus gives them the perfect platform to further their agenda.  They are establishing more control by manipulating us and our nation.  As some news stories unravel and accurate information is revealed, I seriously question the factual and truthful basis for many of the media reports.  They seem to twist their version of the facts into what they want.  The only time these outlets share world coverage is when some horrific or tragic event occurs.  When you sit down and take time to evaluate the factual evidence, you will understand how these outlets control our lives by the news content they allow us to view.  

The fervor over the pandemic continues to loom.  News outlets and social media remain a vibrant buzz with misinformation and fear.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) readjusted the statistics on deaths and positive cases, yet the lies persist.  It’s easy to recognize and understand the CDC (or other medical experts) continue to learn about this virus daily.  They have altered their guidelines multiple times regarding transmission, symptoms, care and deaths.  When it comes to wearing masks and “social distancing,” do they really know what works or what doesn’t?  Are we being honestly informed, or being controlled?  Do we know the entire truth?  It’s up to us to sift through all the information to determine what is fact from fiction.  It’s not an easy task, but one we all must do. 

At the end of August 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised their statistics regarding Covid-19.  The CDC advised that approximately 94% of the deaths (in the United States), associated with the coronavirus, had underlying health conditions.  This new information translates into an approximate .0005% chance of death from Covid-19 for healthy individuals.  I do not recall seeing these new facts on main stream media reports.  It’s sad and disheartening we aren’t being told the truth.  The media continues with the same fear based narrative and statistics.  If they were to alter or change their reporting it may indicate they had been presenting misleading information to the population.  Armed with the new CDC information, we know the deaths actually caused by the virus are very much reduced.  Please keep in mind that all of these numbers and statistics change daily.

So, how do we know who is telling the truth, providing factual information and are trustworthy?  This is indeed a monumental task.  The facts are out there.  We just have to sift through all the debris to find them.  While there are some who twist the truth, remember the facts don’t lie.  Look for supporting numbers and information that support them.  What we do know; there are lots of “experts” providing varying opinions about different aspects of the coronavirus.  Every news channel, outlet and media source has their own “expert” on hand to deliver advice.  Since this ordeal began, information about the virus has changed multiple times.  Researchers continue to study and learn about the virus daily.  Diseases or viruses can take years to decipher or understand.  We still don’t have a clear understanding of how Covid-19 began, spreads or why.  A potential Covid-19 vaccine is being developed, but we all know the effectiveness of the current flu vaccine.  Consider the many years of research and usage of this injection.  I can’t imagine an instant cure or the immediate disappearance of any virus.  The world and science just don’t work that way.

Let’s remove the fear factor and think about this logically.  Consider the new information and statistical facts from the CDC.  The population of the United States is approximately 331,000,000.  The latest statistics show approximately 7+ million have contracted the virus (this number includes positive tests, no symptoms, with symptoms but not sick or sick).  This equates to an approximate .02% chance to contract the virus.  The current recovery rate is well above 99+%.  The World population is approximately 7.7 billion, with an estimated 1+ million coronavirus deaths.  The death rate worldwide is approximately .0001%.  I will let you do the math for how likely you would be to contract the virus, possibly get sick or even die.  The chances of recover, for the vast majority of the world population, are huge.  From the inception of the outbreak the statistics have remained consistent, even while the number of cases increased.  This is true both here in the USA and worldwide.  The death rate has remained at less than 1%. 

What bothers me most is the political rhetoric used by unscrupulous politicians.  Their influence has assisted with the spread of division, hatred and violence in our nation.  Their misinformation and manipulation has been used to control this country and its people.  News and social media

sources continue fear based reporting, creating uncertainty, anxiety and stress.  Many people are suffering mentally, physically and spiritually.  Isolation and economic hardships have brought on depression, domestic violence, suicides, violence and deaths.  It astounds me how some American politicians are bent on destroying our own nation due to their hatred and intolerance.

A considerable amount of information we see from main stream news and social media sources is slanted to the left.  Stories are often embellished, misleading or fear based.  A recent case of media misreporting details a police shooting death of a female during a warrant service in Louisville.  The media spread false and unsubstantiated information regarding the circumstances of the incident.  This misleading information blossomed onto social media.  When the true facts of what occurred were revealed no one seemed interested in sharing those facts.  Instead, the lies continue to spread.  This despicable reporting led to further unrest and violence.

My years in law enforcement taught me many things.  Complex investigations, especially officer involved shootings, take time to investigate, determine facts and render conclusions.  There are several significant aspects required so accurate and honest findings can be established.  Completion of interviews with all involved parties and witnesses is vital.  Collection and examination of all crime scene evidence; including ballistic, forensic, video and audio data offer key parts to the investigation.  Detectives establish time lines and mapping of the entire event from all evidence.  Depending on the complexity, some investigations may take months to complete.  The task to complete a thorough and transparent report takes time.  Anytime a news outlet is reporting the circumstances of an incident, (such as an officer involved shooting), immediately after it occurs, typically means they do not have the truth or facts.  I have witnessed this numerous times, when news outlets use statements from someone claiming to be an “eye witness,” only later to learn they didn’t see what occurred.      

Why is it so important for the media to rush to conclusions?  The use of fear is an amazing tool for control.  They want to be the first, whether the information is factual or not.  Sometimes these scenarios play directly into the agenda they are pushing.  When a message of hate and fear is constantly pushed on you daily, it begins to paralyze you.  If you watch this junk day after day or believe all you see on social media, it is the equivalent to brainwashing propaganda.  You begin to believe what they are saying must be true (even if it isn’t).  It brings on that feeling of hopelessness and floundering.  The altered truth changes your beliefs and ideals.  An example would be the fear spread about the coronavirus.  They say to stay at home.  Don’t go out.  If you go anywhere, wear a mask.  Don’t get close to others.  If you fail to follow all the guidelines; you catch, spread or die from this disease. 

If you need a few more examples, look at what’s being reported about the ongoing riots, the debates, upcoming election, President Trump’s brush with Covid-19, California wildfires or our economy.  I could go on and on.  As I’ve learned from past events, much of the fear laden “news” and social media information is misleading, not factual or just false.  There are a few great sources for news and fact based information.  You can locate the truth when you take time to look.

Our world seems consumed with madness brought on by fear.  Now, more than ever, we must remain committed to our own self-care and good health.  Ensure your family and friends are doing the same.  Join me as we continue our united efforts for freedom, independence and equality for all.  Don’t be misled or controlled by outrage, lies, finger pointing or fear from the radical politicians, groups or associated news sources.  Today, many seem to be quick to pass judgement without knowing the facts or truth.  When you search for information, look for independent sources; free of ties to politics or extremist views.  These sources do exist and offer unbiased data, facts and truth.  Knowledge and wisdom is based on factual evidence, not conjecture.  Facts don’t lie, they only reveal and support the truth.       

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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