Columbus Day?

October 11, 2020

Good morning friends and happy Sunday!  I hope you are doing well, staying healthy and enjoying plenty of outdoor time.  Tomorrow, Monday, October 12th, is our nations traditional celebration of Columbus Day.  It’s sad contemplating what may happen to holidays like this and many others.  The outrage, hate and violence being perpetrated across our nation is sickening.  The atrocities some political leaders are allowing and advocating is maddening.  The agenda of a small percentage of our population has nothing to do with equality or rights.  Their actions constitute anarchy; by creating fear, hate, division and frustration.  When and how do we stop this insanity?  We need to wake our leaders up to take action.  Now is the time to demand law, order and freedom for all.  The principles of our nation were forged by the sacrifice of many to preserve our rights.

The past several months of rioting, looting and destruction have seen countless statues, monuments and memorials vandalized, defaced, destroyed or torn down.  Left wing radicals demand their removal from view and our history.  This is a sad commentary on our youth, young adults, society and where our culture is heading.  The outrage and violence is both unnecessary and unwarranted.  We have political leaders that condone this activity and urge followers to cause more unrest.  Who are these people?  Are these individuals Americans?  Do they care about us or our country?  What will they gain by tearing our nation apart?  The answers are simple and horrific.  Theirs is a crazed agenda; to gain more power, control and wealth.  These individuals have no compassion for America or our people.  They have been feeding Americans a steady diet of lies and falsehoods for years.  These long time politicians shower us with promises that are never kept.  They have offered no solutions to the real issues facing our land.  Some politicians (and their followers) set out on a specific goal nearly four years ago.  Their political party lost an election, which infuriated these people.  This vendetta has increased its intensity as the years passed.  Their goal focuses on total destruction of a president they dislike, while destroying a nation we all love.  They don’t care what methods are utilized to achieve this or who is hurt by the consequences of their actions.  

Our country was thriving economically and socially prior to the pandemic.  Now, ruthless individuals are spreading hate to destroy it further.  Their actions allow violent groups to continue a reign of terror against our country and its history.   Do they believe erasing images of the past will change the future?  Is what occurred years ago really who we are or what we stand for now?  I believe history has provided us with many valuable lessons.  It’s empowered us with great insight and information.  We continue to learn more daily; what to do and what not to do, to make our nation great.  Do we value our history or despise it?  The world and all people in it are made from the past.  We live, learn and grow with each new encounter.  Good and bad have coexisted from the beginning of time.  Each step to defeat evil brings us closer together, unifying all “good” people to stand against it. 

Our nation, like the world, has had its share of brushes with evil.  Fortunately, our nation, and other countries on this planet, have unified for good, triumphing over evil.  I value our history.  It’s not perfect, nothing is, it’s just part of our past.  It has shaped our world, our nation and our people.  It doesn’t mean I idolize the bad parts, but I do appreciate where this journey has brought us today.  I am not responsible for the past.  I wasn’t here during the good or bad times of decades past.  None of us were.  We do not condone the despicable actions that occurred during those days.  You cannot live in the past; it creates hate and despair.  You become trapped by agony and self-pity.  If you live with this mindset, you are unable to forge a new and better life into future.  Now our world, and more specifically America, needs to stand together against radical anarchists attempting to destroy our society.

Christopher Columbus and the discovery of the Americas is a beautiful story.  I still recall a verse learned in elementary school, “In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”  I realize this story, as is true with many others in past history, is not all roses or pure in nature.  History books painted such beautiful tales, as did Hollywood and the movies.  The truth is, the past has a darker side that needs to be shared and understood.  There are people who attempt to either glorify past events or make them overly ugly.  If you read the true history, you will learn what actually transpired.  This is true of all world history.  The facts provide insightful knowledge regarding the true accounts of our past.  It’s important for our educational system to teach the truth about history; including the good or bad.  There are many important events from world history that are not discussed in history books or in classrooms.  Events are often glossed over because we have become so afraid of offending individuals by telling the truth.  

Columbus and other explorers paved the way for colonization of the American continent.  If we examine history, we see other explorers visited these lands before Columbus.  They might not have received the recognition or credit for discovering the Americas, but we know they were here.  Tribes of people settled and lived in these lands when Columbus and other explorers came to America.  We know the outcome and affects migration of millions of people from many parts of the world had on these tribes.  Migration of people meant others were displaced and often killed.  It’s not often a pretty story.  It’s part of this lands early history.  World growth and expansion has been a way of life for decades.  The population of the planet continues to increase daily, as does movement and migration of peoples.    

The unrest and anarchy occurring in our nation today, alters my visualization of our land.  I perceive the hate and anger in an uneasy or unsettled fashion.  For generations, millions of Americans have worked hard every day to provide homes and comforts for their family.  Now, groups like antifa or BLM anarchists threaten to disrupt our society, destroy our vision and divide our nation.  They invade communities, destroy businesses and intimidate peaceful and law abiding individuals.  They demand reparations for events that occurred decades ago; that you, I or our families neither participated in, nor condoned.  The vast majority of people weren’t alive when this part of history occurred.  What does this have to do with equality or justice?  The answer is, “it doesn’t have anything to do with either.”  This craziness is part of a larger agenda to instill fear by pointing the finger of blame on others.  When you are afraid, it becomes easier to manipulate and control you.  These are tools used by powerful individuals that seek domination.  Any radical group, from the far left or right, with a propensity to destroy our nation or take away our freedom is our enemy.

The violence occurring in cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles and other once great cities; is truly agonizing.  The magnitude and scope of this hate and destruction is beyond comprehension.  How can political leaders in these cities and states allow, and often times condone or promote such actions?  These so called leaders have removed, defunded or handcuffed the ability of law enforcement to maintain order and control.  They allow the criminals to go free, without bail or incarceration.  Often times liberal district attorneys decline to seek prosecution or retribution for crimes committed by these thugs.  The statement made by leaders on the left is clear.  They blame others for their failed actions, arouse division, spread unrest and amplify the fear.  Their problem solving method is only about creating more problems.  Criminals, anarchists and people with hate or evil in their hearts are not our friends.  We need stricter laws, focused enforcement and an improved judicial system that imposes long term consequences for criminals.  Individuals engaged in human trafficking, illicit drugs, sex and child predators are a threat to everyone.  Let’s make ridding our world of these vermin a priority.

Our nation has endured a turbulent and troubled past.  There isn’t a country, land or nation on this planet that has gone unscathed.  Our world is filled with history.  The greatest part of our nation is its ability to learn, grow and develop; improving each step of the way.  The past doesn’t represent or define who we are now.  Some are trying to convince us otherwise; based on their own radical agenda.  Don’t believe this nonsense.  Let’s be honest about our past.  Don’t try to bury it, tear it down or hide it.  That won’t change the past, help our nation or solve the issues we face.  The unsavory parts of history need to be shared along with the good.  We have evolved and enriched our society and people over the decades.  Let’s continue to seek knowledge, truth and understanding to progress into the future.  Our nation is a diverse and amazing people.  It’s time we progress beyond the hatred and fear.  Don’t be influenced, shamed or coerced by radical politicians, individuals or groups.  They do not want freedom. 

I love America.  It’s my nation of birth.  Our land and people are great.  Let’s work together to maintain our values, history and a free society.  I appreciate and respect what our statues, memorials and monuments represent.  I pray we never allow the evil portions of history to repeat itself here or abroad.  I stand for law and order, equality and freedom.  We live in a time when outrage and violence is praised by some.  Remember that doing good, being kind and showing respect is a powerful force.  It’s the right thing to do.  Integrity, honesty, respect, courage and loyalty are character traits I value and live by.  What are ideals or principles do you believe in, encourage or expect from others?   

Law enforcement personnel continue working hard 24/7 to keep our communities safe and free.  Their dedication and efforts are appreciated by many.  This is our time to unite and stand together as Americans.  I respect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and what our nation represents.  I want a strong economy.  I want our military to return home.   They deserve our praise and amazing care.  I want to ensure law and order is maintained.  Let’s improve our law enforcement officer’s skills, training and accountability with nationwide standards.  Together we can discuss change and improvement openly, without the threat of outrage or violence.  It’s time we assist in maintaining a safe land where we all coexist in peace.  We need to defend the principles our nation was founded on; including the struggles of the past and present.  Our first priority as Americans should be freedom, equality and human rights, for all people. Together we can build a great country and ensure a better world.  

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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