Election Politics

October 18, 2020

Good morning friends.  Take time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful October Sunday.  The presidential election is ramping up.  Mail in voting is underway.  Depending on where you live, polling places will soon open for in-person voting too.  This election will be critical in deciding the future of America.  Do you want law and order or chaos?  Do you want freedom and equality or oppression and control?  What do you stand for?  I’m not voting for a man or his personality.  I am voting for what I believe is best for our nation.  Please join me and choose wisely.

It baffles me that in nation with a population of over 331,000,000+ people, these are the “best” two candidates for president of the United States.  I am certain there are better people out there.  It’s evident we have brilliant individuals residing in this country.  There are some that share good leadership skills, common sense and innovative policy ideas or solutions that are logical and strong for our country.  Why aren’t they in the mix, stepping up or becoming part of this process?  Maybe they have witnessed so much hate, manipulation and distrust within the system over the last four years, it has dissuaded them.  Politics has evolved into a ruthless and brutal game, involving money, control, power and greed.  These are traits many good people shy away from because they are kind and good hearted individuals.

I don’t particularly care for the entire political scene.  The constant drama, egos, criticism and arrogance drives me crazy.  In a country like America, you’d think our elected leaders would have one primary focus; do what’s in our best interests and for our nation.  Instead, some of these individuals are only concerned with maintaining or increasing their influence, power, wealth and control. They are not serving the people who elected them; or what they were put in office to accomplish.  We are overloaded with career politicians who have done little to nothing over multiple years in office.  So why are they elected and how are they still in office?  It’s clear these individuals have no viable solutions or ideas that work.  They say whatever buys them the most support or votes.  Each particular group receives a different message.  Some say or do whatever it takes; with no accountability for the consequences of their actions.

If you pay just a little attention to social media and news outlets, it’s easy to recognize these sources have a slanted view of the current administration.  I find it extremely disgusting how nearly all main stream and social media sources report every negative aspect they can create about the president, his family and his administration.  I have seen very little, if anything, reported in a positive or fair manner.  This has been the case since the president was elected (nearly four years ago).  Our countries political leadership has been in turmoil for nearly the entire period.  This is all because a person, who isn’t a politician, was elected to president.  He defied the odds, especially considering how billionaires put millions into Hilary’s win.  If our political leadership could have been a little more unified, our nation could have been much more productive and stronger.  Instead, it has been a constant battle or vendetta to block, slander and attempt to remove him from office.  It baffles me how, so called leaders of our own nation, can display such disdain and hate of their own land, people and one individual. 

Political leaders are elected to office to do what’s best for the population.  Ruining America isn’t what “we the people” want.  Our constitution was built on the premise of preserving and protecting individual rights and freedom.  What many on the far left are proposing has nothing to do with our protection or freedom.  Did you watch any of the DNC in August?  I’m not just talking about the nightly speeches.  I’m referring to the daily meetings and forums, where proposals and dialogue regarding the future of our nation were discussed.

Abolishing law enforcement is at the top of their list.  Closing prisons and releasing criminals into our neighborhoods is another objective.  These two ideas are absolutely ludicrous.  Neither of them are solutions or answers.  These objectives will only lead to more destruction and death.

Our people, cities and land need protection to ensure the safety and security of all.  There are evil people in our world.  Some live within our own borders and communities.  We cannot allow individuals that commit horrific or sadistic crimes to roam freely.  Defunding police agencies and no bail policies are causing us more harm. 

It was never my intention to write about politics or religion when I began this blog nearly a year ago.  My goal was to focus on health and wellness.  When the virus lockdowns began in March, it was evident that the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of all people needed to be addressed.  These topics clearly include what is occurring with government leaders across our nation.  Their actions and decisions have a significant impact on our health, lives and future. 

I’m not a fan of some antics our president engages in, but then he’s clearly not a career politician.  He’s a shrewd business man with an ego, sometimes rough around the edges.  He may not always represent our country, as I’d hope a president would, but I do recognize he loves America.  I’ve considered how our president should act, while being the leader of the greatest nation in the world.  I believe our president should be stronger than any other leader.  The president has to be outspoken, tough on crime, yet compassionate, fair and willing to stand firm on important principles.  You must be well versed in foreign and domestic policy, open to new and innovative ideas or solutions issues facing our land.  To do accomplish all this, a president must have a powerful personality and ego.  There are so many individuals, political parties and foreign leaders always at your heels, so you have to be powerful and objective.  Our president has to be intelligent and well versed in a multitude of subjects, policies and laws.  It’s impossible for one person do all this without the support of a loyal and well informed staff.     

With all this being said, who do you want to lead our nation?  Our choices are limited to two men and their vice presidential picks.  As much as our current president’s social media antics annoy me, he really has done an amazing job of standing up for himself and our nation.  He’s been under attack since he began his campaign over four years ago.  The attacks intensified after he was elected.  These are perpetrated by a rival political party within our own nation.  Why would fellow Americans go to such great lengths to tear down one man?  Why would they drag their entire country down in the process?  It makes no sense why political “leaders” would create hate, fear and division throughout their own nation.  When you examine this phenomenon with an honest unbiased view, the truth becomes evident.

It must be frightening for those who have been in politics all their lives that Trump isn’t a career politician.  I’m sure some are fearful an outsider will expose them for what they truly are; unscrupulous crooks.  When you examine what these particular individuals have accomplished over their years of political service, you find very little.  They are good at pointing a finger of blame to others, but not at offering any viable solutions to problems.  Unfortunately, these types of individuals are spread throughout our nation, not just in politics. The problem is, we allow these individuals to remain in office.  They are elected to positions of power and authority, that we, as Americans, have bestowed upon them to be our decision makers.  Their job is to do what we want, not what they want.  If we allow them to maintain that power and control, after they abuse it, they become imbedded in office.  They will do or say anything to retain that authority, even if it means bringing our nation to ruin.

If you believe socialism, or anything similar, is an answer or solution for America; please do your homework.  Look open and honest at countries like Venezuela, Cuba, China or others.  You will see where socialism has lead these nations.  When you examine these lands, and their populations, we discover people under strict control with very limited freedoms or rights.  These countries are divided into two classes, the wealth and poor.  Most people living in these lands have little in the way of opportunity, services or goods.  Oppression, tyranny, violence, poverty and government control are key elements to these places.  It is not a pleasant or peaceful way of life.  

Before you vote, do the research to find the truth.  In order to accomplish this, you must keep an honest and open mind.  This will be the most difficult part of the process.  We all tend to see things the way we want, but there are times we must open ourselves to the possibilities.  Please search for the facts.  Take the time to calm your mind and body.  Relax, breathe and reduce the fear and anxiety within yourself.  Don’t look at social media or main stream news outlets; because you won’t find truth there.  You will only see slanted views, opinions or a version of the news they want you to believe.  They have their own agenda, their own “truth.”  These sources are manipulated by powerful people seeking their own type of control.  Open your heart, mind and soul to all reliable sources of information.   It may not jump out and slap you in the face, but it’s there.  Think logically and put the puzzle pieces together.    

Our world, culture and society contain good and elements of evil.  At the present time evil seems to be prevailing, but I know there is much more good out there.  Tearing down and destroying our country is not the answer or a solution.  Attacking others because of a different point of view isn’t a free society.  Hate, division and outrage does nothing to build confidence, create solutions or solve issues facing our nation.  Hate only breeds more hate and social discourse.  Wealth and power are the driving forces for some of these career politicians.  They have been in office for far too long, with too much control.  Now, they do not want to relinquish the authority we’ve allowed them to have all these years.  Their greed and maniacal behavior are creating more division, hate and racial discontent.   

I thought this simply analogy was interesting.  Think an auto mechanic who has worked on your car for 47 years.  During all those years the car has run horrible.  You keep swearing you’ll never take it back to him!  Now he is telling you to give him another opportunity to make it right.  Would you have faith in that person?  My response, “Why would I want to give a man a chance to be in “the drivers’ seat” when he has never fixed anything or rendered a solution to any issue in 47 years of service.”  That would be ludicrous.  

I want to elect the best person who shares a similar vison for our nation.  I want a leader who stands for freedom, equality, safety, equal rights, law and order and a bright economic future.  Vote wisely for the person that will lead us into a better future.  It’s a pretty simple choice.  Please vote!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

4 thoughts on “Election Politics

  1. We agree with everything in this post. We have been baffled by the candidates they’ve given us, there are so many capable people in this country. Political antics are disgusting.

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    1. I agree Cindy! Politics are becoming more disgusting daily. There has to be a better way to eliminate the wealthy radicals from attempting to influence everything in our lives.


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