What happened to America?

January 10, 2021

Good morning friends.  January was off to a relatively smooth beginning.  Then January 6th happened.  I don’t have an issue with the rally for Trump that occurred, because that is our right as Americans.  What I find disgusting is the assault on our Nations’ Capital and officers assigned to protect it.  This behavior cannot be tolerated or condoned.  It doesn’t matter where you sit on the political fence.  This isn’t about who you support, like, dislike, race or who is president.  This is about respect, integrity and doing what’s best for our Nation.  What occurred inside the Capitol is a disgrace.  It is embarrassing knowing the world is watching us.  I had several friends from around the globe reach out to me, inquiring what the hell is happening in the USA.  Our country is supposed to be a world leader.  The violent events of 2020, and this past Wednesday, make me wonder.

I can understand why thousands of conservatives, republicans and advocates of President Trump gathered to show their support that day.  During the last four years, he achieved significant accomplishments, although I doubt main stream media will admit or share that information.  I wasn’t a fan of his ego or antics, but I do support some of his policies and goals to better our nation.  I wasn’t a fan of President Obama, Clinton (or the democratic party), but I gave them my support as presidents of our country.  That’s my duty as a good, decent and honest American.  We stand together “through thick or thin.”  Our democracy and political system was established as a free society, with elected leaders.  Visions and policies of our political parties vary, as they have for decades.  We still need to render our support for our president, no matter who it is or if we like or dislike them.  That’s how America is built.  Individuals like Pelosi should have figured that out long ago.  She (and others) have been taking up space in office for decades.  They are all talk and offer no solutions to real problems or issues.  This is where “term limits” would be very beneficial in keeping individuals like her out of office.

Heaven knows our country has serious economic and social issues that have been festering for years.  Trump, as a president, had little to no support from our so called political leadership.  The last four years have witnessed hate, division, harassment and unscrupulous behavior; and that’s just within Congress and state leaders.  The vast majority of people (99.9%) who gathered in DC for Trump attended with peaceful intentions.  During my career in law enforcement I worked numerous rallies, protests and demonstrations, including the LA riots.  As with most events of this magnitude, they always draw an evil element with their own agenda.   You can label these individuals with any name you see fitting.  I believe extremists, on the far left or right political fringes, are evil adversaries of our nation.  They are a threat to our democracy, freedom and the world.  These people live in America, but do not believe or adhere to the same values as the majority.  We are a free nation, with rights and privileges for all people.  We can peacefully protest or demonstrate to show our support or dislike for an array of issues.  Lawlessness, anarchy, looting, violence and destruction of property are not part of those freedoms.  Anarchist behavior should not be tolerated; from individuals, groups or elected representatives.  It’s frustrating and upsetting when race is injected into any scenario as an issue.  Every time you raise “racism” as an issue as to why an incident happened, you push people further apart and impede progress.  The fact is, no matter where you are in the world, evil people exist.  The sooner we accept that and unite, the better our world will be.  My career in law enforcement provided me with a unique view into society and human interaction.  Years of working in various communities across Los Angeles, and interacting with individuals around the globe, provided much insight into humanity.  I learned that good people vastly outnumber the bad.  Don’t be fooled, evil does exist.  Evil, bigotry and hatred isn’t confined to one group, race, nationality, gender, religion, profession or economic level.  Criminals come in all shapes, sizes and persuasions.  Evil is real; whether it’s in front of you or attempting to remain hidden. 

During 2020, a number of protests and demonstrations occurred across our nation (including Washington DC).  All of these events quickly degraded in violence, looting and burning of businesses and buildings.  Police officers were attacked and killed.  The Democratic Party and its leadership condoned and often urged rioters to continue with this disgusting behavior.  The rioting that occurred last summer in Washington DC ravaged this beautiful city.  Marauding thugs defaced monuments, memorials and tore down historic statues.  Businesses were looted, fires were set, buildings were destroyed and people were injured.  Where was the outcry to these atrocities in DC, or other cities?  Violence isn’t an answer or solution to our domestic issues or problems.  Leaders of the Democratic Party have basically given their approval for this to occur.  They have been sympathetic, while utilizing their methods to regain control and power.  Maybe they believed, or feared, the Trump administration was diminishing or taking their power and control away from them.  Aristotle said, “Yes the truth is that men’s ambition and their desire to make money are among the most frequent causes of deliberate acts of injustice.”   The Democratic leadership has failed to bring unity or social justice for anyone.  They only spew more hate and division, while lining their pockets with our money.  

So, what’s happening to America?  This past year (and this past Wednesday) showed a much darker side to our nation and all the issues troubling this land.   Do not be naïve enough to believe one individual (over the last four years) is to blame.  Don’t be lured into believing this is a racial, political or leadership issue.  Career politicians have done nothing to solve or offer solutions to any of the urgent issues facing our nation.  They enjoy pointing fingers of blame at others, telling the American people lies and spreading fear while indicting other political party members.  Our so called leaders ridiculed law enforcement, created racial unrest and demanded change.  Many of these same individuals have been in office for decades.  Over this expanse of time, these individuals have done nothing to effect any significant or positive change.   These unscrupulous leaders use their political power, rhetoric, and the main stream media, to promote their own agenda while propagating fear and racial division across our country.  They collect large pay checks, have financial support from a variety of sources and yet do nothing to bring positive change for the masses.  Our nation needs new leaders who will bring creative and innovative ideas that actually make positive changes, for the betterment of all Americans.  We must demand our leaders to take action that make our country safer and bring equality for all.  Many people and businesses are suffering, physically and economically, from the pandemic.  The “stimulus” package tossed a few hundred dollars to individuals across our country.  The bulk of the funds Congress approved went to political constituents, big business billionaires, foreign countries and increased their own salaries.  This isn’t a solution.  It’s a slap in the face to every American. 

Washington DC is a symbol of our democracy and freedom.  Every visit to this city energizes my patriotism, making me proud to be an American.  It’s easy to recognize the various levels of security circling the Mall.  Protection measures are noticeably more evident at the White House and our nations’ Capital.  I find it difficult to believe Capital security was caught off guard on Wednesday.  They knew this large event was planned.  It wasn’t a surprise attack.  This is a building you just don’t open the front door and walk in, although it seemed to be on Wednesday. 

What occurred wasn’t a surprise, considering the lawless events of 2020.  These lawless attacks, were perpetrated by individuals with an agenda to achieve.  The individuals were visibly prepared; with helmets, shields, gas masks, ropes, backpacks and equipment intended for battle.  It was reminiscent of recent riots.  Anarchists, extremists, antifa, criminals or evil anti-Americans; and have no place is this country.  It’s tragic and sad several people died, including two who were killed.  A US military veteran attempting to enter the building was shot by police and Capital police officer died from injuries sustained during the assault.  These deaths could have been avoided.  So, where was the security at the Capital on Wednesday?  Who controlled the security detail on this day?  What was their security plan?  Who are the perpetrators?  What is their agenda?  Why did this happen, why did people die and why wasn’t it prevented?  There are questions that need to be asked and answered.  We deserve to know the answers to these and many other questions.  I want the facts and truth.  I believe there is more to this story than we know, or are being told.  Will unscrupulous politicians allow that knowledge to be revealed?  The Capitol Police Chief tendered his resignation Thursday, but that didn’t provide any answers.   

On Friday evening I learned about the silencing of free speech.  Tech giants (billionaires that control media companies) are attempting to shut down other social media platforms they deem “dangerous.”  Who authorized these companies to limit Americans First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech?  Social media outlets, like Parler and individuals like Candice Owens, are targets of this agenda.  Is this where the control begins, by closing avenues of free speech?  Be an independent thinker.  I do not put my faith in main stream news, social media, athletes, entertainers or billionaires.  What we see on main stream news or social media is what they allow us to see.  The content is controlled by them.  These wealthy elitists have their own agenda.  It typically revolves around their own greed.  Seek the truth from honest and reliable sources.  Outlets such as the Voice of America, AP News and 1440 Daily Post, offer fact checked stories.  As a police officer, I sought and examined the facts, listened to all sides of the story and relied on the truth before making an informed and intelligent decision.  Today, many people are making statements based on their own conclusions before hearing any of the facts; or only listening to one side of the story.  Gathering facts and evidence is crucial to any decision. Knowledge is power.  The more truth you know, the stronger you become. 

Honesty, trust and loyalty to our nation has evaporated with arrogant, greedy and hateful behavior.  It is troubling and sad watching our glorious country sink into chaos.  Consider the sources of discord and malicious misinformation being spread across our nation.  It began over four years ago when Trump became a candidate for president.  The Democratic party politicians began their propaganda campaign to sway voters into believing our country is filled with racism, hate and inequality.  Main stream news, social media and extremists continue their daily misleading barrage.  Don’t fall prey to this arrogant and entitled nonsense.  We are all merely human beings residing on this planet.  Our time here is limited.  Why would you place your trust in individuals that rely on fear, hate and prejudice?  These people only seek to control you for their own gains and satisfaction.

I pray the next four years create more solidarity and unity among all Americans.  I’m confident law enforcement will bring the anarchists responsible for the Wednesday assault of the Capital to justice.  Combined police authorities have been working nationwide to locate and arrest looters, law breakers and violent offenders associated with events across our nation during the last year.  We deserve to live in a free, peaceful and lawful society.  Our Constitution provides rights and provisions of law to maintain order and a free society.  Together we can bring our country back as a leader in the eyes of the world.  United we stand, divided we fall.  If we fail, we place the freedom of the world at risk.        

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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3 thoughts on “What happened to America?

  1. “although I doubt main stream media will admit or share that information.” JM! I love you. But please quit bashing the media. Have you seen the video of the violence the rioters inflicted on the media? Did you see the graffiti inside the Capitol that said Kill the Media? The media is me—your cousin. Your cousin who will be IN THE CROWD covering inauguration. Yes it’s dangerous but more dangerous when anyone repeats “fake news” or spreads doubts abt the media. I’m doing it so all Americans know what’s happening at the inauguration bc they will not be in DC in person. That’s my job. Without the media, you will not know what’s happening in your country. Without the media no one would know about the pentagon papers, watergate, the Cuban missile crisis, the Catholic Church coverup of child sex abuse, My Lai, toxicity in drugs, the Flint MI water crisis, etc etc. Don’t make people hate me. When an audience hears “the media” they put all of us in one basket. Trump started it and the more we hear “fake news” the more people believe it. Why did you not mention it took trump FOUR days to lower the flag at the White House for officer Sicknick and only after people mentioned it on Twitter. The Capitol did it the next day. Why do you not mention it was Trump and his son and Giuliani who excited the crowd to the Capitol. Look and hear what they said in their speeches. Go to the primary source. Do not trust what you hear on TV or read on social media. Listen to the speeches. Read the official transcripts. Do your sourcing on a regular basis so it becomes a regular task. ok. Done w my rant. Thank you for reading. I love you and truly care abt your credibility and want you to write with eyes wide open. Now—I buried the lede. We sold the house to a neighbor for full price, without even listing it, and without any contingencies. We put down a rental application on a place in Arlington. So the next time you stay with us, we will be much closer to DC! The selling is still going on but, as always, is very slow. Still unsure what to do with the imperial glass. But I did sell The halltree, my stamps, the air hockey table, old books, sheet music, and more. Woohoo. Luv ya and miss ya, C

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