Conquering a Country

January 24, 2021

Good morning friends.  I’m sure we all had high expectations for January and the New Year. Even with the chaos of the presidential election, I had hoped our newly elected leaders would bring calm and unity.  Then devastating events at the Capitol occurred, Pelosi called for impeachment and disenfranchised half of America with her loathing rhetoric.  Hate and contempt only breed more the same.  Biden’s’ inauguration speech of “unity” offered more separation than inspiration.  As a career politician, including eight years as vice president and 36 years in the senate, I hoped for more wisdom.  Seeing only camouflaged spectators in a deserted DC was an unnerving sight.  What’s next for our nation?  Let’s pray that our country can come together, heal and move forward in peace and freedom.  We can’t allow our country to be conquered. 

Inhabitants of this planet have been engaged in conflict since the birth of mankind and inception of good and evil.  Animals fight for superiority within their kingdom.  The stronger, or more cunning, typically ascend to the top of the food chain.  Combat among humans is to conquer foes, gain dominance, plunder treasure or rule lands.  Arrogance and greed are the roots of control, manipulation and power.  Missiles, bombs and armies provide a show of power, force and invoke fear.  In this technological age, physical battles are no longer required to conquer or oppress others.  Chaos, uncertainty and turmoil from within can create desperation and panic.  Control and fear are a reality in communist, socialist or totalitarian countries; like China, Russia, or other countries without freedom.  People in these lands face imprisonment or death if they do not adhere to the oppression of fanatical leaders.  In the 1960s, Russia predicted the USA would fall without an invasion or firing a shot.  Communist China vowed to topple our government and control our nation from the inside.  Their intention; to spread fear, hate and division; reduce our rights, beginning with free speech; and by controlling our businesses and political leaders.  Look at what they have accomplished here, while in the midst of devastating the freedom of Hong Kong.  I pray our nation never comes close to falling into hands of communist arrogance and domination.  People of America are becoming increasingly complacent in their life style.  We allow fear to rule us; dictated by unscrupulous politicians, slanted media and idiotic billionaires.

I don’t know what the next four years holds for us.  I can only hope our elected leaders step forward to ensure our nation, rights and freedoms are protected.  It’s easy to recognize how foreign powers continue to gain a foothold of control throughout the world.  I have no doubt countries like China or Russia work to gain influence over political representatives.  What better way to conquer a country, than from the within?  I’m sure this scenario continues around the globe.  The goal is world domination.  Evil forces across this planet work diligently, focusing their efforts to achieve this agenda.  Large corporations, land, industries and natural resources are being purchased in massive scale around the world by China.  We need to wake up and become educated to what is occurring in our nation and around globe.  Americans, the battle is at our doorstep.  The only way we can win is through education and knowledge.  Begin thinking logically for yourself.  Unscrupulous billionaires and politicians control our lives, through what we see, read and hear; via main stream news, social media and the internet.  Now they are attempting to silence the sources of truth and honest reporting.   

The events across our nation during the last five years are compelling.  Democratic leadership, including some news outlets, boasted Trump could never win.  The momentum intensified against his presidential campaign.  I believe Americans were tired of the lack of action and finger pointing by politicians.  Some were eager to elect the first female president; but Hillary wasn’t the right option.  Did she lack the peoples trust?  Was her honesty or integrity in question; especially after Benghazi in 2012.  What caused Democratic leaders to attack Trump with such vigor and distain?  Were they that convinced he wouldn’t win the election in 2016?  Did an outsider’s victory (especially someone they could not control) completely upset their agenda for the US?  Answers to these continuing mysteries remain unsolved.  I’m confident the truth is out there.  For the sake of our freedom and nation, I hope and pray the story will be revealed in time.

When Trump was elected, it touched off a battle for control.  Pelosi and her colleagues intensified their assault on his character and administration.  He threatened to “drain the swamp.” This proposal presented a risk to their supremacy.  We (the American people) have been held hostage in the middle of this political feud.  Pelosi and the democratic party provided no support for Trump when viable solutions to real issues in our nation were needed.  How many mass shootings have there been or inner city killings; yet not a single bill or resolution has been tendered to address these issues.  Politicians receive large “donations” from a variety of wealthy individuals, corporations, companies and countries.  Why would they do anything to go against the will of these industries?  How many protests occurred across our nation in 2020; resulting in destruction, burning, looting and violence?  Pelosi and many democratic leaders condoned the behavior, as free speech or racial inequality.  They used words like, “systemic racism” and “white supremacist” to define people like me.  Law enforcement officers were unjustly accused, abused and murdered.  Where was the outcry for these men and women, who only wished to protect and serve?      

Is there more to the attack on the Capital than we know?  Was it really Trump supporters gone mad, or something more sinister?  It just doesn’t make sense.  There are so any unanswered questions.  I’ve visited Washington DC on numerous occasions.  Security and law enforcement are a highly visible component of safety.  The White House and Capital have restrictive perimeters and secured points of entry.  When rallies or demonstrations occur, security operations are much more rigorous.  On this particular day, the Vice President and full Congress were in the Capital.  Where was their protection and security that day?  How individuals gained easy access deepens the mystery.  Why, or who orchestrated it or how it was possible, remains a mystery.  I do not condone the lawless attack on our nations’ Capital or law enforcement.  The people who took part in this atrocity deserve to be behind bars.  The thousands of rioters who participated in the looting and destruction across our nation in 2020 deserve to be jailed as well. 

The dust around the Capitol barely settled when Pelosi (and her colleagues) branded millions of Americans as extremists, domestic terrorists, racists or white supremacists.  This is offensive and insulting to our nation.  Democratic leaders have been spreading this division and bigotry for years.  They use news outlets and social media to propagate their agenda.  I know evil exists in our world.  There are good and bad people (I hope we all understand that).  Unfortunately, the majority of what we hear, typically centers around bad deeds.  Fear and evil is easy to sell and manipulate.  Racism and extremist ideologies are not confined to any one people or country.  They exist in every race, color, nationality, gender or religious background.  These behaviors span our globe.  I do not agree with the term, nor have I witnessed “systemic racism” in our culture, as Democratic leaders want you to believe.  I’m aware of the social and economic issues facing our nation.  Pointing a finger of blame at everyone isn’t an answer or solution.  This country has issues in many aspects of society, but it’s easier for these leaders to deflect the real issues and their lack of action.  I worked in a variety of communities throughout Los Angeles, engaging individuals from many races, nationalities, religious beliefs and economic income.  I’ve travelled our country and the world, interacting with many people.  America (and the world) is filled with good, hard working, God fearing individuals, striving for a better life.  My experience, throughout the United States of America, shows me our economic and political issues are much more extensive than racial.  Unfortunately, some Democratic leaders want you to believe that nonsense in order to further their own power and control.  They’re actions have created sad days for America. 

Now large tech giants are tampering with free speech; as what we say or do can be deemed unacceptable, by merely voicing our opinion.  Where is the outcry from our representatives or the media?  The inhibiting of free speech, by billionaires, should make you fearful.  Our freedom and rights are being attacked.  I do not want to live in a country where what you think, say or do can be controlled by the government.  This is our “democracy.”  “Government by the people especially: rule of the majority.  A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly, resulting in free elections.”  Do you see where this road is leading us?  If we stay on this path, it takes us toward the destruction of America from the inside; just at the Communist Party predicted many years ago.     

Real life is much more intriguing than any spy novel or murder mystery.  Be aware of your sources for truth and facts.  Inaccurate and misinformation abounds; much of which we’re bombarded with daily.  It’s difficult to know who to trust or believe.  America was built by individuals who shared many voices, but united for a common goal; a free nation.  I know we have patriotic leaders within our representatives.  I am anxious to have their voices heard in this administration. In this first week of power, Biden and democratic leaders reversed and enacted a number of Executive Actions.  These measures have the ability to create additional economic or social havoc across our land, with far reaching effects.  The uncertainty of our freedom is real.  We can’t allow fear, hate and racial division to be continually pushed on us.  This is the illusion they preach to further manipulate their control.   

I was raised with morals, values and a belief in God.  I learned to respect all people; treating everyone fairly and equally.  I hold my characteristics of integrity, loyalty and honesty in high regard.  I’ve done my best to maintain these traits throughout my life and career.  I support our new president, even though many others refused to support Trump when he was elected.  I’m not a Biden fan, but it’s the right thing to do as an American.  Our nation must unite to preserve freedom and equality for all.  We need more kindness, more understanding and more God in our lives.  I know our nation (on both sides of the political fence) is filled with great people; rich in diversity, culture and respect for freedom.  We need our collective voices to be heard.  Let those voices speak up loud so we can regain control of our land and our political system.  I do not want to see our land conquered or lost; for myself, my children and their children.  God bless America.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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