Healthy Humans

March 7, 2021

Good morning friends!  We’re already a week into the month of March.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time passes.  I remember my Dad telling me, “Time just goes by faster as you get older.  Go do it and enjoy life.”  I didn’t comprehend the full meaning of his statement until I retired.  When you have time to relax and enjoy life, it definitely passes much too quickly.  My suggestion; live in the present, while you enjoy each and every moment.  Make time to spend with those you love.  Travel and explore new places, lands and civilizations.  Visit sights, near or far, that interest you.  Too often we say, “I’ll visit that someday”, or “When I have time”, but that seldom happens.  Happiness isn’t built on how much money you have or how many possessions you own.  Tomorrow is not promised and someday doesn’t exist.  Don’t wait to expand your horizons, live your dreams, share your passions or tell someone you love them.  The possibilities are endless and you’re your only limitation.  Do it now, before your time on earth ends.  Life is a precious gift, so don’t let it pass you by.

Are we healthy humans?  Health isn’t limited to your level of fitness.  It’s not all about the food you eat, what you drink or how much exercise you do consistently.  It encompasses your entire being and life style; physically, mentally and spiritually.  Health includes what you say, your actions in what you do and your thoughts and how your mind thinks.  Humans have inhabited planet earth for thousands of years.  They built incredible cities, created amazing inventions, produced fabulous works of art and insightful philosophical thoughts.  When you examine history, even with all the goodness and greatness; greed, corruption, power and control have been the core sources of destructive events throughout time.  This scenario persists to this day.  In the past I believed intelligence translated into common sense, morality, values or integrity.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  I often wonder how we’re considered the most advanced species.  Cruel and evil individuals have existed since the beginning of mankind and continue in our present.  It’s shocking how incredibly vile and vicious humans treat one another.  The lack of decency or respect for others is sad.  I witnessed this behavior too many times during my career and I see it now.  Is power or greed that strong, or is there an underlying evil within these perpetrators?  I’m not here to analyze them or their actions, just remain aware they’re among us.

Humans are an incredibly interesting group of creatures.  They’re a mix of good and bad, curious and adventurous, fearful and happy, and mostly intelligent beings.  We’re a diverse and different species.  We come in a variety of physical sizes, shapes, colors and appearances.  Our mental and physical operating mechanisms are generally the same.  Genetics may vary or differ in some aspects, but we really are all just human beings.  We share the same capacity to experience emotions, feel pain, joy, increase our mental capacity, learn and grow.  We have free will, to make decisions and control our own lives.  Our individual fortitude, determination, ability and willingness to build on the foundations we were born with is what truly sets us apart from others.  We have the brain power to achieve whatever we desire.  We manage and control our personal happiness and well-being.  In order for you to be happy with others and life, you must first be happy with yourself.  One of earths greatest pleasures is our ability to love.  It’s a desire of all humans; in families, friends and relationships.  It’s an incredible and amazing feeling.  Don’t miss out!

Do you know who’s blocking your path to happiness, success or love?  It’s you!  We are our own worst enemy when it comes to personal satisfaction, love, happiness, success or achieving goals.  We constantly stand in our own way, either physically, mentally or both; because our mind creates stories that aren’t factual or true.  We ruin our own attempts because our mind fabricates nonsense.  Is this part of being human or can we overcome this obstacle on our own?  It didn’t take me long to realize how simple it was to control my thoughts, especially when my mind would wander.  I became self-aware and the sabotage my mind created was easier to remedy and control.  Sometimes we need to get out of our own way to succeed.  Self-confidence, discipline and determination will assist in this fight.  It takes hard work and dedication to make your dreams come true.  Set your goals, put in the effort and keep moving forward. Your effort will always pay off.  People sometimes get discouraged along the way because their vision of success doesn’t materialize fast enough.  If you truly want something, motivation and effort will never falter, especially if it’s a true passion.  You have to keep working.  Don’t give up.  Stay focused and your self-confidence and esteem will grow as well.

Many of my favorite people are humans.  Some individuals make you wonder if they’re from this planet or evil aliens.  It never ceases to amaze me how some humans say or do things that defy reason.  These individuals seem to be more interested in their own scheming endeavors, rather than others or their rights.  Some weld power as if it’s their world and we’re their subjects.  They constantly complain about whatever doesn’t suit their particular political or personal agenda.  They spew hate, create division, ban books, manipulate free speech or deem things as offensive.  They cry racism, play the victim role and slander others; yet do nothing to help the struggling or poor of the communities.  These individuals do nothing to offer solutions to homelessness, hunger, addictions, drugs, suicides or the ever increasing violence in our cities.  Unscrupulous individuals may always exist in our world.  Society has always banded together, to fight against criminals and evil deeds.  I pray our strong morals, values, integrity, character and conviction are not a fading quality, but only temporarily silenced by a one sided narrative.  Americans are not limited to one race, color, gender, nationality or ethnicity.  We are a mixed people seeking freedom and equality for all.

I can only speculate why some humans are dissatisfied, unhappy, fearful, miserable or evil.  Complications of a fast paced, technologically advanced and socially disruptive life can be one of many reasons.  We have so much, yet some remain fearful, scared, unsatisfied or less socially connected.  We live in a society where life is over analyzed, victims rule and fear abounds.  Simple interactions and social contacts have faded with technology.  We live under a microscope of scrutiny, manipulated by biased groups or leaders seeking only more control.  We’ve adopted the “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality.  Whoever shouts the loudest and silences the other group prevails.  If that doesn’t work, then these individuals resort to name calling, slanderous phrases, vulgar verbiage or violence.   Too many political leaders do what’s in their best interest, instead of what’s best for Americans.  This treatment is neither fair or sane.  I don’t want to live in a society where our freedoms and rights are manipulated, restricted or controlled by unjust, one-sided, devious humans. 

Our government, leaders and our nation should be focused on building a stronger and unified America.  Our leaders should be solving problems in our nation; creating jobs, enhancing economic growth and supporting all businesses, so they can flourish.  Our veterans need assistance; they deserve so much more than our government has provided.  They should be a top priority.  Individuals should be moved away from unemployment, homelessness and welfare.  Assist them to earn their own way and become contributing members of society.  Jobs build self-confidence, while creating security and increasing self-esteem.  Let people get back to work and school, instead of restricting their lives.  I want politicians to place humans and humanity before their own desires.  This isn’t about race, gender or equality.  This is about being a good human, doing what’s right, fair and equal.  It’s human decency.   

The world remains an amazing place, filled with wonder and excitement.  The vast majority of humans on this planet are good individuals.  We were all put on this earth for the same purpose.  No person is better than another.  God’s blessing is upon every race, color, creed and nationality.  We’re all created the same; and should have equal rights and liberties.   Respect begins with self-love.  When you respect yourself, it’s natural to show respect for others.  This simple form of reverent recognition breeds an array of positive character traits.  Honesty, loyalty, trust, discipline and honor are honed from this admirable quality.  It’s easy to recognize the lack of respect some humans display.  Now is the time we all become better humans.  I treat others how I want to be treated.  Instead of hate think love; instead of anger think kindness; then lead with integrity and respect for all people.  Be happy with who you are, reach for the stars and turn your dreams into reality.  Belief and positivity are your starting points.

Congratulations are needed for some very special people today.  First, I wish my sister and brother in law a Happy Anniversary; along with great friends: Karen and Doug & Julie and Dana (who are celebrating today).  I’m sending a special Happy 30th Birthday wish to Jay.  A great young man and human.  Thank you for being one of my new favorite people.  Wishing you ALL a fabulous Sunday Fun day filled with Love and Happiness!  Enjoy life!  

Along with the celebrations of life, follows the sadness of death.  My aunt passed away, joining her husband (my uncle), now in Gods care. Two amazing and wonderful humans, more like my second set of parents, with their children like my brothers and sisters.  Her passing leaves only my Mom as the final sibling from both sides of the family.  In my sorrow, I know they have joined my Dad, and family, with God.  They will forever be in my heart, as I rejoice in my memories, until we meet again. 

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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