Spring Blossoms

March 21, 2021

Good morning friends.  This past Wednesday, March 17th, was Saint Patrick’s Day.  The day commemorates his death in 461AD.  He was born in Britain, kidnapped into slavery at age 16 and brought to Ireland.  He escaped after six years of captivity and returned home.  He was later beckoned to return to the land of his captors.  St. Patrick returned later in his life as a missionary, bringing Christianity with him.  The people of Ireland loved him, dedicating the day in his honor.  His memory is celebrated worldwide. 

Yesterday, Saturday the 20th, was the first day of Spring.  I’m sure there are many people rejoicing for more sunshine and warmer temps.  The months leading to summer are typically the most beautiful.  Spring and St. Patrick’s Day share a lucky appeal.  Whether you’re searching for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, or blossoming flowers on a beautiful Spring day; love buds as relationships grow and develop.  Springtime has a way of revitalizing the earth.  It nurtures the soil, creating new growth and development of our planet.  It reenergizes us as human beings; carrying us from winter, into the warm glow of a new existence.  It’s like a rebirth of the land and all living creatures.  Flowers and trees blossom into vibrant colors filled with jubilance and joy.  Spring is the perfect season for budding relationships, romance and love. 

Relationships cover a wide spectrum of associations; whether we’re discussing family, friends, associates, workmates, partners or a lover.  Each situation brings their own individual rewards and challenges while you navigate your connection.  Not all relationships are the same, and neither are people.  We each have a unique set of qualities, characteristics and values.  Love varies in intensity and feelings; from family, to friends or to a love partner.  Embracing the love and support of a someone special can energize life; creating an amazing journey.  The attention and encouragement they provide, as a loving human, bolsters better health, both mentally and physically.  There have been medical and health studies conducted that detail how being in a loving relationship has a direct impact on our happiness, and keeping us healthy too. They can improve our immune system and blood pressure to helping us heal quicker and enjoy life longer. A happy and loving relationship is life’s greatest medicine.  Relationships can be fun, fabulous, stressful, happy, challenging, frustrating, incredible, blissful, spontaneous, passionate, emotional and loving!  I could keep going with the adjectives, as relationships are many things. 

Navigating the journey of life is even more amazing when you experience it with a like-minded companion.  A successful relationship doesn’t hinge on whether you share all the same views or agree on every situation, event or theory.  A healthy and vibrant union is based on the respect, honesty, trust and the love you share; while living your true self.  Relationships are a mix of give and take.  One partner shouldn’t be doing all the work, while the other absorbs the energy and benefits.  Partners must be committed to each other, offering support and care.  You work collectively to set and achieve goals, both individually and together.  When life is good, we seem to be on cruise control.  When tensions or difficulties arise, life (or love) can become a bit more tenuous or bumpy.  Let’s face it, we’re human beings, so conflict along the journey is always possible.  The primary reason for this; as much as we are all similar physically, we each have different thought processes, views and ideas.  We have varying opinions on how life, or a relationship, and the interaction or communication associated with it should work.  Our life experiences and past play a role in our development.  We all carry past “baggage” that differs from person to person.  We each visualize life through our own eyes.  It’s best if we don’t taint the future with our past, or allow it to impede our progress in the present.  The fears or experiences of past memories have the ability to linger in our thoughts.  These struggles can create division or damage, if we allow it.  Leave the past where it belongs.  It takes effort to live in the present and work toward the future.  This should be your focus.  Open your eyes to the possibilities that life and love offer. 

Love is about kindness and understanding; while dropping your ego, being real and open.  We all want the same things; happiness and love.  Communication in a love-partner relationship hasn’t been my strong point.  I’ve had difficulty fully opening my heart and soul.  I am much better at demonstrating my inner feelings than verbal expression.  I won’t hesitate to tell you how I feel or “I Love You.”  My obstacle is more with revealing my deepest inner spirit and thoughts.  I’ve done work to improve this, but I continue to be a work in progress.  Communication is an important component to any relationship.  Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, it’s only an affective tool when you are both actively listening.  If you aren’t hearing what your partner is telling you, nothing will improve or change.  Words convey wonderful messages, while actions speak louder and display your true feelings.  The quality of a person’s character is in their actions.  You can talk all you want, but if those words aren’t backed up by your actions, the words are meaningless.  If you have difficulty expressing yourself, show your partner by your positive deeds.

Don’t rely on preconceived notions on how each relationship should be or how it will work.  Every relationship, connection, friendship, partnership and love are unique.  I’ve experienced my share of conflict; both at work, with family and from relationships.  Partners share responsibility when dynamics change or when navigating bumps in the road.  Issues or concerns are best resolved together.  Critical conversations may be necessary, and can be difficult; if they’re brought up at all.  In my attempts to keep life harmonious, I’ve often avoided these tough conversations.  Conversations aren’t about being right, better, the loudest or toughest.  Listening to each other, sharing thoughts, seeking resolution or compromise are integral parts to restoring harmony.  Don’t be fearful of those difficult conversations.  They may be needed from time to time. 

Recognize how your partner communicates and shows their love.  Remember this isn’t all about you; it’s about “us.”  When issues or conflicts arise, think about your partner first, and communicate.  Too often we think of ourselves, never opening the conversation when needed.       When you lose someone you love because you feel you didn’t do enough to keep them, it’s frustrating, heartbreaking and sad.  It feels like you’ve lost a part of yourself.  We’re all responsible for our own actions.  Honesty and openness, without anger or aggression, helps restore understanding.  Treat each interaction with care and respect.  Partners nourish the growth of their relationship, when they each know the other is fully committed to its success.

We each bring different qualities to a relationship that connect or bond us to one another.  This is where the magic begins.  Allow your interactions and personalities to blend.  You can’t always explain how or why a connection happens.  I’m the kind of man who enjoys keeping a partner safe, secure and comfortable.  I show love through doing and connection.  I’ve realized with age,  I’m more selective in finding my partner.  I’m a bit more “set in my ways” now, but I’m always open to new ideas, thoughts and experiences.

Don’t base happiness or love on having a “perfect relationship.”  Perfection (like failure) isn’t possible.  We can only strive to be the best version of ourselves.  We all have work to do and self-improvements to make.  No one (or relationship) is perfect.  Relationships and love can’t be forced, chased, engineered or controlled.  Let go of your own imperfections, or expectations, on what you believe others should be.  We are each responsible for maintaining our own happiness.  When you’re happy with yourself, it empowers others; especially your partner.  This allows a couple to share the joy of happiness together.  If you want to enjoy a fabulous relationship of love, it takes effort.  Be yourself and allow the journey to follow its path.  Relationships, like love, grow and develop naturally; like blossoms on beautiful flowers in Springtime.  Let the universe guide you to love. 

Life and love have taught me many lessons over the years.  I continue to learn and evolve each day. I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff, live in the present and enjoy each day.  I’ve experienced love and the incredible connection between two people.  It’s an exhilarating and nearly indescribable feeling that consumes my mind, body and spirit.  When it happens, fireworks ignite within my soul, filling it with energy and passion.  It’s truly one of the best feelings in life.  There is nothing more special than being in a committed relationship, especially with a person you connect with on so many levels of existence.  Find a partner that lets you see the world through their eyes, while you show them your vision.  Share your thoughts, emotions and experiences together.  Accept that while you each have flaws; together you are stronger and so much better.   Build a relationship based on trust and admiration.  Open your heart, mind and spirit to the possibilities the universe offers.  There is nothing more amazing than sharing a beautiful connection with the person you love.  The friendship and bond you forge together leads to romance, passion and love.  Giving up is easy.  Success takes strength, courage, dedication and desire.  Life doesn’t stop or slow down.  Get out there and live.  It’s a gift!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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