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April 18, 2021

Good morning friends.  Happy Sunday!  I hope you are doing well, staying happy and healthy. I continue on my journey away from home.  As I wait for flights or connections, I often hear travelers discussing their medications, or keeping them in carry-on bags.  Whenever you’re traveling, it’s always best to keep those items safely with you.  This started me thinking about how many people across our planet (especially in the USA) take a variety medication.  I’m curious how many of these drugs are actually required to maintain life.  I’m not completely convinced all these “prescribed” drugs are always necessary.  Let me preface today with, “Don’t stop taking medication if you need it for survival.”  I realize medication has a specific function.  I wonder how many individuals blindly take meds because a doctor said they needed it.  I suggest doing your own research and seek out every possible source of truth and knowledge.  Know what it is, what it does and how it works before saying “Yes.”  Self-education is your source of power.  Be sure to make wise and informed decisions.     

There are nearly 2,000 manufacturing facilities throughout the world creating pharmaceutical drugs that supply medications to the USA.  Many of our drugs come from China, India and a host of other nations.  There are over 20,000 various drugs and medications manufactured worldwide.  Advertisements for drug products saturate every aspect of media.  Television, social media and print ads reference drugs as if they are a cure all to any aliment or physical issue.  Marketing campaigns for medications are produced with movie flare or a biographical history.  The pharmaceutical industry is a trillion-dollar worldwide business.  At the end of 2019, the total global pharmaceutical market was valued at approximately 1.25 trillion dollars. The industry significantly increased from 2001, when it was valued at about 390 billion dollars.  That’s an incredible gain in just 20 years.  I have no doubt those profits have increased considerably.

Since the pandemic began last year, I’ve seen an increase in advertising for all types of drugs and medications.  There are pills, injections, creams or liquids that help with nearly any illnesses, disease, ailment or issue.  Drugs are advertised to help your depression pills keep you from getting depressed.  It’s literally quite crazy how these produces are pushed on us.  Listening to incessant advertisements, both frightens and sickens me.  Hearing the potential side effects of many drugs is scary and sad.  The effects caused by these drugs can be ghastly.  I realize some of these creations have life-sustaining or saving possibilities, but at what cost to physical health?  The added monetary cost is quite outrageous.  I know people want to live as long as possible, but is all this really necessary.  Is this the best way to pursue that life?  My personal experience has shown me how some treatments simple mask the symptoms, rather than treating the root cause of the problem.  Ads create an illusion of health; if you have an ache or pain, take this to make you feel better, younger, healthier.  Wouldn’t determining the source of the issue offer a better cure.

I contracted an upper respiratory virus at the end of October 2019.  I’d been traveling abroad for two months prior, visiting several foreign countries, across several continents.  My journey ended with several days in New York City and nearly a week in Washington DC, before flying home.  The virus hit me like a “ton of bricks” when I walked in my house.  I had difficulty breathing, coughing non-stop and I was exhausted.  If I laid in bed, it felt like I was suffocating myself.  When I attempted to sleep, it was seated upright on the couch.  In typical guy fashion, I’d been in agony for several days, before calling for the doctor’s office for an appointment.  After a brief examination, the doctor confirmed it was a severe upper respiratory virus.  He said, “There’s not much I can do for the virus.  I’ll give you cough syrup to knock you out and pills to help you sleep.  We’ll let it run its course.”  He immediately wrote a prescription for the syrup and pills.  What really caught me off guard was his emphatic plea to prescribe high blood pressure medication.  My blood pressure has always been consistent and within normal ranges.  During this visit it was slightly elevated.  I found it odd and astounding how he wanted to instantly push these pills onto me.  I’m not a medical professional, but it’s easy to recognize when we’ve gone a bit overboard with drugs.  I declined the prescription and advised him I would work my own magic with diet, exercise and rest.  The virus was kicking my rear, I wasn’t happy with my trip to the doctor, so I believed the elevated BP may have been a side effect.  It definitely wasn’t a newly formed chronic condition.  The cough syrup did nothing (which was supposed to knock me out). I didn’t bother fill the sleeping pill prescription.  This wasn’t the first time I had prescription meds given or suggested, when really not necessary.  

I’ve been in this body, on this planet, for many years.  I’ve twice completed EMT (emergency medical technician) certification; once as firefighter with the US Forest Service and again while assigned to LAPD SWAT.  I have many years of knowledge and understanding of how my body works; along with the medical training and experience.  I’ve read medical journals, listened to stories, talked to individuals and experienced healing without synthetic medicine.  I realize there are some illnesses or medical conditions that may require specific treatments.  Let me reiterate, “I’m Not suggesting anyone should stop taking their medication.”  I am asking you to educate yourself before you decide.  Knowledge is power.  It provides you the understanding and enlightenment needed for many things.  Do your own research.  Seek other sources of knowledge and expertise.  Know everything you can about what is it, why it’s being given, how it works, the research and potential side effects or risks associated with use.  Check to see where these drugs are being manufactured.  Just be safe and use common sense.  My Mom has been taking prescribed medication for many years.  She was taking eight or ten different pills, for a variety of issues.  About a year prior to her being placed in an Alzheimer’s facility, I asked her if she knew why she needed so many pills.  Her only response was, “Because I have to take them.  The doctor said to take them.”    

This brings to mind stories of individuals using natural remedies to heal themselves.  These experiences are real and documented.  It’s possible using a balanced combination of healthy eating, exercise, rest, hydration, air and sunshine, to work wonders for your body, mind and spirit.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but it beats being on medication for the remainder of your life.  These methods are carefully crafted and planned.  There are holistic and functional medical practices that take a unique approach to medicine.  These individuals seek the root cause of the issue or ailment.  It’s not about treating symptoms, it’s about finding the cause.  They use natural substances from nature, rather than chemically engineered drugs, to treat patients.  Maybe this approach isn’t for everyone.  I know the sources are available and can be of great value.  I’ve utilized these services, methods of treatment and they work. 

When I completed my yoga teacher training certification in Bali, it was an incredibly spiritual and healing experience.  The month-long training; included instruction six days a week, from dawn to dark.  It was fabulous; including the hard work, dedication, discipline, concentration and effort.  There were some days that included struggle and emotional release.  What I did not expect, was the humor.  Our primary instructor was born and raised in India.  He lived and breathed yoga from childhood.  If our class felt down or tired, we would dance, tell jokes and hugs were a must.  What an incredible cure to energize and fill your spirit with happiness.  His knowledge of the practice, the body, mind, spirit, and how each of the seven the chakras intertwined with the mechanics of movement, was extraordinary.  He possessed an incredible ability to recognize what you were experiencing in any particular posture.  He knew if you felt pain, where it was located, what caused it and how to correct it.  To assess ourselves, requires intuition and knowledge of our body.  This can be accomplished if you slow down and listen.  Our fast-paced lives, leaves us little time to listen to what our body is saying.  We each possess the ability to listen and understand what our body, mind and spirit are saying.  We just need to slow down and listen. 

There’s an old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.”  I first heard this when I was a kid.  The phrase is still in practice today.  I want to take this a step further and add, hugs and love.  For me,

“Laughter creates excitement, joy and fun!”  During this fantastic experience, you expel old air from your lungs, while inhaling fresh oxygen.  You work your muscles, clear your brain and release endorphins.  These naturally released chemicals assist in reducing stress and pain.  They can be experienced during exercise, dance, music, eating dark chocolate and sex.  When we share laughter we’re no longer fearful or divided.  Laughter brakes the confines and constraints of this world.  It frees us to open our hearts and souls to the enjoyment we deserve.  Too often we remain shuttered and closed off to everything and everyone around us.  Hugs generate hope, comfort and gratitude.  They are greetings of joy and happiness.  When we share hugs, we embrace each other in compassion and love.  Love brings strength, courage and faithfulness to a relationship, union or connection.  Love is the most incredible expression humans share.  Love is a unique and special gift.  It bonds humans in an incredible and magnificent way.

These simple declarations of humanity bring bliss to the mind, body and spirit.  What better way to begin self-healing.  These are gifts from nature, that bring us closer together as humans.  We share them in common with all people.  They are unique and amazing gifts, that should be experienced daily.  We were placed on this earth to live, not to be controlled or manipulated.  Educate yourself before placing trust in drugs that are fabricated and created by people.  I prefer to place my trust in God, the Universe and the healing abilities of nature.  There are many natural remedies available, rather than reaching for the medicine cabinet.  Live your life in gratitude, respect and courage.  Laugh often, hug tightly and love with all your heart and soul.  Life is a gift.  Enjoy it in good health.  It’s your decision.  

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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