I miss your smile

April 25, 2021

Good morning friends.  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life.  Happy final Sunday of the month.  My daughter and I were talking about how this year is flying by so quickly.  Unbelievably, our conversation was on April 1st, which seemed like just the other day.  Now we’re already nearing the end of the month.  It would be nice to slow time down a bit.  I know that isn’t possible, so the next best thing is to slow myself.  It’s easy to get tangled in societies fast-paced life style.  The endless speed at which life flows has the ability to drag us through each day.  It’s up to each of us to make a conscience effort to slow ourselves down.  Take time to relax your mind and body.  The rewards and energizing benefits are amazing.  Be mindful; relax your breathing, control your thoughts and be aware of what you say.  Find joy and comfort in a friendly smile.  These can be incredible sources of happiness and bliss.  A smile can speak a thousand words in a single heartbeat.  Think about the endless possibilities the next time you pass someone and smile.  When you make eye contact with someone, and they smile, this is one of the best sensations you can experience.  Hopefully we’ll return to smiles without restrictions soon.

A smile is truly an incredible creation.  During my travels, it’s definitely evident how much I miss your smile.  Each time I see your bright and beautiful smile, it sends chills of joy through my soul.  I can instantly visualize your emotions by your facial expression.  When you flash your cute smirk across the room, I know when it’s filled with love.  Your eyes twinkle with joy, that I know are meant just for me.  I know when you’re happy, sad, fearful, determined or passionate.  The radiant glow of your smile commands the immediate attention of all.  Seeing you smile is one of the many beautiful experiences of life.  I find it very interesting how smiles have the ability to convey so many emotions, changing in fractions of seconds, to fit reactions or situations.  Smiles are an instant magnificent message for each of us to share.       

It’s sad we’re not yet free to experience these simple pleasures of life.  I was waiting for a flight this past week, when a mother and daughter walked past.  I wasn’t wearing a mask and I smiled politely as they walked by.  I could hear the woman tell her daughter after they passed, “I smiled back, but with this mask he didn’t know.”  I look forward to the day when smiles are visible and free.   Hopefully our world will once again be able to smile and travel freely.  I have been fortunate to visit some incredible destinations to this point in life.  I plan to visit many more before I’m no longer physically able.  I pray our world realizes it doesn’t need to impose bans or restrictions; based on masks, vaccination cards or illness fears.  I understand why this is a “Hot” topic for many.  There are a variety of opinions on all sides.  These are my thoughts.

The virus arrived over a year ago when our country was being divided by politics.  I find it interesting how the pandemic was utilized as a political tool to further divide, “us versus them.”  We don’t need a 24/7 blitz of coverage to keep us informed of an illness.  On the contrary, the scope and coordinated effort of this total and encompassing campaign is required when it’s a propaganda machine.  This brand of intense constant information is meant to manipulate, control and alter your rational thinking and decision-making process.  That process has been successful, especially when you recognize how it has altered the behavior of many individuals.  This agenda continues to be pushed today; with masks, “social distancing” and the virus injection.  The campaign has always utilized division and fear.  The virus isn’t my first concern, but it has generated fear among many people.  It’s interesting how individuals, politicians, the media and big business continue to push this shot as the savior of humanity.  The entire scenario is quite fascinating, since officials have never explained (or revealed) how, where or why this virus began.  The controversy and conflicting information surrounding this entire situation is quite baffling.   

How can I place faith in a “vaccination” that was conceived, developed, produced, “tested” and rolled out in less than a year?  The flu vaccination has been around for decades.  It’s only 50% effective and has side effects.  Consider how all manufactured drugs typically require years of evaluation, testing and approval, prior to distribution for “safe” use.  All these drugs, or medicines, have side effects; nor are they always 100% effective.  The newly developed coronavirus shot will most certainly have side effects beyond what they know or understand. How safe is it; really?  Has anyone considered or even care what the potential side effects could be in the coming years?  I understand all the information, hype, propaganda and manipulation that has occurred to bolster our confidence.  The question, is this injection truly necessary for everyone, or anyone?  There are many people who have “pre-existing conditions.”  Medical experts say these individuals appear to be more vulnerable to the virus.  For the billions who are not “at risk”, why should we be required to be injected with this serum?  If you think the vaccine is in your best interest, that’s fine.  I have no objection, so please get the shot. That’s your choice and decision.  Please don’t insist I need the shot because of your fear or indoctrination.  This is my decision to make, not yours or the government.

The pandemic ensuing craziness and media hype have created a new and divided age.  Wearing masks and “social distancing” have created a new stigma.  Watching people over the last year, including and up to the present, has been educational.  I see lone individuals wearing a mask while driving in their car or outside walking alone.  When I go for a walk or run, people cross the street so they won’t have to pass by me.  People refuse to ride in elevators with others, visit family or friends or socialize.  Conversely, I’ve been in large crowds of people in grocery stores, markets, home improvement or big box stores; where I assume they must think it’s “safe.”  I’ve flown on multiple airline flights packed full of passengers.  We suffered through the hypocrisy of “imposed restrictions.”  Churches, houses of worship, restaurants and small businesses were closed by the government.  The absurdity of the restrictions concerning the virus, masks and social distancing; simply astounds me.  People across our nation are not against being safe.  The idiocracy is when numerous individuals, agencies or politicians spout information to bolster their own agenda.  Chaos and lies flow between political parties and politicians.  It’s sad what their personal vendettas created for our nation.    

Events across America, created increased fear, anxiety, hostility, as well as critical social and economic issues.  Many of these situations are beyond our control.  Some events are influenced by politics, idiotic leadership, anti-American groups, news or social media.  These occurrences have the ability to occur when leaders are weak, unwilling or unable to properly deal with issues as they arise.  Some situations or circumstances can weigh heavily on a person; causing your mental, physical or spiritual strength to decay.  This is when we each need to step back from the chaos and ask ourselves what it right and wrong.  Educate yourself using reliable and honest sources.  Make intelligent decisions based on facts, not fear.  Be responsible for your well-being and self-care.  Show respect for all people and don’t be driven by the manipulation or fear of a political agenda.  

The ill handled (or controlled) pandemic caused death and economic destruction.  I ensure health precautions, deemed important to me and others, are followed.  I know how to maintain my own safety and good health.  I eat healthy foods, while limiting or eliminating processed sugar and foods.  My lifestyle includes exercise, drinking plenty of water, enjoying sunshine and the outdoors, while getting the proper amount of rest.  It isn’t difficult or boring.  It’s simply healthier.  Life is about balance.  Use it properly and enjoy it.  I stay informed and educated, without fear, knowing the death rate is less than 1%.  Death is sad and tragic, no matter when or how it occurs.  Living in fear is paralyzing and unnecessary.  It’s devastating watching people lives and businesses ruined (physically and economically), by closures, restrictions and misinformation.  We are bombarded with fear daily.  Do not to allow it to control your life.  Take the time to educate yourself.  Seek sources of truth; not social media.  Knowledge is freedom.   When you know and understand the truth, you free yourself from the fear.  Some political leaders are among the most prolific offenders of truth.  Some news stations and social media outlets spread this fear and misinformation.  My career in law enforcement taught me to evaluate situations logically, using facts and evidence to support my conclusions.  Don’t confuse false information or political rhetoric for facts.  Do your research and seek the truth.  There are credible journalists and news sources that report with honesty and integrity; seek them out. 

Our lives move at an incredible pace in the 21st century.  Respect, honesty, integrity and communication are integral values, for all humans.  Some individuals seem to have forgotten the importance of these valuable characteristics.  Have we become so entitled or arrogant to believe we are better than others?  America is a great nation with a diverse population.  In some respects, there are individuals in our country who have forgotten or tossed away these important ideals.  We, the people, need to hold our elected leaders accountable for their decisions.  Politicians should be enacting laws or making decisions based on what we want.  Their actions should reflect what’s best for our nation, while addressing and rectifying critical social and economic issues of today.

We need to re-open America and the world to smiles.  My travels, at home and across our nation, are revealing more beautiful and precious smiles each day.  Smiles are such an amazing form of comfort and communication.  They share a universal language of friendship.  A flight attendant recently told me, “we use our eyes to smile now.”  Let’s all do our part to communicate our passion, desire, strength and solidarity to each other, our nation and the world.  We are all humans, coexisting on a rock floating in this vast universe.  Be grateful for the life and the amazing opportunities we possess.  Place your faith in knowledge, not in fear.  Smile more and share your happiness with others.  Life is a precious gift and limited time offer.  Be happy and make it count!  Get out of the house, love your life and share your smile.  Follow your dreams, they know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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