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May 16, 2021

Good morning friends.  It’s already the middle of May.  I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy.  I plan to keep this week’s blog short and sweet!  I’ve been in Zion National Park nearly the entire week.  This means very little time to write, and possibly no internet.  Part of my time has been spent exploring the amazing natural beauty of this area.  I truly reveled in its scenic wonder.  Several days were dedicated to a Ragnar trail team relay run.  I’m always excited for the opportunity to get outside, enjoy the beauty of nature and a new 2021 adventure.  Running has been my passion and stress outlet for decades.  I’m grateful my body continues to allow me the opportunity to enjoy the physical aspect of exercise, while basking in the glory and beauty of nature.   Life really is quite incredible!  Enjoy every moment while you continue to work hard to achieve your dreams.  Follow your path with an open heart and guidance from the universe.

The magic, energy and majestic glory of nature never cease to amaze or astound me!  Zion is a creation of staggering beauty.  Our planet is filled with many natural works of wonder.  They are each astounding and stunning in their unique way.  Mountains, deserts, rivers, valleys, oceans and everything in between; make up our incredible planet.  God and the universe worked in unison to mold these feats of splendor for us to enjoy.  How often do you take the time to sit and bask in their energy and magnificence?  I know I don’t do this often enough.  My solution; I’m planning many more trips that deepen my journey to new lands.  Each time I travel, one of my priorities is to get outside, explore and seek new adventures.  I would much rather build my knowledge with experiences; rather than reading or watching a movie that describe it.  The best way to accomplish this, is by getting outside; hiking in nature and seeking wisdom from local individuals who inhabit these lands of enchantment.  This past week in Zion has been incredible, amazing and filled with happiness and joy.     

We live in an ever-changing world.  Events, here and abroad; along with social issues, politics and mindless attitudes, continue to sway beliefs and defy reason.  I often wonder where or how people are educated as to what’s happening in a wide variety of issues.  From some of the displays I’ve witnessed, or seen via the news or social media, it’s interesting how little effort people put into discovering the facts or truth related to events or occurrences.   It’s evident some people are biased due to race, gender, nationality, religion, creed or color.  This is both sad and disheartening.  It’s crazy to think good has become evil and racist mentalities exist in ALL types of people.  There are some individuals that just can’t seem to let that stuff go.  It’s seems they have nothing better to do than push their idiotic agenda and create more division among nationalities.  Why it that?

We all experience struggles, deal with fear and have negativity invade our thoughts.  This continues throughout our life.  Don’t ever think you’re the only person feeling stress, pressure or anxiety from issues or daily occurrences.  The difference between remaining positive or not, is how each of us deal with these situations and find resolution.  One successful solution for me, I never allow these demons room to enter into my mind.  Yes, attempts always occur, but I keep myself aware of when these intrusions happen.  When they do, I immediately repel them and push them out of my thoughts.  You cannot allow negativity in, as once you do, it becomes increasingly difficult to push them out.  When negative thoughts penetrate your brain, don’t allow them space.  Instantly dispel them and regain your positivity.  I keep several memories of my favorite people, places and things available in my thoughts to help keep my mind focused on happiness.  I begin each new day with gratitude and joy.  I meditate, stretch and incorporate yoga postures each and every morning.  I do this ritual with each new sunrise, to set the tone for my day and keep me on the right path.   These activities assist to keep my body, mind and spirit centered for the day.   

I hope you take time to slow the speed of your life, so you can recognize when changes occur.  Don’t allow this time or the opportunities to speed by you.  Ensure you keep your heart and soul open to the possibilities; for growth and to adjust with the new times.  I’m not saying to sway with the prevailing wind or attitudes.  Be a forward thinker, living in the present and planning for the future.  I’ve found it’s best when I maintain an open mind in all aspects of life.  I’d much rather be an independent thinker in my approach to my decision-making process.  Don’t be a follower.  Be a leader, always seeking the truth and facts.  Pay attention to the evidence that supports your conclusions.  Listen to all sides of the story.  The truth is typically found in the middle.  Be your own person, make your own decisions, but stay aware when changes adjust your perspective or life. 

What happened to the me I use to know?  Where did he go?  As time passes, our knowledge, attitudes, outlook, experience and lives change.  I came into this world a different person than who I am today.  As I’ve grown, matured and aged; I’ve gone through a metamorphizes of sorts.  Learning through education and experience has offered new ideas, thoughts and processes.  My intellect developed, to expand my knowledge, skills and expertise.  Wisdom from many years of life has further transformed me.  This evolution continues with each new sunrise.  The majority of individuals travel through life unaware or not concerned with this process.  I was one of those humans for many years.  I was running down the path, often not aware or caring what direction I was heading.  My focus wasn’t always on what served my best interest and it rarely involved passion.  My life centered on egotistical behavior and self-satisfaction.  Luckily that changed with age, wisdom and experience.

I learned the value of life, friendship and love.  It took some time, heart breaks, sadness and lessons learned.  When I was able to be educated by life, it became clearly evident the meaning and purpose of my life.  So many individuals continue to seek direction and purpose.  I wish I could easily assist and point you to the correct path.   The journey is for each of us to seek and discover.  I know there are many who struggle with this expedition of life.  The words of wisdom I can offer are simple.  Begin each day with gratitude.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  It serves no purpose.  We are all humans, but we each are different and unique.  Treat yourself and other with kindness and respect.  Be mindful in your thoughts, words and actions.  Stay focused and positive on your path, while you take time to enjoy your journey.   Being “positive” doesn’t mean I never have a negative thought or become fearful.  For me, it means that when negativity or fear does enter my mind, I don’t allow it to control or manipulate me.  I dismiss them as quickly as they cross my thoughts.  I remain steadfast in my dreams and desires.  Fuel your body, mind and spirit with healthy food and thoughts.  What enters our body can enhance it or hinder your progress.   

I am right where the universe wants me to be.  I continue to follow my path, with happiness and gratitude.  I kept my heart and soul closed off for far too long.  As I allow them to open more each day, the feeling of defeat no longer affects me.  I feel better, living free and happy.  It’s like being awakened or enlightened to new found pleasure.  Discover what is holding you back or defeating you.  Conquer those issues with a positive and powerful mind.  Believe in yourself.  Cast fear aside and live free.  Life, or events, don’t necessarily change or interfere with my path or ability to achieve my goals.  Planet earth continues to spin, rotating around the sun in this vast universe.  Seasons change, plants and animals grow, wither and die as each year passes.  Humans share this process of life and death.  We participate in a multitude of experiences, as we grow and mature.  These processes alter our perception, that ultimately change how we react or interact with life.  We all struggle from time to time.  Don’t allow the difficult time to define you or divert you off your path.  Rid your mind of negativity by quieting your movement.  Focus on your dreams and passion.  Work hard to achieve them daily.  You will reap the benefits in time.  This is all part of this magnificent journey called life.  So many individuals seem to struggle with “finding their purpose.”  I believe when we let go of the daily stresses and ordeals our minds create, this is when we discover our true purpose on this planet.  Simply defined for me, it’s called” happiness.”

Visiting Zion has provided enriched enlightenment and solace.  I remain grateful and thankful for the many gift’s life has bestowed upon me.  I have much to be thankful for, including; family, friends, love and life.  Take the time to recognize what you have, what you’re working to achieve and where you’re going.  Stop whining about what you don’t have; and just be grateful!  Life is happening in the present, so enjoy every precious moment.  There is no time to waste on foolish endeavors.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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