Saying Good-bye

June 13, 2021

Good morning friends.  I hope you are all doing well as we roll into the middle of the month.  It’s been an extremely busy time for me.  I made the decision to list my home for sale, on an impulse, a little over a month ago.  Little did I realize the “perfect home selling storm” was in progress.  My cozy house sold within 36 hours.  It locked and closed in a 15-day cash offer escrow.  I finished sorting through my belongings, packing up my home and saying my good byes this week.  My past experience has revealed why “good byes” are often difficult.  I tend to attach an end to them, even when it doesn’t necessarily convey that message.  It’s a crazy feeling, with a variety of emotions, as I place nearly everything I own, except some clothing, into a storage container and watch it being taken away.  My mixed emotions center on my ever-evolving life, a hasty decision and second guessing everything.  Now I’m trusting the universe, as I seek the answers for growth and enlightenment.  I know for the important people in my life, it’s never “good bye.”  It’s merely a change in space and “until we meet again.”  The souls that are connected, will forever remain connected. 

Saying “good bye” is never easy when love is involved.  This is especially true when you share a strong bond, connection and your spirits are tightly intertwined.  I have to remind myself that leaving doesn’t necessarily involve the closing of a relationship.  A physical separation may occur, but the emotions, passions, experiences and connection will always remain.  How two individuals decide to pursue the connection will determine its strength and existence into the future.  For now, I live in the present, seeking my own self-improvement and clarity.  It’s taken years of self-discovery, but I realize what past issues trigger my response (or lack of).  I’ll take full advantage of my new experiences to dig deeper into my soul and grow.  I want to be the best possible version of me.  It’s not good bye, just the beginning of a new adventure.        

I recall many family gatherings (both as a kid and adult), with aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends.  When you have an abundance of relatives, these events were many times a monthly occurrence.  Italian get togethers are fabulous and fun filled occasions.  They typically center around lots of food, drinks, fun, laughter, conversation and plenty of hand gestures.  When the adults decide it’s time to leave, this typically means another hour or two for everyone to enjoy themselves during the “good byes.”  As an adult, I have grown to appreciate and understand why it’s so difficult to utter those words and walk away.  Over the years; age, experience and wisdom have altered my philosophy on saying good bye.  We may verbally utter the words, “good bye,” but it’s not an intention this is an ending.  I believe there’s a better way of conveying this sentiment.  It could be, “see you soon”, “until our next visit” or something fun and not so finite.  Now I’m the one saying my own version of “until next time.” 

I’ve moved and changed residences multiple times throughout my life.  Saying good bye to my home and friends this time, was definitely filled with more emotion.  My move has the potential to create an extraordinary impact on my future.  It’s interesting how one event can alter the course of your life.  Do we realize what it means at the time, or does this often occur without our knowledge or understanding?  When was the last time you recognized a significant moment or event that changed the course of your life?  Maybe that recognition was made immediately, or it appears later when you have more clarity.  As I reflect on this past month, it becomes clearer when other such events have occurred.  I can recall several such events that have altered my path.  Several circumstances involved job or career changes.  One of the most important events came when my daughter was born.  When she entered the world, her birth and existence radically altered my perspective on life and love.  She changed my way of thinking, my career path and my way of life.  Fatherhood is fabulous!  It also involves a significant learning curve.  Parenting (with a daughter) is a beautiful dance and balance between sharing, teaching, setting guidelines, rules, understanding, emotions, fun and conversation.  Love and support are given totally, without compromise or question.

A radical event altered my path after I turned 40.  I was in the best physical and mental condition of my life.  I had been in law enforcement nearly 14 years.  I was married with a young daughter.  I was assigned to the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit.  I’d been with the team for five years and was well versed with my duties and functions.  I was a sniper, recently selected to travel to a competitive event in North Carolina.  A unexpected accident; resulted in fractured bones, skull and a traumatic brain injury.  Recovery, including physical and mental rehabilitation, took time.  These events changed my career path, perspective on life and my future.  I’ve often considered how my career and life plan could have been very different if I remained on the same course.  It’s easy for me to recognize how this single event altered and impacted my life, both personally and professionally.  I became much more aware of the importance of life, especially my own.  I decided to live a healthy life.  I wanted the opportunity to enjoy my daughter for a very long time. 

My career path changed, as I began to study and prepare for promotional tests and interviews.  When I promoted to Sergeant, and again as a Lieutenant, I believe my impact, insight and knowledge as a supervisor and manager, had a positive effect on people and situations I encountered.  My interactions with officers I worked with, the lives of the people and community I served, benefited from the rewards I received on my new path.  I never envisioned myself as a great leader or humanitarian.  I still don’t believe I was anything more than just being myself.  I wanted to be fair and kind, while at the same time being strong, disciplined and maintaining my integrity.  I know I accomplished those goals.  Even when I said “good bye” to my career, it wasn’t an ending, only a path to a new beginning.

I’ve experienced other compelling events recently, that have empowered me to seek mental or spiritual enlightenment and clarity.  Relationship struggles continue to be my nemesis.  My lack of crucial communication has plagued me for years.  I continue to learn more about myself, while I work at opening my heart and soul.  I may be a work in progress, but I am more alive now than ever.  I’m excited to share my life, experiences, adventures and love.  The current relocation, I’m undertaking, has the ability to alter my life in new and meaningful ways.  I am excited to recognize and pursue the possibilities that await.  Change doesn’t scare me.  I know it can bring amazing new rewards.  I move into this new adventure with my eyes, heart, soul and spirit wide open.  I move forward with no fear.  Trust, hope, faith and love motivate my spirit.   

I’m in control of my internal happiness and positive mindset.  My intention is to seek growth from within and rid my mind of past events that negatively impact personal growth, relationships or love.  I want to open myself to a new and happier path.  I live life in the present, without fear.  I trust the universe and God to control the rest.  Life is an amazing and wonderful adventure (if you allow it).  Don’t let yourself get swept away by the fast paced madness pushing today’s society.  Seek to slow your life, bringing self-care and self-love to yourself first.  This is where happiness and kindness are created from within.  Let these traits be guiding lights in your life.  Empower and energize yourself.  An open heart brings love and passion.  Work hard toward what you want every day. Nothing is achieved or gained without action.  We all possess the same abilities.  Believe in your own self confidence and power.  Then follow your dreams.  They know the way.  “Until we meet again.”

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature.

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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