Celebrating Father’s Day

June 20, 2021

Good morning friends.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads across the planet!  I wish you all a fabulous and fun filled day.  Today we celebrate Dads, Grandfathers and the men in our lives that made a significant impact on our growth and development.  My Dad is resting with God.  I thank the Lord every day, for my life and prosperity.  I’m grateful that I was blessed with one of the best Dads in this world.  I am fortunate to have enjoyed many awesome and amazing years with my Dad.  He was a respected and well liked one of a kind human.  He was definitely a man of the “Greatest Generation.”  His love, guidance, support and integrity; demonstrated what a man represents.  If I wouldn’t have had him on this journey, I doubt I would be the man, or dad, I am today.  He taught me the meaning of respect, integrity, loyalty and honor.  His daily actions, and interactions with others, showed me the correct path.  He taught me the difference between good, bad, right and wrong.  He is my inspiration and hero forever.

Before I became a father, I doubt I had given being a dad much thought.  I was too consumed with my own pleasures; having fun, chasing what I believed were important dreams or just cruising through life.  I had little true perspective on what existence was all about.  I was caught up in the fast-paced life of our society.  I worked hard at building my career, and I played harder in my off time.  These pursuits were my primary focus.  This lackluster way of life all changed with the impending birth of my daughter.  My life, attitude and outlook were forever altered when she entered this world.  Her birth was a magnificent and magical experience.  A life created, that is part of me, is amazing and incredible.  It’s one of those wonders of this planet you have to be a part of to fully comprehend, understand or cherish.  I am both lucky and excited to have her in my life and be her Dad.  It’s my honor to be a parent.  She makes me happy and proud to be her father.   If I could alter anything from the past, it would be to spend more time with her; talking about dreams, passions and life. 

It’s extremely important to be a part of your child’s life.  As parents, we need to actively listen to our kids; allowing them to openly share thoughts, dreams and ideas.  It’s our responsibility to show them how to achieve their desires along the path of life.  I could share a laundry list of stories from my childhood to adulthood, about my father and why he was an incredible Dad and Grandfather.  I have no doubt I can add a few stories from my life, as a Dad to my daughter.  I wish I could say I was a fabulous Dad, or even as great as my father.  In my eyes, I don’t see myself as anything special.  I wasn’t uninvolved, but in retrospect, I believe I could have done so much more to be amazing.  I did what I believed was best, always trying to be there for her.  I enjoyed being present for teacher meetings, school events, sporting events, special occasions or whatever she was involved with.  I dealt with my own communication, emotional and personal issues along the way.  These sometimes influenced my behavior and interaction with my girl, as we both grew and developed.  There were times during her childhood, that were learning experiences for me, as much as they were for her.  Her mother and I divorced when our daughter was seven years old.  That created a new parenting scenario for all of us.  It wasn’t something I ever thought I’d deal with, but life happens.  I learned, grew, matured and hopefully become a better person.  Her mother and I devoted our time to ensuring our co-parenting and decisions were in our daughter’s best interest.  It all seemed to work out well.  We (as divorced parents) were aware, and intelligent enough to know, that our egos had no place in this process.  Our daughter, and her welfare, were our priority.  Happily, she grew into a beautiful, intelligent and fabulous woman.  I thank God every day for her and my many blessings!  

Being a Dad encompasses many responsibilities, duties and facets of life.  The first, foremost and most important part, is being a loving and present father.  We have the ability to share our hearts and minds with our children.  Dads have an amazing opportunity to assist their kids develop, education, growth and maturity.  We can impart our wisdom and knowledge, which can set them on the right path in life.  I loved being a part of my daughter’s life.  Being divorced, I spent as much time with her as possible.  Not living in the same house and around her 24/7 hurt the most.  I was always available, whenever she was home with me or away.  I always craved more time with her.  Being present doesn’t mean existing in the same house or just being around.  It requires us, as Dads, to be totally committed and engaged with our children and their daily life.  I may have been divorced, but I remained an integral part of her growth and development.  I knew her teachers, coaches, friends, thoughts and fears.  I was always available to answer questions, resolve issues, provide advice or just listen.  Often times, just being there to let her talk, share ideas, passions and dreams, were some of the most significant times as a parent.  I’m fortunate I had a great father, to model my life after, and allowed me to do the same with her.  Enjoying open and honest communication is something I struggled with as a kid.  I wanted to ensure she never experienced similar difficulties.  I hope I allowed her the freedom to express herself then; I know she does now. 

Whether you’re currently a dad, a father to be, or just curious for the future; here is my best advice I can offer.  Be present every day for your life!  Be there for yourself, significant other, family and especially your children.  Be your child’s guide, mentor and loving father along the journey of life.  Take an active role in the lives of your kids.  Make a point of knowing everything about your child.  Be their best role model for every important character trait in life; especially honesty, loyalty, integrity, trust, gratitude and kindness.  Show them how to be strong, yet compassionate.  Teach them through your demonstration and doing, rather than just talking.  Be truthful and open every day.  Encourage them to dream and reach for their passions.  Teach them that hard work and perseverance is important for success.  Show them that discipline and commitment are keys to achieving their goals, dreams and living life.  Allow them to openly express their concerns, fears, passions, ideas and love.  Ensure and assist them in knowing how to conquer fear or overcome any issue that may deter their progress.  Let them learn, live, grow and thrive.   Giving them the gift of life is just the first step.  Now the real “work” and fun begins.  Learn, laugh, play, grow and be happy together.   

Enjoy a happy day celebrating your Dad.  It really is a special day to show them you care and are grateful.  If you’re like me, say a prayer and cherish their memory.  I talk to my Dad daily and know he forever watches over me.  My Dad will always remain in my heart and soul.  Happy Father’s Day Dad!!

As you continue on your journey of life; stay positive, focused and work daily to make your dreams reality.  I’m sending you energy of the universe, and my love, to assist you along your path.  Life is a fabulous journey.  Be happy and grateful for this opportunity.  Live in the present.  Don’t dwell on the past.  Learn from it and move forward.  Allow each moment to lead you into your future.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Today is my Mom’s 94th Birthday.  This is a day I wish she wasn’t afflicted by Alzheimer’s.  It’s a sad and debilitating disease.  She exists in her own world, not knowing or remembering her life or the family she loved.  We love you Nonni!  Happy Birthday!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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