Gratitude, not greed

June 27, 2021

Good morning friends!  It’s already the last Sunday of June!  Geez, how did that happen so quickly?  I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of summer.  I doubt many people were enjoying summer this time last year.  The world was reeling from pandemic madness and social chaos.  We were confined to our homes; the economy was crashing, businesses collapsing and violence was ruling the streets.  Much has transpired, been exposed and learned since the craziness and sadness last year.  We are much more aware now (or should be), when it comes to individuals making decisions or controlling our lives.  An array of politicians and billionaires pushed an evil agenda that nearly collapsed nations.  Greed is a powerful and driving force.  We are not indentured to these politicians.  They’re elected by us and are entrusted to work for us.  It’s easy to see how people, and entire countries, were manipulated by fear, misinformation and intimidation.  Let’s hope and pray our world continues to heal, open and improve with each new passing day.

My college major was Political Science, although I don’t really care for politics.  The political scene is too muddied with money and greed for my liking.  When you combine leaders with power, there are always those individuals with money who attempt to sway them.  I dislike writing about this topic.  I’d much rather be discussing health, exercise, travel or fun.  There are times in life you have to speak up for what you believe is right.  This is one of those times.  I need to vent after listening to the out of touch, idiotic hypocrisy that was shared on Wednesday.  Yes, violent crime, including gun violence, has increased dramatically.  I expected nothing less after the biased attacks on law enforcement, defunding of police agencies and huge budget cuts for fighting crime.  The lack of confidence and personal agendas displayed by certain political leaders, fueled this assault against law enforcement.  The hateful rhetoric spewed by many unscrupulous leaders created additional violence, not only against anyone who represents the law, but in cities and towns across our country.  Violent crime has surged since this madness began.  What I heard from our political leadership on Wednesday, is their utter lack of understanding of what’s happening in our streets.  Sadly, they have no viable solutions or plans to curtail this criminal activity.  The ideas they envision as solutions, make no sense.  Blaming gun violence on “rogue gun dealers” shows a true lack of concern for our population or the violence tearing our cities apart.  It’s sad what they are allowing to occur across our nation.  It’s even more disheartening listening to their ridiculous proposals.  What happened to common sense, logical thinking and integrity?  We live in a great and powerful nation, yet it seems we’ve elected fools to lead us.  Opening our southern border only serves to fuel additional criminal activity, drug and human trafficking, and more violence.

America is a great, diverse and powerful nation.  Our freedom and economic independence are not equaled.  Why is it this country continues to struggle with poverty, homelessness, hunger, welfare, unemployment, violence and social issues.  This nation, and our population, deserve real solutions to the issues that we have been dealing with for decades.  Our elected leaders should focus their attention on our country and people.  They have done little to solve economic or social issues of significant concern.  Many of these politicians have been in office for decades.  They point fingers, spout and rant to the media, but do little or nothing to improve life here at home.  Their only concern is to increase their own wealth or power.  They vote to limit police and law enforcement power, while they continue to have armed security providing constant protection funded by tax payers.  They talk about equal distribution of wealth, while padding their pockets, living in mansions and using tax dollars to fund trips and expenses.  When will Americans wake up to this abuse of power.  How can you place trust or confidence in leaders who don’t lead.  We need to elect leaders who bring innovation, creative ideas and real solutions for our country.  New leaders who stand and fight for the USA are needed now!  Our leadership, like our military, should be protecting all Americans, instead of serving their own needs and that of the few or elite.   Fortunately, we do have some outstanding leaders across our great land. Sadly, their voices are not heard enough, or they are drowned out by those that play to the media.  

I dedicated over half my life to civil service.  I protected the people of the City of Los Angeles and beyond its borders.  As a law enforcement professional, it was my duty to ensure all people were provided the same safe environment to exist and live.  An evil element has been a plague to society since the inception of mankind.  Life on this planet requires individuals to stand up to evil, keeping it a bay, allowing people to live in peace.  I completed my duties and career with integrity and compassion, in a fair and unbiased manner.  I wish I could say the same for some of our leaders and others who don’t honor our nation, or it’s people.  I find it sad and disgusting how the criminal justice system (across the country) has degraded into a sad state of disrepair.  It is outdated, antiquated and downright disgraceful.  Billions of dollars are wasted every year on prison reform, correctional facilities, inmate rehabilitation and countless other projects that serve no rational purpose.  Yes, I believe incarceration is required for many criminal offenders.  It’s unfortunate, but I do not believe all of these individuals can be rehabilitated or re-introduced back into society.  I’ve seen the face of evil and I know it exists.  Keeping individuals out of jail should begin with our kids.  Parenting, education, jobs and opportunities to succeed are where this begins.  Keep kids out of gangs, away from drugs, happy, healthy and loved will enrich their young lives.  Children require guidance and support to set them on the correct path to adulthood.

Our criminal justice and court system have been overwhelmed for decades, yet no one seems to care to fix it.  Prosecution for crimes becomes more about “back room deals” than actual justice.  Many individuals are released; due to full courts, lack of violence associated with the incident, overcrowding concerns or bartered pleas.  Jails and prisons are often filled to capacity, leaving little room for additional inmates.  Institutions allow offenders to go free, to make room or cut costs.  Repeat offenders often continue their unlawful or criminal activity.  Their actions place innocent people in jeopardy.  The results can include loss of property, violence or death.  Is the problem so massive that our political leaders hesitate to tackle the issue?  Maybe they don’t possess the skills or knowledge to even attempt an overhaul; or they just don’t care.  We need solutions to this issue and with many others.  Mental health care, addiction and drug programs should actually render positive treatment.  Instead of further overcrowding jails, with incarceration that accomplishes nothing, set up facilities that treat these individuals (at their expense, not taxpayers).

There are parts of our society that continue to baffle and amaze me.  During my career, I thought I had seen the worst of things, but the continued lawless violence keeps me perplexed.  These are real systemic problems.  The government continues to use tax payer money to support those unwilling to work or support themselves.  This money should be used to support and assist businesses (especially small and independent owners / operators), suffering economic hardships brought on by ‘virus’ restrictions.  America provides millions of dollars in assistance to other nations, yet we allow economic, moral and social decay to continue to escalate in our own country.  We have many deserving Americans in need of assistance.  Our military members, veterans, elderly and children deserve so much more than our nation provides.  It’s easy to see how much of our wealth is controlled or manipulated by rich, greedy, entitled or politically motivated people.  Unscrupulous individuals, including some politicians, make decisions based on their desires, not our needs.  Helping our nation doesn’t seem to fit their agenda.  They’d rather make a “political” statement to support their goals, over solving serious issues in America.  Welfare or unemployment, should be tools to empower people back to work or further their education into a career.  Assistance works when jobs are created, people support themselves and our industry and economy thrive.  Sitting on your butt, collecting government assistance breeds discontent.  Jobs and a career build self-confidence, self-esteem; while developing individuals experience and skills.  Handing out cash (taxer payer money) isn’t a solution.  This creates more entitled lazy humans, who ultimately want more free stuff.  We deserve real solutions to critical issues; not entitled political attitudes or antics.  I believe in helping our own people, so they can help themselves.  Let’s assist our population, so our nation can recover, then we can help the world.

The skewed, one sided and illogical views of some politicians makes my blood boil.  I’m passionate about the love I have for this nation and the people in it.  I hope you love our country too.  It’s wonderful to see cities and states lifting restrictions and reopening.  This allows businesses and people to regain control of their lives and livelihood.  Our nation, and all of our people, will continue to flourish as controls are eliminated.  The United States of America is built on democracy and freedom.  When our own government implements oppressive controls, it goes against the fabric of our society.  Independence Day is one week away.  It reminds me of the freedoms I enjoy in this country.  Open your eyes America!  Let’s do everything we can to ensure our continued freedom and peaceful way of life.  It’s currently under attack, by criminals and thugs.  Our elected leaders work for us.  Tell them your displeasure in their decision making process, lack of answers or solutions.  Together, we can elect individuals with integrity and respect for our great nation.  Many individuals have sacrificed their lives in order to preserve our rights and freedom.  Take the time to celebrate our heroes and protectors.  They deserve it!  Celebrate our nation, freedom and way of life.  Begin each day with gratitude and kindness.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

I pray for all those affected by the tragic and sad events near Miami.  It’s difficult to make sense of these catastrophes.  I’m confident a cause will be determined in time.  You are in my thoughts and heart. 

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude, not greed

  1. You are spot on to encourage not only the long term societal goal but also individual involvement. Our past apathy has emboldened government officials and radical groups to push agenda that is opposed to normal American ideals, and we as individuals can correct that path by personal involvement. Vote to remove radical representatives, vote to seat a representative who lives your American ideals rather than speak about them, vote to ensure term limits, and vote only after you have done your homework so you can vote intelligently. Second, rid apathy by discussing your American goals with everyone, friends, family, co-workers, strangers, because an open discussion of America is what makes America great. Nothing is more powerful than the individual American voice so don’t be apathetic.
    Love your posts john michael


    1. Thank you Michael! I appreciate your insight and words of wisdom. Americans need to realize political parties don’t always have our best interests at heart. We need individuals that represent US, not their own or the parties agenda.


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