What you don’t know about Cops – Part 2

August 15, 2021

Good morning and happy Sunday my friends.  I hope you’re doing well; staying happy, healthy and enjoying life.  Remember, happiness is a daily choice.  It’s a decision I make as soon as I wake up and greet each new day.  I’m grateful for life and the opportunities the sunrise offers. It’s up to each of us to maintain our own happiness.  It’s doesn’t matter who you are, what you may or may not have.  Happiness doesn’t come from money, possessions or other people.  Yes, money can buy more stuff; but it won’t buy you happiness or peace of mind.  Happiness is a reflection of your attitude and state of mind.  It’s your decision, so use your energy wisely.  Be grateful for all you have, while you work every day to achieve your dreams.  Control your mind and actions.  Don’t allow negativity to creep into your thoughts.  You have the power to keep your ego in check.  Now is the time to greet each new sunrise with gratitude and happiness.  Thank God, and the universe, for another opportunity to do good, succeed and help others.  Don’t just exist; live a happy life.  Begin today by living in the present.  Learn from the past and move forward.  Make every moment count.  Nothing is guaranteed.   

A couple of weeks ago, my blog was titled, “What you don’t know about Cops.”  I want to share more on this subject, so here is Part Two.  My law enforcement career spanned nearly 34 years.  I spent over half my life (and the majority of my adult life) in law enforcement.  I’m sharing my, perceptions and opinions, regarding how Police Officers and Law Enforcement personnel are perceived by the people we serve, the world and you.  Compare your knowledge about my profession with my story.  We’ll see how it matches.  Learning, expanding your experience and knowledge is always good.  Knowledge is a powerful tool.  I always enjoy learning new things, exploring new ideas, places and cultures.  We never stop learning. 

I’m human (like most people on this planet); which means I’m far from perfect.  I was a perfectionist (or tried to be) for years; and it sucked!  Now I enjoy being normal me.  I laugh, cry, have feelings, emotions, passions and bleed.  The fact that distinguishes law enforcement officers from society; we risk our lives daily (sometimes sacrificing our own life), to protect you, our community or fellow officers.  Living life is all part of the process of being a real person.  Oh wait, we’re all human, we all make mistakes, have intellect, make our own decisions (good and bad) and none of us will ever be close to being perfect.  It’s best if you just drop your ego and be a real person.  Kindness and gratitude work wonders to bring happiness and love to the world. Most of the planet would like nothing better than to coexist; to live free and happy lives.  Unfortunately, there are some individuals that don’t respect the rights of others or share the thought of lawful order.  These vermin are thugs, criminals and the evil that keeps us all from living lives of peace and harmony.

When I was growing up, my parents taught me respect and equality for all people; regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality.  The hate and bias, that persists todays, seems to spread from a variety of sources.  Individuals, groups, social media, news sources, teachers, radicals and some politicians perpetuate this madness.  I’ve encountered and seen far too much destruction and death during my life (and career).  My trauma filled body craves joy and happiness.  My opinions about people are based on direct interactions with them (or established via reliable sources); not what social media or news networks want me to believe.  I’ve learned, through thousands of interactions and encounters, that the vast majority of people on this planet are good, hard working individuals.  When I refer to “people,” I mean all races of people.  I’ve enjoyed travel to foreign countries, meeting many amazing humans on our planet.  My consensus; there are many individuals with few possessions that live simple lives; and are among the most humble, happy and grateful humans out there.   

Conversely, there are evil individuals that exist among us and around the globe.  Trust me, I’ve dealt with them and the criminal element right here at home.  Many are heartless and ruthless; with no remorse, no compassion, no soul or just pure evil.  Crime and criminal activity, isn’t based on race, poverty, political or religious beliefs or affiliations.  Crime and criminals have existed on our planet for thousands of years.  There are individuals across our nation who don’t want to work, want everything handed to them (which our government tends to do) and then we have those involved in criminal activity.  There are millions of Americans who live below the poverty level.  Being poor doesn’t make you a bad person or a criminal.  Issues associated with the pandemic seemed to open the flood gates for all types of criminals, thieves and opportunists to pilfer our aid and assistance programs.  Even some big businesses scammed the system for money.  It’s sad when we have many who actually need assistance, but have so much difficulty receiving it.  Our veterans, small business owners, and other individuals (trampled on by the pandemic) need support and aid.    

Poverty, homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol addiction are not law enforcement issues (nor should they be).  Law enforcement personnel respond to situations when threats or unlawful order exist.  When violent behavior has been curtailed, police officers are often left to resolve associated social issues.  If a crime has been committed, that’s within an officer’s scope of duty.  It becomes a misuse of vital resources when officers take a role of therapist, counselor or mental health expert.  Why is this burden placed on our officers?  Outrage shouldn’t be directed at the police, especially when no one else is willing to take on the task.  Politicians, mayors, governors (and our president) are responsible for failed decisions, policies, rules and laws.  They should be held accountable for the biased and hypocritical decisions they enact.  They create and spread fear, division and hate; while social or economic issues remain unsolved or improved.  The Criminal Justice system is a prime example of a failing institution.  It is broken and in need of an extensive overhaul.  Criminals walk free, only to commit more crimes against humanity, while victims and society suffer.  When issues don’t directly impact our way of life, then many Americans don’t care to get involved.  That attitude needs to change.

There is no shortage of thugs and criminals spread across our planet.  They prey on the helpless, weak or anyone who stands between them and their criminal deeds.  They use force, fear and violence to create terror and anxiety among us.  These individuals aren’t willing to exist in a peaceful and harmonious society.  They aren’t interested in anything or anyone, but their own criminal sadistic pleasure.  Criminals are disgusting, hateful and despicable.  Individuals that perpetrate hateful activity against others should be dealt with accordingly.  In todays political climate, criminal behavior is applauded.  Criminals assault, rob, steal, abuse, sell drugs, murder and commit heinous crimes and atrocities.  Why do we allow this behavior to continue?  These individuals or groups, spread fear, hatred, division, separation and racism.  Some individuals use this to push or perpetrate their own agenda.  Power, wealth, greed and dominance have been sought after since the beginning of time.  Criminal activity ruins our cities, influences our youth, divides our people and creates tragedy and sorrow.  Law enforcement and police officers are the guardians of our society and safety.  We need them and they need our support, now, more than ever.

As an officer, it was easy for me to recognize the good and bad in society.  Evil has always used its influence to exert control over the good.  At the present time, evil influences are working to convince our population (and maybe the world) that law and order are bad. These despicable individuals want you to believe we don’t need law enforcement, rules, or the police.  The spikes in crime, around our nation, prove otherwise.  Politicians are changing their stance, as criminal activity continues to rage out of control.  This change is occurring because good people are demanding safety for all people in our streets, neighborhoods and cities.  The insane movement to defund police is a ludicrous political tool utilized by fools, interested in maintaining power and control, instead of caring for our people and nation.   

I believe in accountability, integrity and honesty (in all aspects of life).  If you violate laws, hurt others or go against the good of society; you should be subject to the consequences of your own actions.  We (each of us), are responsible for our decisions, actions and the outcomes associated with our deeds.  We each have free will, should know and understand the difference between right and wrong.  Our choices will determine our future.  If your actions adversely impact others, you are accountable for that outcome.  This simple rule should be the same for all professions and all people.  Rules, regulations, policies and laws are enacted to ensure all individuals do the right thing.  It’s sad corruption and evil influence so many aspects of life.  The majority of humans want to live peaceful and happy lives.   

There is more I want to share about my life in law enforcement.  In the coming weeks look for, “What you don’t know about cops, Part Three.”  I want to discuss the trauma I experienced during my career and how it affected me into retirement.  Many officers experience the sorrow, anxiety and stress associated with this profession.  Others may have difficulty dealing with the emotions and trauma related to these events.  Sadly, similar to our military, the loss of life to suicide continues to grow each year.  Remember, we’re all human.  Amidst the craziness, fear and anxiety in the world today, please stay positive, hopeful and grateful.  Together we can conquer evil.  We must work together for a better and happier life, for us all.  For now, stay healthy, happy and focused on living each new day.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

My sister’s birthday is coming up this week.  I want take this opportunity to wish her a blessed and beautiful day filled with love and happiness!  I Love You Sis!!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature.

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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