No bad days

September 26, 2021

Good morning friends.  Here we are, winding down the final five days of the month.  There are no bad days.  I begin each morning with happiness, positive vibes and love.  If anxiety, stress or sadness enters my space, I am ready and able to overcome difficult times with less effort.  Let’s face it, we all have negativity attempting to invade our lives.  The world is a crazy place.  Things happen in life that aren’t always pleasant.  It really comes down to how we deal with these events and defend ourselves.  Stay positive, maintain your focus and work each day to live your dreams.  This past weekend we shared the last days of summer 2021.  Fall officially began on Wednesday, September 22nd (for the Northern Hemisphere).  Autumn will appear, bringing changes in temperatures and colors to nature all around us.  It’s an absolutely spectacular time of year.  I’ll be experiencing the seasons on the east coast; in my new home.  I’m excited and looking forward too many new changes, adventures, sights, experiences, sharing, happiness and love.  Each new sunrise is a gift.  There is so much more life to live, emotions to feel, experiences to create, adventures to share, paths to travel, journeys to take and love to share.  Don’t waste your time or effort on issues or events out of your control.  Focus on self-care and being the best possible version of you.  Kindness, courtesy and respect speak to a person’s character.  Set the example for others to follow.  Be happy and love your life.    

I completed my cross country drive last Sunday.  Getting my truck from San Clemente California to Charleston South Carolina was quite the adventure.  Three and a half days, nine states, over 2500 miles; including sun, heat, humidity, clouds, rain and plenty of time to think.  If that wasn’t enough driving, several days earlier, I drove a rental truck for my daughter (and her boyfriend’s) move from Connecticut to Tennessee.   That was only about 800 miles, spread over two days and seven states.  Then I flew back to San Francisco, drove my truck to San Clemente the next day, before I headed east.  That added up to lots of days and thousands of miles behind the wheel.  I’d always assumed California drivers were the worst.  What I discovered on the road was something completely different.  There are bad, inconsiderate, disrespectful and dangerous drivers spread across our country.  The vehicles with New York and New Jersey license plates were by far the absolute worst.  This fact held true driving through their home states, and any other state I encountered these vehicles.  It seems in today’s world, drivers across this nation pay little attention to traffic laws, courtesy or respect for each other.  Everyone wants to be in front and will drive with reckless abandon to be first in line.  It’s a sad tribute to our country and the attitudes of nonsense to get nowhere fast.  I observed multiple accidents during these journeys.  That fact alone, leads me ask, “Why?”  Where are you going in such an unsafe and crazy hurry?  The answer for most is, “nowhere.”  Slow down and show some respect for others.  Common courtesy seems to have evaporated with the covid virus stupidity.  The antics of the last 19 months has created a disturbing trend in our society.  We need to fix this craziness and heal soon.

I was talking with a friend recently about trauma and healing.  My blog entered the topic of conversation.  I asked if she had seen it.  She said yes and asked, “Do you have any bad days?  You’re always so positive.”  The question caught me a bit off guard.  I can’t recall being asked that before.  I had to stop and think about it and what it meant.  My response was, “Sure, we all have days that can feel draining, emotional or filled with sorrow.”  I’ve experienced those feelings in my life.  I thought about it more, and added, “No, not really.”  Sure, I’m human and not every day is great.  There are days where events occur, many out of my control, that are horrible, sad and down right bad.  Typically, those days, I can do nothing about to change or alter.  The only thing I can do, is not let the negativity of those events drag me down the proverbial rabbit hole (so to speak).  For me, the difficult days may involve hurt, tragedy or death.  This is when you really must rely on your own self-discipline and determination to get you through to the other side.  This is the turning point for those who can bring themselves back together mentally, rather than sliding into the dark abyss of despair.  What I can control, is how I react to a situation (or any event that occurs in my life).  We each (all humans) share this trait.  We have the ability to be happy, sad or experience any emotion on this planet.  Let yourself feel the emotion, whether its happiness or sadness.  Just don’t get trapped by grief, fear, ego or silly attitudes.  Experience the emotions associated with the event.  Do what’s necessary for yourself and family and then move on.  Emotions are a pathway to bring us (our mind, body and spirit) back to center.   If I allow negativity, fear or anger to take hold during those times, nothing good comes of that.  This is where we have control.  The best part of life is waking up each morning and having the opportunity to live life.  It’s a gift, so don’t waste it.

Life doesn’t always go as planned.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad.  It’s both crazy and interesting, how unexpectedly or quickly life can change.  One day I was walking down a path of happiness, in love and seeing an amazing future. Then life changed.  God and the universe have a different plan and path for me to follow.  As much as it hurt, and wasn’t the best of days, life continues.  I couldn’t allow myself to sink further into despair.  I don’t know where my new path will lead, but I accept the change and am moving forward.  As I look back at life, and recent events, I realize how I continue to learn, evolve and grow.  I can’t change or alter the past.  I live here, in the present.  What I do here and now, will help determine what happens tomorrow.  A brighter future is ahead when you make the effort to be happy today. 

“Yes, I have days that aren’t great, but I’ve learned how to overcome them and bring me back to happiness.”  I wake greeting each new sunrise with gratitude and my process begins.  I thank God for life and another day on this planet.  I tell myself, “this is a great day!”  I’m alive and have more opportunities to live my dreams, share my thoughts and do good things.  I say my prayers, ask my Dad, a friend’s father and Cinnamon (our dog in Heaven) to watch over our families.  I get out of bed, stretch with yoga and meditation.  I have many things to be grateful and thankful for with each new day.  Yesterday was National Daughter’s Day!  I thank God every day for having an amazing and fantastic daughter.  How I live and achieve my dreams is totally on me.  My choice is to be positive and happy.  I’ve worked my entire life to achieve what I believe is important to me and my family.  There have been enlightening times throughout my life.  Changes in life continue to occur; bringing learning, experience and new knowledge.  I either learn and move forward or do the exact opposite.  It’s my decision.  I always go with gratitude and happiness.  We each possess this ability, to control out thoughts and actions.  We are the masters of our body; physically, mentally and spiritually.  Our attitude determines how our day will be.  You can respond in kindness or anger.  Your choice will determine how each day will be and what emotions you feel.  

Exercise, like running and working out, helps me release stress, while gaining healthy benefits.  Visiting nature helps me see the beauty and magnificence of the world.  Writing is my outlet and stress release for my mind.  It allows me the ability to take what’s floating around in my brain and put it on paper.  I find myself most creative and energetically driven in the morning.  I do wake up occasionally in the middle of the night with a thought flashing through my brain.  I’m typically compelled to reach for my lap top and begin to type.  I used to keep a pen and paper on my nightside, next to my bed (actually I still do), in case I wanted to write down a thought before it was lost during sleep.  Now I find it easier to just type and create the story, from that thought.  Sometimes that means less sleep, but most times it’s wonderful knowing that a new chapter has begun. 

When I began to dig deeper into me (what makes me do certain things or act a certain way), new revelations appeared.  The answer to many questions became more clear.  I recognized what made me the way I am (or was).   As I’ve become more aware about what makes John tick, I’ve become better at being what I want (not what I was).  In the realm of relationships, it was evident how I sabotaged certain aspects and why.  I am thankful to know more about me, my past and what caused these traits to develop.  Armed with the knowledge of my past and where I want to be today, has been a learning experience.  There are struggles in life.  We’ve all experienced our own versions, shared or alone.  What I see and have realized, is an internal push and pull to achieve balance within myself.  It’s the age-old dichotomy of Yin and Yang.  It’s an ancient symbol of balance and harmony.  It is perceived as two opposing forces, that seek balance in the universe.  Yin equals the earth, feminine, darkness, passive or absorption.  Yang equals heaven, masculine, light or active.  It’s not so much about good and bad or male and female.  They aren’t opposed, but work better together in harmony.  Utilize this balance and knowledge throughout life.  No fear as you flow through changes and uncertainty.  Trust the process.

I’m beginning a new life, adventure, taking a new path and so much more with my move to South Carolina.  It’s never too late to seek new adventure, dream new dreams, set new goals, take a new path, be creative, start over, explore new passions or say, “I Love You.”  Don’t wait!  If you are thinking about it, make it your reality.  Don’t ever say, “I can’t” or “it’s not possible.”  All you have to do is say, “Yes, I can.”  Just be you; but most of all believe in your own power, abilities and self-confidence.  I know you have the capabilities to achieve whatever you desire.  Work toward your dreams and live them daily.  Seek and maintain balance throughout life.  Live your life now, in the present and be happy.  Show your gratitude and kindness.   If you begin each new day with a happy heart, there are “no bad days.”  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Happy Birthday (this coming week) to my beautiful and amazing daughter!!   I love you Loads!!!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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