I need a vacation

October 3, 2021

Good morning friends.  I hope you are doing well.  It’s crazy to think this is the first Sunday of October.  The hours and days seem to be moving faster as we near the end of 2021.  While I’ve been engrossed in my cross country move, the world continues to spin.  There have been difficult times, sadness and death.  Along with all that, we’ve enjoyed some amazing and great times too!  The world and life just keep happening all around us.  This hasn’t changed since time and human activity on this planet began.  I have no intention to make light of sadness or death, but they are indeed facts of life.  We can’t change, alter or avoid these inevitabilities.  What we can change is how we view and process them when they occur.  When I change my attitude, I can change my life; making these incidents easier to bear.  I mourn for the family and friends I’ve lost over the years.  I keep their memories in my thoughts and their love forever in my heart.  What I’ve learned during my time on this earth; life is precious and valuable.  So many individuals waste their time on ego driven satisfactions.  These things provide limited entertainment, but nothing lasting or nourishing for your soul.  I much prefer to live my life doing what I love, while maintaining my gratitude for all things I’ve been blessed with.  Live a life full of experiences, adventures and love.  Life is too short not to fill your life with your dreams and passions.  Start today and watch your gratitude and happiness grow.

My thought for today; don’t be fearful, hesitant or deterred from living a happy and fulfilling life.  Don’t sit back thinking your situation or circumstances will change by themselves.  Yes, change occurs all the time, but if you aren’t working every day to achieve what you want, it won’t just happen.  You cannot be complacent, uninvolved or ego driven.  Negativity hinders us, and can derail many individuals’ efforts before they even begin.  I remember, at an early age, being so fearful in school.  This fear began somewhere in early elementary school and carried into the first years of high school.  I lacked self-confidence, but what held me back the most, was myself.  I was afraid to succeed, because I didn’t want to fail.  It might seem silly, but our mind works in crazy ways at times.  If it hadn’t of been for a strong and determined Dad, I’m not sure how my life would have ended up.  Lucky for me, he showed me how to enjoy being a boy, and allow myself to grow into manhood.  The 50’s and 60’s were a different time and thought process.  My childhood encompassed a time where boys didn’t cry, they treated females (and all adults) with respect and courtesy.  Boys (or men) never showed emotion.  Allowing your feelings and emotion to be seen by others was a sign of weakness.  Well my friends, I’m here to tell you that showing your emotions is one of the strongest parts of being a man.  If a male can balance his emotions with every other aspect of life, this guy has his stuff together.  That simple characteristic makes a man stronger than any others.  Strength comes in many forms, not just limited to physical power.  It can mean being disciplined, intelligent, spiritually balanced, mentally tough and emotionally strong.  When you open your heart and soul to the opportunities of experiencing life, the universe becomes a magically place.  I know this s true, because I’m living it right now.  So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself right about now, “What has all this got to do with “vacations”?”  Let me share and tie this story together for you.          

I was talking to a friend who had just returned from an amazing family vacation.  It seems like she is always going away, to someplace fun and exciting; almost monthly.  I haven’t been on a real vacation in a while and am a bit envious.  The entire covid thing put a stop to open travel for some time.  Sad.  Yes, I’ve been on the road a lot, flying across the country (even during the pandemic), but that’s been to visit my daughter, attending some family events and visiting friends.  Over the last five or six months, my primary focus has been spent searching for a new home.   Much of my travel has been fun, but it hasn’t been like a vacation.   My vision of a vacation includes: sharing time with someone you love, relaxing, sightseeing, laughing, playing, lounging, poolside fun, sunset cocktails, walking on the beach holding hands, hiking, sleeping in, great food and so much more!   Geez, just thinking about it brings back fabulous memories of some of the most amazing and wonderful vacations!  I definitely need more vacation time.

 So, my friend is a nurse.  She conveyed how, especially now during the covid madness, the stress from work has been particularly difficult.  Her work days are long, plus dealing with a family and home issues compound life and work related stress even more.   Her saving grace has been being able to take several days (or more) off to get away and de-stress.  This has been a life saver for her, and many others; physically, mentally and spiritually.  When we were discussing the circumstances surrounding this, it instantly all made perfect sense.  It reminded me of how important time away from work can be.  During my years in law enforcement, time off (especially vacation time away) was essential to my mental and physical health, as well as my general well-being.  There are careers that often don’t allow for emotions or feelings to be openly shared.  This is evident with law enforcement, first responders and the medical profession.  These is careers involve life and death decision making, and these individuals need to be 100% focused on their role during these crucial times.  The stress and anxiety associated with these types of careers can often be unbearable.  Too many days of dealing with critical issues, without taking the necessary time to decompress and release the stress, can lead to personal health issues or more serious complications.

When I began to write todays’ blog, it became evident that this is really more about self-care than anything.  Remember that all of our senses and bodily functions are tied together, working in unison to maintain our good health.  It is imperative for us to balance our physical, mental and spiritual health all of the time.  This means staying mindful about what’s occurring in your life; at home, on the job and in your off time.  Food, rest, exercise, nature, sunshine and hydration all play a role.  I have another friend, who lives abroad, but works for a US based company.  Making the adjustments for time zones, to complete jobs functions, means longer works hours and exhaustive days.  We were recently discussing vacations and the importance of time off.  Her career may not require life or death decisions, but her work is her livelihood and family support system.  She is working toward a goal of more job control and independence.  The balance of work and off time, again are an important factor for her health (physically, mentally and spiritually), just as much as it is for her family.  It’s interesting, how she’s relayed to me, that her children can recognize when she’s be working too much.  The stress associated with long hours or critical decision making take a hard tool on our bodies.  Time off (especially extended time or vacations) allows your body the time required to rest and de-stress.

Don’t ever be content to passively live your life or just go with the flow.  So many individuals are resistant to change, deterred by self-doubt or consumed with unnecessary fear created by others.  Please don’t be one of these people.  Life should be enjoyed; including what career you select and how you spend your free time.  The world is filled with fear and uncertainty, because so many want to control what you do, what you buy, how you spend your time or money.  These individuals do not care about you or your health.  They only care about how they can manipulate you to do what they want.  This, my friends, is not living, or enjoying life in a free society.  Get outside, enjoy nature and the abundance of the universe.  Take a vacation.  That’s my plan as soon as I can.  Travel, make experiences to share and adventures to remember.  Go learn about different cultures and places.  Meet new people, without fear.  Knowledge is power.  The more you know, the less fearful and more self-confident you will become.  Be grateful, kind and happy with each new sunrise.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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