Ragnar fun and me

October 17, 2021

Good morning friends.  I hope you are doing well, while staying healthy and happy.  We are already mid-way through the month and on our way to Halloween.  As you may know, if you read my blog last Sunday, my body was feeling a bit beat up.   I took last weekend off, to give my body a rest.  The relaxing days worked their magic, as by Sunday evening I could feel myself bouncing back.  Rejuvenation is an amazing feeling.  Some friends reached out during the day, Sunday, to check in.  I wasn’t expecting that, and definitely wasn’t looking for any sympathy.  What I learned is, there are many people out there who care.  Even if I didn’t hear from you, I know I have many more friends and family who are amazing and fabulous individuals who support me, and others, as I do them.  On top of that, there are millions more people in our world that are good, hard working, caring individuals across this planet.  They care about one another, do the right thing every day and truly love and cherish life.  I also received valuable information from several parts of the world.  There are still many people in various forms of lockdown and confinements from virus related mandates.  Entire nations remain isolated due to restrictions and decisions from skewed leadership. 

I spent this last week preparing to run a Ragnar trail race in Texas.  It occurred to me, while I was packing, how many are still struggling across our nation and the world.  What is going on with our planet today?  My thoughts on this subject are not about if you are for or against anything.  I’m simply sharing my thoughts on freedom, as both individuals and country.  I’m not here to tell you what to do.  The beauty of freedom, is the ability to make your own decisions.  I do not believe politicians have the right to tell me what I should or should not do with my own body.  Today, it seems elected leaders believe they can impose their will onto the nation; limiting freedom, rights and our personal choices and decisions.  Governors of states continue their tyrannical rule with lockdowns, mandates and closures.  People are losing their jobs because they refuse to get an injection.  The virus fears are hyped by social media, news outlets and big business, (who continue to profit from the insanity).  Countries across our planet are still closed to outside travelers.  Do our national leaders, or local elected individuals, have the knowledge, skill or right to do this?  Their flawed policies continue to ruin businesses and people lives.  Our economy has been on a downhill slide since the new administration seized power.  The voice and authority, of America as a world power, diminishes daily.  Where are the outspoken leaders, with new and innovative ideas to guide our nation?  Is there anyone out there willing to stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”  I find it difficult to believe all politicians are just political puppets collecting large salaries for sitting around being “yes men” while our nation crumbles.  When elected leaders begin making decisions that affect entire populations, without the consent of the people they represent, freedom and democracy cease to exist.  The land eventually becomes like a dictatorship, with little or no freedom.  If you want proof or an example of how this occurs, look at Hong Kong, Cuba, North Korea or China.  Is America headed this way?

I’m not disputing the fact that there have been thousands of hospitalizations and deaths attributed to the virus.  The problem is, fear is being used as a weapon to create compliance, while the facts and statistics don’t support that rationale.  Like with other subversive things in life, many people have swallowed the “Kool-aide,” believing the virus is a global killer and the injection a saving power.  This shot doesn’t seem to offer any more protection than an average flu shot (which is still only about 50% effective).  Apparently, individuals who receive the covid shot can still contract and spread the virus.  The manipulation of millions of people here, and billions more across the planet, continues to occur.  The American economy is in serious need of repair.  Our own president continues to struggle to find a solution, or have a viable thought of his own.  He has no new ideas or solutions, only old worn out policies from the past.  The government has been handing out so much “free” money, that people don’t want to go back to work.  Businesses are struggling to hire workers.  Now we have thousands of essential workers being fired (or the threat of termination) for not receiving a covid injection.  Medical professionals, teachers, civil service employees, airline workers and many others are being treated like the plague.  Respected and valued individuals are being tossed aside like trash.  Months ago, we were heralding these individuals for their care, compassion and dedication during difficult days.  Last Sunday, with the threat of firings looming, a certain airline experienced issues with delayed and canceled flights.  I seriously doubt weather was the issue.  How this nation expects to survive, by forcing its misguided ideology onto the entire population (and the world) is ludicrous.  I pray that someone in our political leadership has the courage to stand up and address need for logical change.  I know many of us are thinking similar thoughts, you may just be afraid to say it.  What is happening in our nation (and around the globe), is truly frightening and sad.  The mandate madness, manipulation, control and fear need to stop.  I thrive and tout good health, but not at the cost of individuals rights and freedom; especially when left in the hands of power hungry fools.  Wake up America and world.  Educate yourself on the truth. 

I’m tired of virus and vaccine mandates; not to mention the antics of the uninformed.  I just want to live a peaceful life in freedom and happiness.  Running has been my fabulous outlet of relief for many years.  As far as my body is concerned, my energy level rose to the occasion for the Ragnar race.  Over the last several weeks, I didn’t follow my own advice of self-care.  I pushed myself (mostly my physical body) to its daily limit.  I wanted to get unpacked and settled as quickly as possible in my new home.  Sleep, diet, rest, sunshine and nature weren’t being nurtured, so physical fatigue began to take hold.  When your body begins to break down physically, your mental abilities will being to fade as well.  These deficits can often lead to accidents; like stumbling, tripping, dropping or worse.  What I learned is that I always need to stay mindful to what my body is telling me.  It might begin with tiny indicators.  If you don’t recognize them, then it will send larger messages (that typically shouldn’t be missed).  It took a large dose of “hurt” to realize I needed to back off.  Once I took a couple days off to rest and relax, my body responded accordingly.

I flew to Texas, to join friends for the Ragnar Trail Race (Friday and Saturday).  It was about 36 hours of relay running fun.  The rainy days preceding the event didn’t dampen my Lone Star adventure.  Ragnar events have always produced plenty of comradery, outdoor fun and lots of exercise.  My body, mind and spirit crave and enjoy activity.  It brings solace to my soul; while providing calm to my mind and physical benefits to my body.  I’ll be happy to head home and add some additional recovery time.  By next weekend I’ll be ready to continue my new adventures down south.  There’s lots more for me to do; excitement to have, adventures to explore, life to live, messages to share and love to give.  No matter what your current opinion may be on the virus, vaccine or political leaders; please always seek the truth.  Don’t believe everything you read or see on social media, news sources, the internet or from friends.  It’s easy to find truthful sources when you take time to search.  Knowledge is power.  You are never too old to dream new dreams, seek new adventures or show your kindness and love.  We, as individuals, possess our own dreams, passions and goals.  It’s not a “one size fits all” thing.  Be the best possible version of you.  Health and wellness need your mindfulness and consistent balancing to work properly.  Maintain your body; physically, mentally and spiritually, and live a happy life.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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