You can’t plan spontaneity

November 14, 2021

Good morning friends.  I hope you are all doing well and staying happy and healthy.  Here we are, it’s already the middle of the month.  This past week we celebrated two very special events.  Both dates were for, and in honor of our military.  The first event was November 10th, celebrating the 246th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  I have the honor of knowing and working with many of these outstanding men and women over the years.  My USMC family members, friends and co-workers are among the absolute finest people I know.  Happy Birthday!  The second date of significance was Veteran’s Day, November 11th.  Thanking the members of our military (past and present) for their dedication, service, sacrifice and protection of our nation is my privilege and honor.  I always enjoyed spending this day with my father; to honor him and his service to our country.  He served in the United Sates Army during both World War II and the Korean War.  I know he enjoyed our time together on this holiday.  It was our special day.  I supplied the fresh pastries (bear claws were his favorite) and coffee.  We shared stories of life; past and present.  I think we both enjoyed it, even more than his birthday or other holidays, because it was just the two of us.  We talked about his military service, me, us and just life.  I miss this day with him.  I’m grateful to have so many wonderful memories of our years together.  Our nation is filled with many more incredible men and women who served our nation, keeping us all safe.  We are fortunate and blessed to live in a country with so many loyal and incredible members of our armed forces.  These patriotic individuals are truly our protectors.  American is the land of the free because of the brave.  Please do your part every day to maintain our freedom, independence and unique way of life.  I want to ensure its splendor is retained so my daughter, family and friends (and everyone) can enjoy these privileges for generations to come.     

I have two additional anniversaries, of my own, to share with you today.  This coming week marks my two-year anniversary since I began writing this blog.  My first post of hit the internet air waves on November 17, 2019.  I’ve experienced many changes in my life since that date.  Good, and some challenging, events have reshaped my life and direction.  The occurrences during these last two years, not only for me, but for the entire population of this planet, have altered life.  Changes continue to occur in various ways, shapes and forms.  Change is the only constant in our ever-evolving world.  It continues, with or without our approval.  In some cases, it occurs without our knowledge.  Changes just happen, and when they do we either adjust with them in a positive manner or resist.  Hopefully you have learned you can’t control or alter it.  It’s best to blend with the changes and grow with them.  How you process these alterations of life is what’s most important, and extremely valuable to your health; mentally, physically and spiritually.  I learned it’s best to stop resisting, fighting or refusing to change.  I welcome change with open arms and an open heart.  My minor attitude adjustments, now allow me to enjoy peace and harmony in my life.  Opening yourself to the possibilities of the universe is quite a freeing experience.  When you change your thoughts, you can change the world.  I know this is true, because I’ve changed my world.

My second anniversary this coming week; ironically is on November 17th.  On this date 41years ago, I was sworn in as a Los Angeles Police Officer.  My career with the LAPD changed my life, attitude and perspective multiple times during my nearly 34 years with the department.  It altered my life, battered, bruised me and left some scares.  I’m happy and fortunate to come out in one piece.  Some mind and body work, after retirement, blessed me with a new outlook and attitude toward life and people.  The rigors of the job and outlandish expectations of society trashed my soul and crushed my spirit.  The love and support of my daughter, family and one amazing woman provided the insight and guidance to help me heal.  I sympathize with law enforcement officers across our land and the world.  Their jobs, duties, expectations and ability to perform their duties have been radically altered.  Some politicians, leaders and media continue to criticize them, defunded departments and remove support.  Morale may have been reduced, but our officers will and desire to protect the people of our nation has not failed.  I know the vast majority of Americans (including myself), support law enforcement officers everywhere.  The good people on this planet know without law and order, society, our way of life and our nation, as we love it, would crumble and be doomed without it.  Please support and thank our police, law enforcement and military personnel at every opportunity.  They need our assistance, kindness and positive energy.  Let’s work together to maintain a safe and free society.    

The changes I’ve experienced in my life, during the past seven years of retirement, have created an encompassing variety of development and self-growth.  In the past I attempted to “control” nearly every aspect of my life for many years.  Some of my personality traits can be attributed to a childhood with a controlling mother.  The remainder of my issues were formed as a protective mechanism during my law enforcement career.  Emotions, passions, activities, creativity and love weren’t necessarily felt or experienced, but often planned, withheld or controlled.  Luckily, I met a special woman who showed me, you can’t plan spontaneity, passion or happiness.  I discovered I didn’t always need a plan.  It really is fabulous to let go and just experience each moment as it happens; instead or attempting to alter an event or outcome.  Life is best experienced when you open yourself, trust the universe and just breathe.  The adventure of life is a fabulous, yet brief, encounter filled with emotions, adventure, passion and love (if you allow it).  Happiness is yours free for the taking.  There is no special key or mystery to solve.  Just be happy! 

My journey through yoga brought new insight and clarity to my soul.  In early 2018 I visited Bali, and completed my Yoga Teacher Training (200 hour certification).  After returning home, I lead therapeutic yoga at a local studio.  These sessions provided personal satisfaction.  The best experience of my life was volunteering at a senior apartment and memory care facility.  It was an honor to lead residents in chair yoga.  The residents who attended were grateful and appreciative every week.  They often asked the same questions and I was always happy to provide answers.  I prepared a new plan of postures each week, but was always open to the spontaneity of the day.  This experience was rewarding, fascinating and fun for so many reasons.  Their kind hearts and gratitude will always be in my heart.  My exploration continued, becoming a Reiki practitioner, a blog writer and a man with a heart open to the universe. 

The past several years have been filled with change, transition and personnel development.  My personal grown, hopefully becoming wiser in the process, has helped make me a better man.  This year included my move from the west to east coast, just two months ago.  I no longer want to “control” or manipulate my life or love (or anyone else’s).  I enjoy being free flowing and spontaneous to what the universe brings.  When we (especially me), try to control life, we just end up ruining various aspect of should be a fabulous journey.  I still enjoy planning trips and adventures, but now I’m more present, adventurous and open to what will happen when the time is right.  I don’t need every detail of my journey or life mapped out.  It’s amazing and wonderful just living today in the present and enjoying it as it unfolds.  The thrill of life is being open to the universe and trusting it will deliver you to where you need to be.  The adventure of life only comes once.  Don’t waste any moment of this limited time opportunity to share happiness and love.  Take the time to enjoy every passion filled minute.  Let the spark of love ignite your soul.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Today is an exciting day for me, as I have more news to share.  I plan to launch two new sites, both tied together via Word Press and Instagram.  Both new profiles will be open to everyone.  The content will be positive, uplifting and informative.  I have been formulating this idea for the last few years.  I was hesitant and fearful to take that step and push the launch button.  Now I have the strength and courage to pull the trigger.  No fear!  It’s only another part of this amazing adventure called life!  I want to be able to touch more people and let them know they aren’t alone.  There are many individuals, like me, who struggle from time to time with various aspects of life.  Let’s face it, we all encounter struggles at various points in life.  It’s just the nature of living.  If you don’t grapple with any issues then you must be perfect.  We all know real “perfection” is a myth and doesn’t exist.  My advice, lets drop our ego and live in the present with gratitude.  Hopefully you’ll find value in what I share on all these sites.  My intention is to assist you in moving forward each new day.  We’ve made it this far already.  There is only one thing standing in the way of your individual goals, dreams or successes.  It’s you.  Be stronger than your own mind.  I know we each possess the power to accomplish whatever we desire.  An amazing new chapter of life is coming.   I want to be here until the very end, enjoying each and every new moment of this incredible journey.  I’ll let you know in the coming weeks when the two new sites go live!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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