Fear or Perfect Not Required

December 12, 2021

Good morning and happy Sunday my friends.  We’re nearly at the middle of the month, not to mention only two weeks until Christmas.  I’m not quite sure how we reached this time of year already, but here we are!  2020 felt like it dragged on forever, while 2021 seemed to do the exact opposite.  This year has flown by at break neck speed!  As we travel into the Christmas Holiday and New Year, I’m hoping (plus it’s part of my plan), to slow life and time down a bit.  I know I can’t physically “slow time.”  My intention is be more mindful of how I spend my days.  Instead of being in hurry, or rushing, to get from point A to point B and back again, I want to take my time and enjoy my journey.  Life moves fast enough, without us increasing the speed.  The more we attempt to increase our pace, the more anxiety and stress we add to our lives.  My advice; set aside time every day to relax, exercise or enjoy nature.  If you can incorporate a bit of all three into your daily routine, that would be fabulous.  Put down your cell phone and enjoy the company of the people you love.  Spend more time relaxing with your family and friends.  Conversation is becoming a lost art.  Talk to people instead of texting.  It will make them smile when they hear your voice.  Spoken words can bring comfort, joy and happiness too.  Be sure to make time for yourself.  Read a book, go for a walk or just do things that bring your mind, body or spirit inner peace.  Trust me, if you take time to do any of these activities a little every day, you’ll soon see changes in how you feel and think.  Give it a try and appreciate life.

What makes us so fearful?  Is it a fear of life or the perfection we seek?  I have been fearful of making mistakes most of my life.   I never wanted to fail at anything, although I often did because I tried so hard to make everything perfect.  My saga began as a kid, trying to do my best to please my Mom.  My father, on the other hand, knew what the world was really like through his life experience.  He began working at a young age, living through the Great Depression, then off to war and returning home to start a family.  He understood the imperfections of life.  Looking back on my childhood, it’s easy to recognize my Mom didn’t have the same first hand life experience like my Dad.  My mom was the youngest of ten kids.  She grew up being controlled by her much older adult siblings.  I believe when she became a parent, most of her decision making came out of fear.  She was sacred of many things, and thus controlled most all of the activities my sister and I were allowed to do.  She wanted to have everything just as perfect as it had been demanded of her as a child.  If it hadn’t been for our Dad intervening, our childhood and adolescence would have been dreadful.

As her life and our history become clearer, my heart breaks for her, then and now.  The puzzle pieces seem to fit together for me, as I examined my past.  It explained why I’ve lived in this state of a “controlled” life for so many years.  I wish I could have made this distinction much sooner, as I believe my life would have been much different.  I wasted so much time trying to manipulate life into what I thought it should be, instead of accepting it for the messy business it is.  Life, like all human beings, will never be perfect.  The world and living life are full of events, situations or incidents that can take you down instantly or bring you to bliss in a heartbeat.  I’d much rather live in bliss and harmony, but the downs are needed to help build our strengths and character.  I don’t live my life in the past or stress over it any longer.  Agonizing over the past won’t change what happened or who I was back then.  I can only do my best to learn from my mistakes and be a better version of me here in the present.  Our time, right now, is where the excitement of life is happening.  Don’t miss out!

It took me far too long to break the “perfection” habit.  It had been ingrained in me from an early age.  I still fight that demon every so often, but now I have the knowledge to defeat it.  I enjoy doing the best I can and working hard to achieve success.  The feeling of satisfaction is wonderful, without the worry of everything being perfect.  I realize life isn’t flawless or real without mistakes.  There’s no need to try to control or manipulate it, because it won’t help and often just makes life more difficult.  Luckily, I understand myself better today, and much better than I have in many years.  I’m free to live without this evil obsession.  Discipline, determination and patience are my new mantras.  Fear and perfection created some messy storms within my life and relationships.  I am looking forward to working beyond those patterns of defeat and find love again.  I lost some amazing relationships and a true love because of my attitude and deeply embedded resistance to change.  My ego and internal struggles were embedded with false beliefs from the past.  The difficulty or willingness to open myself fully and lack of communication in relationships didn’t help either.  As I’ve evolved and become more aware of “me” and who I am, I’m hopeful for new begins in my life.  Even the messes of life can be productive when we resolve them with understanding, kindness and love.   When we learn from our past, it assists us in growing into our future.

Why do we fear so much of life around us?  Why is the illusion of perfection used to manipulate how we visualize the world and ourselves?  The simple answer is control.  Manufacturers, businesses, media outlets and people often use our looks or appearance to manipulate us into believing we are inferior.  They use this like propaganda to sell products, services or gain an advantage over us.  Friends, don’t believe this madness. Politicians use these tactics to establish tighter control and constraints over us as well.  We (all humans) are each equally unique and perfect individuals in our own way.  That’s just how we were created.  Becoming a victim or prey to believing anything different is simply crazy.  We all come with a past; our own struggles, issues, notions, personalities and fears.  I doubt any of us are immune from the anxiety or tensions created by life.  I’m sure some of you have learned how to navigate these difficulties quickly.  I wish I could have been so fortunate, but I’m finally there.  Now is my time to shine bright.

The negative stresses and ungodly devices we place upon our own body, can impact our health, be self-destructive and can definitely create undesirable effects.  Too often, what we visualize as “perfect,” is the illusion manufactured by society, big business or creative marketing skills.  All of these manipulations are for the profit of others.  Life, our planet and human beings, are far from perfect, but hopefully always a work in progress.  What we see as “perfection” is a result of our mental attitude, beliefs and desires.  The people, places and things we see as perfect, others may not.  What matters the most is what you believe to be true.  Love, passion, happiness and bliss bring me the most perfect emotions and feelings I have ever experienced.  They contain the magic of the universe.  We are all beings and part of this grand system of life.  My best advice; be happy and grateful with who you are every day.  Life continues with each new sunrise.  We are each blessed with unique talents, skills and abilities.  Always reach for the stars and work hard to achieve your dreams and passions.  Each day is a gift not to be squandered or wasted.  Remember, “perfection” isn’t possible on this earth.  What you decide is perfect, if you believe, is in your own power, significance and magic.  Making mistakes and learning is human.  Fear or perfection aren’t required.  

I am no longer fearful to live a life full of happiness, gratitude, humility and love.  My heart and soul are open to the Universe and whatever it brings my way.  I let go on my control and just want to be me.  I’m far from perfect, but happy for each new sunrise and the opportunity to live my dreams.  It’s time for us all to break the restraints that hold us at bay.  The fear in your mind can be dismissed.  Believe in your power and live a life of freedom.  Allow the magic of life to propel you forward into the future.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

I want to take this opportunity to send safe travel wishes and positive vibes to very special friends.  They will be traveling across the country this week.  I made that drive a few months ago, and I have a fairly good idea what’s in store for them.  2,500+ miles of open road, big rigs, excitement, boredom, adventure and tired bodies.  You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers this week.  May your roads be smooth, your days filled with sunshine, your adventures fun and your rewards magnificent.  Be careful and drive safe!  Enjoy the experience!  Sending positive energy and lots of love you both and Max too!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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