The Power of Positivity

December 19, 2021

Good morning my friends.  Christmas is less than a week away.  I’m not trying to jump ahead by any means.  Time passes much too quickly without me speeding it up.  The fact is, I’m doing my best to slow the days down as much as humanly possible.  I hope you each do all you can to be present, while living and enjoying each moment leading up to the holidays.  Don’t get caught up or consumed by the holiday rush.  It’s a sacred and beautiful time of year.  Don’t waste it on negativity, stuff or ego foolishness.  Take time to thank the many brave and dedicated men and women of our military, law enforcement, first responders and others, who will be (and have been) working hard throughout the year and holidays.  I know from experience how difficult these careers can be, because I use to be one of them.  There is also a segment of the population who will be dealing with struggles and sadness that come with the season.  Be compassionate and kind to everyone (including yourself).  Live every day with mindfulness and gratitude.  Life is a gift.  It’s better than any Christmas gift you could ever receive.  Cherish your days; filling them with happiness, experiences, adventures and memories with those you love.  

The past several weeks has yielded conflict, turbulence and disasters across our tiny planet.  Nations, politicians and populations are at odds.  Devastating cataclysms have wreaked havoc. Countries struggle with turmoil; for power, supremacy or control.  Political leaders push the limits of their own brand of manipulation.  Populations across the planet continue to fight against unseen circumstances and elusive foes (including a virus).  The vast majority of people on earth want to live in peace and freedom.  Politics, leaders and opponents (worldwide) seem to only contribute to the problems and fear.  Their agendas seem to take precedent over what’s best for the people.  We endure the chaos and suffer the consequences of their actions.  Life has enough hardship and sorrow, without being subjected to games of world domination.  It’s time to enjoy life, minus the mandates of the power hungry.  Bring the power of positivity to yourself and all humanity.  It’s time to regain control of our lives.       

The Holidays have the ability to create a new dimension to the word “struggles.”  We all deal with issues of various sizes, shapes and complexities throughout the year (and during life).  This time of year, can add more emphasis or sadness to the season.  Events that occur during these months always seem to stay with us.  My Dad passed away eight years ago.  I miss him daily, but when December arrives, it brings me back to that day.  The hurt becomes a little less with each passing year, but the trauma and sadness always remain.  The connection to the holidays, coincides with the end of the year and beginning of a new one.  This month should be filled with joy and happiness, yet it holds much more significance for the sorrow associated with it.  Great memories keep me positive and happy.  I may not have the ability to start over from the beginning, but it’s never too late to start again.  I learn from my past and move forward with a better understanding of myself and my actions.  Make the effort to change your attitude and be a better human.  Start now and move toward a brilliant future.  Make the choice for yourself, it’s a simple decision, that will yield amazing results.

A friend recently offered some insight to my writing.  The synopsis of the observations included, I was a bit too positive and the world isn’t always a happy place.  They suggested I be rawer and more open with sharing my experiences and life.  I agree that life isn’t always easy or happy.  At this stage in my life, I can never be too positive or happy!  It’s never been easy for me to fully open myself or my heart up to others.  Bearing my soul and emotions is difficult at best.  During the past several years, my life has become more of an open book.  Now, as my life has progressed and trauma has healed, I do my best to share my feelings, experiences and thoughts.  Detailing some of these events onto written pages remains a challenge.   Life isn’t always as easy or simple as I’d prefer.  I believe I’ve grown and evolved so much over the past seven years (since retiring).  The last several years have brought remarkable insight into my world.  Writing this blog helped create an avenue for my self-expression.  Yes, there have struggles along my path.  Each has provided new knowledge and understanding too.  I’ve been a work in progress for many years.  It’s much easier for individuals to talk about changing, rather than actually doing it.  As I’ve worked on myself (including professional guidance), my heart and soul have opened more each day.  I am still guarded and hesitant at times, especially regarding specific events.  My struggles, how I grew from these experiences and continue to move forward, become easier to discuss and detail as I gain comfort and confidence.  My changes have been real, enlightening and positive.

It’s no secret that we all struggle from time to time.  Life isn’t perfect and can be messy.  The experiences or situations some deal with, can be more severe than others.  We typically share similar types of sorrow or trauma throughout our lives.  The difference that separates us is in how we are each equipped to deal with these events as they present themselves.  Some are less prepared due to their physical, mental or spiritual readiness.  The more time spent attempting to resolve incidents, can create more suffering.  I believe we each possess the power to work through any obstacle.  Over the decades; fear, indoctrination and manipulation, by negative forces have created more anxiety and indecisiveness within many people.  Critical outside influences have the ability to create havoc with our lives and coping mechanisms.  Fear has the ability to limit or stop our forward progress.  Being fearful has debilitating effects on our life, especially if we allow it to invade our mind.  If we don’t control our mind, it will control us.  Self-confidence, motivation, drive, discipline and determination can assist us to overcome fear and reach for our dreams. 

My positive attitude doesn’t mean my life is perfect.  God knows I’m about as close to perfection as the rest of the planet (which isn’t close at all).  I deal with negativity and life issues on this spinning rock, just like everyone else.  It took me some time to learn how important being positive was and what it meant for my mental, physical and spiritual health.  When I realized I could be mentally tough, my attitude and life changed.  I was able to rid my mind of fear.  This allowed my self-confidence and personal drive to grow.  Discipline and determination to achieve my dreams became my reality.  The positive state of mind, I display daily, has been my attitude adjustment.  It keeps me moving forward each day and grateful for all I have on this planet.  Life really is a blessing.  It may not always be easy, but when I understand it and myself, I increase my happiness.  Take some time to slow yourself down.  Recognize the good and evils of the world, and their complexities.  When you understand yourself and what life offers, happiness might not be that complex at all.  

Life (especially during the Holidays), can be filled with a vast array of experiences and emotions I hold dear in my heart.  Some of these experiences are among the most amazing and beautiful of my life.  Conversely, there are events throughout my life that aren’t so great or happy. These memories that cause pain and heartache, if I allow it.  My best memories are filled with people I love; including events and places I’ve visited with special individuals.  I miss many things in life.  My Dad is at the top of that list.  I miss true love and the woman that showed me how easy falling in love again could be (with the right person).  I miss moments in time that hold significance and importance in my life.  I don’t live in my past, but I cherish the memories that are forever etched into my brain.  I can’t change past events or circumstances, but I can be a better human as I live here in the present.  

I’m excited to keep expressing my views, including those on positivity and happiness. These sources of joy are created within each of us.  If you haven’t made that choice, it’s time for an attitude adjustment within yourself.  I only have one life and it’s here in the present.  My intention is to spread as many positive vibes as possible.  I live each day; not dwelling on the past or worrying what the future may bring.  Humans often place so much undo pressure and stress upon themselves to excel and succeed.  All that anxiety just creates added negativity.  We worry about; what was, what could have been, or what will happen; instead of focusing our undivided attention on life in the here and now.  We can’t alter the past.  The future is yet to be determined.  My best advice; balance your life on today.  Work daily to live your dreams and desires, while maintaining a healthy and happy life style.  Gratitude and a positive mental outlook are my keys to happiness.  God and the universe will attend to the rest.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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