Power and Greed

February 27, 2022

Good morning and happy Sunday my friends.  I hope you are all doing well.  How’s it already the last Sunday of February?  Tomorrow will be the last day of the month.  It’s crazy how quickly the first two months of 2022 have flown by.  As much as I try to slow time down, it seems to keep speeding up.  I realize I have no control over time, space or many other things.  I do my best to live in the present; enjoying each day of life.  I hope you’re making time for self-care and love every day.  Don’t wait for the proverbial “someday” to come along.  The last time I checked, there were only seven days in the week and someday wasn’t one of them.  Get outside; breath, bask in the sunshine (vitamin D), enjoy the beauty and splendor of nature!  Work hard each day to live your dreams and reach for your passions.  Time won’t be slowing down, for any of us, so don’t wait.  Share your love and happiness with your family and friends.  Cherish them and every precious moment of life.

When I started writing my blog, over two years ago, it began as an idea to spread my thoughts about health and wellness.  My intention was to share what I had learned and experienced during my life; including the good, bad and everything in between.  I never intended to write about politics or world issues.  I’d much rather be sharing my life experience and thoughts with you on how to guide you to a healthy, happy and positive state of living.  I wanted my words to assist you in understanding, or learning, how to better maintain your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in new or different ways.  Here I am, getting involved in critical issues facing our planet.  It’s time for me to take a stand and voice what I believe to be right.  I am fortunate to live in a great country; where we enjoy many freedoms.  I’m grateful for each new sunrise.  I live in a nation where I am free to share my thoughts and beliefs.  There have always been unscrupulous individuals in our world who seek to manipulate or control others.  These radical bullies use force and fear to exert their influence over people and nations.  If no one stands between them and what they seek, or if we allow them to gain this power, they will continue to further their dominance over everyone.

Waking up to the news that Russia invaded the Ukraine, Thursday morning, made me sick.  No, I don’t want to see our nation in another conflict or war.   No, I don’t want the men and women of our military put into harm’s way to protect others.  Neither do I want to see any nation being invaded because some fool wants to further his own wealth and power.  Putin is a bully; whose only intention is to dominate the world.  He isn’t interested in peace, harmony or freedom.  His motivation is greed and power.  My question to you, my friends; when do you stand up to bullies, whose sole interest is dominance and control.  When do we band together to put knock these idiots off the pedestal they have placed themselves on.  We allow this nonsense to occur daily here at home; in families, schools, relationships, workplace and society in general.  This behavior is inexcusable, disgusting and wrong; yet we allow it to occur.  Are we afraid we might upset someone because we say, “No! I won’t allow or stand for this treatment, to me or anyone else.”  Standing up for what is right really is really a simple process.  It takes courage and fortitude to stand up to a bully and for what is right.  What will you do when the bully’s standing at your door?  

Now this egregious behavior is happening in the Ukraine.  We are facing another world crisis in every sense of the word.  Putin is nothing more than a greedy deranged power-hungry thug.  He is using the strength of his military to exert power and control over a free and sovereign nation.  The Ukrainian people have been living in peace and freedom, since they were able to break free from the Soviet Union years ago.  Take a few minutes from your busy day and educate yourself on the history of the Ukraine.  It began as a free country, until it was invaded and brought into Russia (later becoming the Soviet Union).  The best part of this history is when the USSR dissolved in 1991 and the Ukrainian people achieved their independence and freedom.  I’ve seen several uninformed statements on social media on the subject.  Why anyone would think or make ridiculous statements baffles me.  It’s like saying, “It’s okay for Mexico to invade the US and take back Arizona, New Mexico and California. They were part of Mexico before.”  Maybe you don’t care, because this invasion is happening on the other side of the globe.  World Wars began under similar circumstances.  We’ve allowed bullies to use their nations as implements of dominance and control.  These individuals sought to spread their power beyond the confines of their borders; into surrounding free nations.  Where do we draw the line and say enough is enough?  Is it one country, or is it until they are at our border ready to invade?  This is the time for us to unite against this aggression and demand our leaders to stop this action. 

I don’t pretend to have all the answers or solutions, to the problems our world or our own nation is facing.  What I do know, the freedom of our world will not last much longer if we remain apathetic in these matters.  Never be fearful to stand up for what is right.  There are millions of people, thinking the same thoughts and wanting the same resolutions to the problems at hand.  Here’s some interesting information.  This is no secret, just look for it.  Russia supplies many European nations with oil and gas.  Many of the pipelines that carry these fuels run through the Ukraine.  This is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and I can see why Putin wants to control it.  The sad part of this story is why our political leadership (our president and his buddies) are allowing these atrocities to occur.  America (our government) continues to purchase oil from Russia; approximately 22 million barrels per month.  This accounts for about 7 or 8% of our oil use.  You may ask yourself, “why are we buying oil from a dictator invading a sovereign nation?”  The answer may be that our president has a hidden agenda to maintain his Green New Deal proposal by lowering our own oil production.  This would also explain why he cut the Keystone Pipeline project.  Our weak leadership only serves to influence others to remain subdued and uninvolved.  They have chosen to protect their investments and environmental deals instead of lives.  Our president’s response to the attack are “sanctions.”  During a news conference, he said the sanctions would take time (months) and we must remain “resolved.”  They have done little to nothing to protect and save the innocent people of the Ukraine who are being murdered in the Russian assault.  The lives, homes, cities and nation of a beautiful country are being crushed by Putin’s military.  How long do we, or our nation, remain uninvolved to act?  Please don’t wait until it’s too late for us all.

I’d rather be writing about happier topics.  I needed to share my thoughts about this situation, as much as the healthy and happy thoughts I love.  We live in a scary world and ever-increasing dangerous times.  The fear and dangers are real; while the consequences are significant.  We are in an age when the powerful only seek to increase their dominance and control.  The only way we can deter these actions is by standing together.  Show your courage and strength, by standing tall, united as one people.  A unified group against the atrocities of bullies is stronger and more powerful than the evil these individuals represent.  I trust in God and pray He is watching over our universe.  Stand up for what you believe, even if it means standing alone.  Every human on this planet deserves to live in a peaceful and free society.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.   

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

Published by lapd22695

My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

One thought on “Power and Greed

  1. Germany chose to close their Nuclear power plants and depend on Russian natural gas pipeline. Trump was right to call Germany out. Let’s see if Germany calls Russia out. Putin can shut off their gas and freeze German families during winter. Trump was also right to make us energy independent. Russia needs to sell energy. When Biden shut down the pipelines and took back the drilling permits, Russia got rich…so rich that he decided to finally invade Ukraine. We need to go back to America First policies. I don’t care who implements them, just do it.

    Taiwan’s next. China is still our one number enemy. Ukraine is taking our eye off the ball. DOJ closed a program to prevent Chinese espionage. Why? Sigh….beautiful day here in San Clemente. Going to take your advise and get out and work out.


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