My Journey to Happily Ever After

October 23, 2022

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  I have always dreamed of living a “happily ever after” kind of life.  I believe in true love and that sharing your dreams and passions with a fabulous partner makes life so much more amazing.  I know nothing will ever be perfect, especially in a relationship or in life.  There may be “down” times or struggles.  No matter how much you love another person, occasional strife can occur.  That’s just life.  It can be normal and good for a relationship to have a few disagreements, from time to time; as long as you don’t react in anger or fear.  Respect, patience and humility are much more important and beneficial; instead of ego, selfishness or aggression.  The key ingredients to a happily ever after, include kindness, understanding and compassion.  Opening my heart and soul to the possibilities provided renewed hope that dreams do come true.  I’m hopeful the struggles I’ve weathered, the healing I’ve accomplished and knowing what I know now, my life and next relationship will be more easily navigated.  I’ve learned so much about myself in the last eight years.  I’ve dug deep into my past and trauma; did my shadow work, experienced EMDR therapy and still attend counseling sessions when I feel the need.  The constraints of my past no longer control or restrain me in the present.  My heart, mind and soul are free to dream new dreams.  The first step to achieving anything fabulous is finding your own inner happiness, peace and positivity.  I’m happy and content with myself, and I’m ready to face the rest of the world.  I place my trust in God and the universe.  We all deserve a “happily ever after.”  Let’s get this party started!

I have always held a deep respect and commitment to law enforcement professionals, both across our nation and worldwide.  The job is difficult, dangerous and often thankless.  It continues to be the heart of my passion.  During my working career, I never really stopped to evaluate my life, or how the job, and associated trauma, were taking a toll on me.  I rolled through everything at my own pace (which was typically fast).  Death, tragedy and trauma were a part of my everyday police life for nearly 34 years.  I was very aware of how quickly life could come to an end without warning, because I’d witnessed it far too many times.  Life can be brutal and trauma filled for the individuals that fall prey to the viciousness on humanity.  I didn’t worry about, or consider, what would happen if it come for me.  Now, more than ever, I’m extremely cognizant of how important good health and life are for me; physically, mentally and spiritually.  It wasn’t until after I retired that I realized my time on this earth is truly limited.  I still don’t worry about death or dying, because I’m aware of its’ close presence.  Death is a fact of life and inevitable for us all.  I only regret that I’ll have less time to share my heart, soul and love with those humans most important to me.  I remain committed to living each day in the present.  I don’t worry about the past or stress over what the future may bring.  The journey of life is an amazing and incredible experience.  My path has been interesting, enlightening and filled with hope.  You may not understand all of what I’ve experienced, but then you don’t need too.  It’s been my journey.  We each have a path to take in life.  The universe and daily events lead us to different places and people.  Our interactions, travels and encounters are where we learn lessons, gain insight and experience life.  Which course you choose to follow is your decision, and yours alone.  Humans may share similar circumstances and events, but in the end, every experience is unique and special to each of us.  Blaming others for the mistakes you make along that path is childish egotistical nonsense.  It’s up to you to create your own happiness and build the life you want.  Stop complaining and start building.

If I can offer any advice (to the young or old), from what I’ve learned and experienced during my time here is; “don’t wait.”  My career in law enforcement provided the stark revelation of how fast life can change, or be taken away in a heartbeat.  It’s a sad piece of knowledge to know and cannot be cast aside.  Life can be an amazing journey of joy and happiness.  It can also have sorrow and heartbreak.  How you view the world; your daily outlook, attitude, perspective and positivity play a significant role in how you live your life each day.  Humans will share similar, yet unique, experiences throughout life.  How you respond or react is dependent on your attitude, perception and interaction with everything and everyone around you.  I’ve discovered the more positive, grateful and happy I am, the better my life can be.  There are times, obviously, where everything doesn’t always work out the way I intend them too.  I no longer see this as negative, but as learning moment in my life.  I change and adapt as needed and continue to move forward.  I do my best not to focus my attention on the future, because I don’t want to miss what’s right in front of me.  I no longer worry about my past or allow it to drag me backward.  I remain present in each moment, to enjoy my life to the fullest.  If you need help or assistance along your path, don’t hesitate to reach out or ask.  I discovered the benefits of counseling can be amazing and very helpful to provide clarity.  Insight and guidance from a professional uninvolved third party is constructive toward self-improvement.  Don’t wait to embrace life and live.   

On Tuesday, October 25th, a partial solar eclipse will occur.  I have listened to much discussion regarding the energy flow associated with the stars, planets and coming eclipse.  The power and magic associated with these alignments are providing an energetic boost to my spirit.  While the eclipse won’t be visible near me, I’m sure I’ll feel the vibrant rays when it occurs.  I’ll also begin the final year in my sixties on that day.  I never ever dreamed I’d be this old.  It wasn’t because I didn’t believe I’d be alive; I just never considered being this old existed in my mind.  When I retired at age 60, it became more evident that I was on my way to senior living.  Now, eight years later, that thought is more evident and clearly on my threshold.  I don’t feel old, although my body doesn’t do everything it could when I was younger.  I’m grateful and happy to be active and healthy.  I’ve learned so much about myself these past years.  I’m comfortable with me and happy with who I am today.  I’m excited, because I know how life can be radiant when shared with a special partner.  I want to be in love and have a fabulous, fun and committed relationship.  I want to share and enjoy everything life has to offer together.  I know life will never be perfect, but it really is amazing when you have someone next to you that’s truly special.  I don’t want to wake up one morning and realize I didn’t say what I wanted to say, or do everything I wanted to do.  I know my happily ever after is coming and I’ll enjoy every moment.

I’m happy and excited to be going home for my birthday.  I can’t think of a better place, or more special people, to celebrate it with this year!  Then, it’s on to Cabo San Lucas and a fabulous yoga retreat (my gift to me).  The lesson I learned; “When I completely surrendered my ego and placed my trust in God and the Universe, I discovered the true value of life and love.”  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together, let’s be healthy and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

2 thoughts on “My Journey to Happily Ever After

  1. John, I am enjoying your blog/newsletters. Good for you!  Have a beautiful birthday and a wonderful time in Cabo. Hope you do some deep sea fishing outside of your Yoga. My mom caught a Marlin in Matzatlan years ago all by herself. Took over 5 hours and bruised thighs but she proudly took a picture with it. She had beautiful legs and one of my favorite pictures of her of all time.  I look forward to your thoughts, realizations and living life in the present as I follow you. 

    Happy Birthday and many blessings! Enjoy!  Best,  Melissa Major 🌻

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    1. Thank you Melissa! I appreciate you reading my blog and your kind words. No deep sea fishing, I won’t have the time, but it sounds fun. I hope you’re doing well! All the best…John


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