My World of Dreams

December 11, 2022

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  Here we are, coming into the middle of December and Christmas is only two weeks from today.  It’s the perfect time of year for me to reflect on life; including the past 345 days (of 2022) and the New Year ahead.  I may not have been ready to deal with half the struggles I’ve gone through in life, but I found out I was clearly built to handle all of them.  My life has been good; but definitely not perfect or without difficult times, heartache or trauma along my path.  I’ve been hurt, damaged and broken; physically, mentally and spiritually.  I may not have always seen the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel,” but I have never stopped pushing forward.  I wonder if I wasn’t always looking or didn’t bother to take the time to recognize the positivity of life.  I’m grateful to have opened my eyes and now see the beautiful sunlight ahead.  The pain and adversity I’ve experienced have provided me with valuable lessons to grow, insight to enlighten my spirit and wisdom to change my attitude and thoughts.  I discovered how amazing life, and the world around me can be, when I view my journey with a new outlook and mindset.  When I made the choice to be happy and positive, my life immediately changed for the better.  A life of beauty has been revealed and opened to me in ways I wasn’t aware were possible.  I learned to control my thoughts and mind; eliminating the negative, so I can maintain my focus and effort on all things positive.  Life will never be perfect, but then neither am I or anyone on this planet.  I’m enjoying the present; taking one day at a time.  We are all in this together, so let’s do all we can to make life better.  When I change my thoughts, I can change the world.

What do you consider to be the best part about life?  For me, the best part of life is waking up every morning with gratitude, excitement and passion.  I’m happy and thrilled to be here; to witness a new sunrise and be able to recognize all the opportunities the day will bring.  Each day on this planet provides me with a vision of who I am and what I can do to achieve my dreams.  As I prepare to celebrate the Christmas Holidays, I thank God for the opportunity to live another day.  I strive to be the best possible version of me; while I work to accomplish my desires, visions and share the joy of life.  I know there will be ups and downs along the journey, but I am in control of how I view each moment as it passes.  My outward expression may not always reveal my inward joy and happiness, but I’m working on that too!  My night time dreams are influenced by the world around me.  What I think, hear, see or feel can all impact my nightly world of slumber.  The music I hear, conversations I share (even with myself), TV programs, movies and everything I experience impacts my mind, body and spirit.  All of these sources can determine what I dream about, in a negative or positive way.  Dreams have the ability to influence a large amount of our sleep, especially the peacefulness and quality we should enjoy.  I know this is true, because my dreams impacted my sleep patterns and life for many years.  Severe, violent and horrific nightmares plagued my nights with unrelenting agony.  My life changed after my first EMDR session in 2018.  I haven’t had a single bad dream since!  This one decision, to seek profession assistance, completely changed my life.  Restful sleep, and the proper amount, is an important and integral part of good health.  Dreaming pleasant dreams helps too.  Dreams or visions, of what I experience during sleep or what I want to achieve during my time on this planet, are tangle parts of who I am.  The dreams we have, during sleep, can provide enlightenment and guidance; as long as they don’t inhibit our rest, or cause anxiety or fear.   My dream world is my gateway to the future.

Last weekend’s Florida Trail Ragnar was fun; especially with seven amazing and wonderful friends!  The end result wasn’t the outcome I expected, dreamed or even imagined.  A Weber A fracture to my fibula (at my ankle I rolled outward), midway through the race ended my race.  Here I am again; on the mend, healing and ready to rehab.  I could sit down and cry, get depressed, angry, negative or blame this on a number of things.  That mindset wouldn’t accomplish anything.  It would only create negativity within me.  Obviously, I’m sad and not happy, but I refuse to let this minor bump in my path drag me downward.  Enduring the pain from a physical, mental or spiritual injury is easier for me than the self-imposed suffering and anguish of disappointment in myself.  When my actions or poor choices impact, or negatively affect others, this is where the burden falls on me.  This particular physical injury is only on me.  I have a few more miles in me and I’m not ready to hang up my running shoes just yet.  Rest, recovery and healing have begun. Rehabilitation and training will begin shortly.  I have the Zion Trail Ragnar and Tahoe Trail Ragnar to look forward to in mid 2023.  Positivity is my middle name and I will not be deterred.  I may not be as speedy, as I once was in years past, but my outlook and running evolve as I age and mature.  I’m not one to back away from adversity or a challenge.  I’ll rebuild my body, strength, stamina and learn to run smarter.  Running, exercise and nature have been component parts of my life for the vast majority of my life.  These amazing; free sources of stress release, solace and better health help keep me sane and energized.  I am like the Phoenix, rising from the ashes, into a rebirth of a new and improved me.  

Welcome to my world of dreams.  I’ve discovered that I’m capable of achieving whatever I desire.  I believe in myself, my abilities and my self-confidence continue to grow.  My positive mental outlook helps me soar.  My physical fitness level continues to improve daily.  My spiritual beliefs keep me focused on what the important parts of life are all about.  God and the Universe continue to guide me along my path and show me the way.  Discipline, determination and motivation push me forward.  Living in happiness, gratitude and positivity doesn’t make life perfect; it just makes it so much better.  I’m reaching for my dreams and stars every day.  I hope you are too.  Don’t give up or give in!  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together, let’s be healthy and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!


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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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