Be a Leader

January 29, 2023

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  The first month of 2023 has flown by at record speed.  I’d much rather be writing about fun lighthearted subjects; like fitness, exercise, running, yummy food or amazing travel.  I need to share these thoughts today.  Writing about politics, or the incompetence in leadership roles today (especially in our government and by some of our representatives) isn’t my favorite topic.  The lack of positive change continues in our nation; including the border crisis, mass shootings and lack of concern by some political groups/individuals is both disheartening and tragic.  It seems we have many more outspoken unqualified elected (or appointed) people in positions of power today than I recall in the past.  Maybe these individuals just garner all the news and media coverage; while the brighter, more intelligent and skilled individuals are being ignored or pushed aside.  Maybe individuals with common sense and kindness just need to shout louder than the fools.  Why do news or social media outlets enjoy stirring up controversy?  What happened to honest reporting; rather than attaching your own personal agenda to stories.  These sources seem to enjoy pushing division within our nation, rather than lifting a finger to unite our country.  Misinformation and divisive behavior continue to manipulate people to believe things that aren’t factual or true.  Social media, and some “one sided” news outlets, help propagate these fabrications.  The sad behavior continues; even from some of our political representatives.  I balk at using the term “leader” for many of these elected miscreants. These people aren’t interested in assisting our nation to heal or grow.  They’re only interested in maintaining power, control and increasing their own wealth.  It really is past time for us (America) to break free from the control of these malicious individuals.  When will the “silent majority” wake up and act?  Our nation is in desperate need of strong skilled leaders who possess competence, honesty and integrity. 

After I graduated from college, I was hired by the US Forest Service, as a firefighter on a Hot Shot crew.  This job experience provided my first real exposure to some great leaders.  These individuals weren’t politicians, corporate executives or CEOs.  They were the front-line supervisors; fire superintendents, engine foremen and crew bosses; who dealt with daily decision making; from forest management to firefighting strategy and safety.  These men emulated what my Dad had taught (and showed me by his example) of what leadership meant.  When I joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in 1980, I didn’t consider myself to a be “leader.”  As I grew and matured into my career, so did my strength and courage.  I developed and enhanced my own style of command presence.  My primary endeavor was to treat all people with the same respect and fairness that we each deserve.  As a front-line supervisor, my objective was to represent my personnel, shield them from the bureaucracy; while they received the training, skills and tools necessary to be successful in all situations they may encounter.  Leadership is more than merely making decisions and giving orders.  It’s about being knowledgeable, compassionate, open and honest.  Strong leaders have an innate ability to motivate and inspire, while they set the example for all others to follow.  They seek to instill the strong character traits into others; that helped guide them along their own journey.  They visualize and know the greater good; and they work to ensure its development; while empowering others along the way.  Great leaders support, guide, encourage, mentor and assist others to build their own skills, by empowering them to learn and grow as leaders.  This is definitely the time we, and all the world, need strong leadership.  

You don’t need special training to be an outstanding leader.  I’ve been through training courses; West Point Leadership, LAPD Command Training and the FBI National Academy.  I was provided a unique perspective into the leadership phenomena.  My life experience and career with the LAPD increased my ability to recognize weak or incompetent leadership.  You may be aware of some, at all levels of society, business and government.  Incompetence tends to surround itself with like-minded individuals of similar beliefs and motivations.  I’ve encountered the “darker” side of poor leaders.  These people aren’t there to motivate or help others.  Instead, they are driven by ego, selfish, manipulative reasons, or their own desire to control and dominate everything and everyone around them.  These misguided individuals only seek to better themselves, while stepping on others, to achieve their own gains.  Recent incidents, from the past several years and into 2023, only confirm what many of us already know; America is in desperate need of strong leadership.  The FAA incidents, flight debacles during the holidays, increasing crime, southern border issues, drugs, Mexican cartels, social issues, covid lockdowns and the ever-increasing attacks on law enforcement; continue to highlight our need for strong and courageous leaders.  Weak leaders only seek to enhance their own power, ego and wealth; while using manipulative control, micro management and decision making based on what’s in their own best interest.  They talk loudly, make noise and promises, but no positive change ever happens.  We are the ones who suffer.  Don’t be swayed by manipulative political rhetoric meant to create an emotional or racial response.  Our nation is in dire need of unity and positivity.  

What happened to electing the best candidate for the job; an individual with experience, knowledge and integrity.  Instead, we have leaders who place their friends, or supporters, in positions they have no ability to operate.  Rather than learn, so they can excel at the job, they use it to reap all the benefits and rewards they can, using tax payer money.  Individuals who possess outstanding leadership qualities, won’t be the ones shouting, “I’m the best!”  I’ve worked with and witnessed great inspirational leaders.  They’re typically calm, direct and know how to take command.  Outstanding leaders, throughout history, have stepped forward to help achieve goals they believed would benefit all people.  Leadership demands strength, courage and perseverance.  We need leaders with self-confidence, determination, desire, compassion, empathy and willingness to stand up for what’s right and true.  America has qualified, strong, intelligent and positive political representatives.  I hope these caring political leaders take positive action on behalf of the American people.  Our nation is in the midst of a crisis that continues to plague our land and planet.  It’s time to end the disunity among our political parties and reinstate harmony among all Americans.  Its time elected officials serve the greater good of our nation and all Americans.  

It’s time for all people to step up and be leaders.  It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are or your cultural heritage.  You can set a good example and be the positive change you want to see in the world.  Empower yourself and others with character traits like integrity, loyalty, honesty, dedication and honor.  These are just a few that helped me become the man I am today.  Live in the present and make our world a better place.  Change doesn’t happen without action.  It’s up to us to elect outstanding leaders who can guide our nation into the future.  America, it’s time we demand strong leadership; but first, let’s begin with us.  Be an outstanding leader.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together, let’s be healthy and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!


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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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