Stopping Crime – Part I

Stopping CrimePart I

March 26, 2023

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  We are less than a week away from the end of March and the first quarter of the new year.  Time keeps ticking away and waits for no one.  I am grateful for each new day.  Please use each second wisely.  We are living in an age when our nation needs strong leadership.  America requires leaders with integrity, courage and honesty; who actually love this country and are not about exploiting it for their own wealth or power.  This is something we need to demand, not only from our president, but all the way down to our local representatives.  Fortunately, we have some elected men and women, who possess loyalty, honor and the skills required to keep our nation from sinking.  They are working diligently to ensure our safety and freedoms are upheld.  Some of these talents were on display during the senate hearings with the tik tok CEO.  Others are waging a battle at our southern border.  They do this, not for their own gain, but for all Americans.  I wish we had a leader at the top who fought for us, as these individuals do.  With this in mind, I am compelled to share my thoughts on a critical topic with you today.  I am hopeful, that if I write about this now, I’ll be able to concentrate on more fun topics in the weeks that follow.  This is Part I of my assessment (and personal opinion) on stopping crime and what should be done to help curtail its spread.  I separated it into two parts, due to length.  Part II (and the conclusion) will be in my blog next Sunday, April 2nd.

The goal of my two-part series, is to provide you with information regarding crime, the criminal justice system and why our nations law enforcement officers are waging a losing battle.  It’s not because they are weak, unwilling or lack the motivation.  Believe me when I say, the men and women of law enforcement, nationwide, stand united in their effort to serve, protect and keep our nation and its population safe.  Right now, in the present, the police are under attack, not only from criminal perpetrators, but by our own society and government; including corrupt and dysfunctional individuals, groups and political agendas.  This malignant disease starts from the top leadership and trickles its way down to the local levels of society.  Law enforcement has consumed half of my life.  My career with the Los Angeles Police Department (beginning in 1980) spanned nearly 34 years.  It was a privilege and honor to serve with one of the world’s premier law enforcement agencies during that time.  I believe we (through my efforts and those of the many outstanding officers I worked alongside) helped make a difference in my tiny corner of the world.  I know there are thousands of sworn law enforcement officers across our nation that make the daily sacrifices required to protect and serve the population and our country with integrity and honor.   

Crime continues to increase, while offenders seem to be virtually free to do whatever they wish.  How often have you heard someone say, “Why did the police let that guy go?  Why are the police releasing convicted criminals from prison early?  That guy was just released and now he committed a more horrific crime.  The cops should be doing a better job at stopping crime.  What’s happening in our courts and prisons?  Where is the justice?”  Have you heard, said or thought any of these before?  I’ve heard similar statements and have been asked these types of questions multiple times during my tenure with the LAPD.  Now, with crime (all manners and varieties) on the rise, lawlessness in our cities; law enforcement agencies and police officers across our nation have been targeted with restrictions and their authority diminished.  Funding for departments has been drastically reduced.  Officers have been bashed by politicians, civic leaders and social groups.  The lack of support for law enforcement is truly disheartening.  Police officers are being murdered in our streets.  It is up to all Americans to save law enforcement.  If we don’t support and keep them safe, who will protect you and your family in the future?  America is in desperate need of help to regain control and stop criminals.  It’s easy to place the burden of stopping crime fully on the shoulders of law enforcement and police officers across our nation.  These brave men and women are the visible front-line defenders of America; including its streets, neighborhoods, back roads, communities, highways, countryside, cities, borders and states.  If a crime is being committed, you need help, assistance, protection or saving; victims scream for the police, dial 911 and then complain when we don’t arrive fast enough. 

While criminal activity continues to escalate, so do the attacks on law enforcement.  I have listened people talk about hatred, prejudice and injustice all my life.  These are classified as Hate Crimes in specific incidents.  I have rarely (if ever) heard anyone discuss these as crimes against law enforcement; yet police officers are being brutally attacked and murdered across our nation, solely because they wear a badge and represent law and order.  Some individuals, news outlets, social media, anti-police groups, activists (from the far left and right) and even some politicians condone or support these acts of terror.  There is even a website that places bounties on officers.  What kind of sad and sadistic world are we evolving into?  I see little being done to curtail this madness.  Too many people believe what they see or hear from news outlets, social media or Hollywood productions.  These individuals believe this to be factual and true depictions of what officers do or is occurring in our world.  Sources, like these, only depict what they want you to see or believe; while the vast majority of this nonsense is pure fantasy.  Unfortunately, some of these sources are not always as reliable or honest as they should be; or they are using a hidden agenda.  With law enforcement budgets being drastically reduced, rapidly increasing attrition rates, lack of qualified candidates and little support from politicians, leaders and the community; it becomes evident how difficult this job has become.  During my career, I often had individuals point the finger of blame at me, and fellow officers, when crimes were committed or violent offenders were released from custody and continued with horrific attacks or murders.  It’s simple for many Americans to say the police are responsible for these acts, because they didn’t do their job or let offenders go free.  Why do they perceive law enforcement to be responsible for these atrocities?   

To understand what can be done, we must examine the entire criminal justice system.  Law enforcement, legislation, the court system and correction institutions are all pieces of this messed up puzzle.  Police officers, like everyone else in our nation, must obey laws.  They don’t have the authority to release criminals or allow offenders to arbitrarily go free.  Individuals are arrested when there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed and that the individual may have committed the crime.  Suspects are released from custody for a variety of reasons; including when bail is granted by the court, when there isn’t enough evidence to charge the person with the crime and/or the district attorney orders the release, a judge or jury acquits them of the crime or they are released on probation or parole by the court or correctional institution.  Please don’t blame the police for releasing criminals, as they have very little input in these situations.  I would much rather see these villains remain behind bars, than be freed back into society.  Law enforcement personnel follow the laws that are set by legislation, courts, criminal justice system, what society votes to approve or set by our government.  Laws, to govern and protect society, were first written by our forefathers when America was founded.  New laws and revisions to old ones, are common, with growth and changing times.  It seems now, more than ever, the liberal agenda is pushing the insanity of doing away with police and emptying our prisons.  We (me, police officers and hopefully you) want to see law breakers and evil offenders remain behind bars just as much as any other good American.

Segments of society and factions of the criminal justice system continue to become more liberal, often treating criminal offenders like they are the victims.  This problem began over 50 years ago, when institutionalizing patients with mental health disorders ended.  The effects became clear, when the number of individuals with mental health issues flooded the streets, communities and criminal justice system.  Often times these individuals would commit offences in order to return to jail for food, shelter, aid or medication.  The strain to the courts, jails, prisons and justice system, over the decades, has been immense and debilitating.  Many of these individuals are homeless; living on the streets, using alcohol and narcotics (instead of prescribed medications).  They don’t necessarily belong in jail, but rather in mental care facilities that can offer the proper treatments they need.  As the liberal agenda continued to empty jails, the homeless population grew, drug usage surged, incarceration was less and crime increased.  Over the last decade, and especially in the last several years, laws have been repealed, criminal sentences (jail time) have been significantly reduced and violent offenders released.  Prisoners, including violent criminals, have been freed from prison early; often continuing their criminal behavior in our communities.  Some of this insanity was perpetrated during the so-called hysteria of the covid pandemic.  Along with all that, now our southern border is open, allowing foreign criminals and drug cartels easy access into our beloved nation.  Drugs are flooding our country, while wreaking havoc, death and destruction along the way.  Allowing this to continue, only serves to further degrade our nation; including its economy and our safety.  

America has always been a great nation of diversity and hope; especially for immigrants seeking freedom and a better way of life.  Channels for entering and becoming a US citizen are part of that process.  Why is allowing thousands of illegal entries to stream across our southern border daily, suddenly okay?  This is a blatant slap in the face to the millions of individuals who worked hard to come to America (legally) and become US citizens (my mother and her family included).  Stopping the vast amounts of narcotics coming into our nation should be a major concern; not to mention the subversive groups, drug cartels and lone wolf individuals crossing the border to infiltrate our country.  Our US Border Patrol officers deserve the support of strong leadership; for their own safety and protection, as well as the protection of our nation.  Realistic, controllable and restrictive immigration standards need to be drastically modified and improved to curtail the threat to the American people and sovereignty of our nation.

Please tune in next Sunday, April 2nd, for Part II (and my thoughts) on Stopping Crime.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together, let’s be healthy and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!


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