Stopping Crime – Part II

Stopping CrimePart II 

April 2, 2023

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  I want to commend and thank the Nashville Metro Police Officers for taking immediate and decisive action, this past Monday, to end the threat.  The loss of life is sad and tragic, but without their brave response, additional lives would have been lost.  I am grateful for all our Law Enforcement heroes, because this is what they do, often times without us ever knowing.  They don’t do it for thanks or recognition.  They’re out in the streets 24/7 protecting us because they care. Thank you for your dedication and service.  So here we are, already into April and the days keep ticking away.  Time is an interesting creature.  It keeps moving, never stops and seems to be increasing its pace as I get older.  Time has a wonderful way of showing me what really matters in life.  I am grateful for each new sunrise and my opportunity to shine.  Stop waiting or checking the clock.  Get out there, enjoy your life and live.  I hope and pray we can come together as a nation and demand more responsible leadership from our elected representatives.  This is Part II (and my thoughts) on Stopping Crime.  

I believe our entire Criminal Justice System is in dire need of a complete overhaul.  Let’s begin with the Legislation aspect.  How long will it take for our legislators to yell and scream about gun violence, after this past school shooting, only to do nothing again.  We need new laws, restrictions and policies, nationwide, to stem the tide of these incidents.  Politicians should have acted years ago to stop this insanity.  Police officers are few in number, have limited resources and can only do so much to curb the increase of criminal activity.  These brave men and women enforce laws and arrest offenders, but without more stringent laws and longer prison terms, offenders are walking out the door before an officer completes the reports.  In today’s culture, thieves are seldom pursued or arrested for crimes.  Retail stores are closing their shops because of constant thefts or robberies.  What happens when law enforcement is no longer allowed to effectively do their job?  What or who will stand between protecting the community and the lawless acts that will follow?  As a law enforcement officer, I could only do so much to maintain order and public safety.  When the laws are against the good and seem to favor evil, we will never win.  It’s sad and corrupt how some district attorneys refuse to prosecute legitimate criminal cases or release offenders without due process.  We need new more restrictive laws to dissuade new offenders and ensure violent criminals remain securely behind bars.  Without the support of society and stronger leadership, enacting new (more stringent) laws, longer prison sentences, re-implementing the death penalty; including an overhaul of our justice system; our nation may be doomed.

The Court system in our country; including local, municipal, civil and federal courts are equally a mess.  The legal justice system needs to be updated, modernized and improved.  I spent many days in various court rooms (municipal, criminal, civil, federal and even traffic court); testifying, providing expert opinions and advising prosecutors on criminal and civil cases.  The system is vastly overloaded, outdated and dysfunctional.  The wheels of justice move at an incredibly slow pace; while taking a high toll in costs; both physically and mentally.  Judges, district attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders and lawyers are equally to blame for the lack of integrity, little to no accountability and incompetence.  Cases are continued (postponed), over and over again; dragging them out over months, years and costing tax payers millions of dollars.  I have no doubt that attorneys are reaping the monetary benefits, while allowing cases to linger as long as possible.  It doesn’t matter if it’s criminal or civil; our courts no longer represent what should be in the best interest of all Americans.  Are you familiar with the term, “career criminal?”  These are individuals that commit crimes, and either spend very little time in jail, or are continually released, enabling them to keep engaging in criminal activity.  When offenders receive a “slap on the hand” for criminal activity, what’s preventing them from continuing this behavior.  The court system prosecutes defendants charged with crimes and the detention system is responsible for incarceration and release of criminals.  Criminal courts are like a revolving door for offenders.  We treat criminals like victims, while the real victims are disrespected and abused.  I will refrain from sharing my frustration with Civil courts.  They are a zoo filled with frivolous and idiotic law suits; where claims are filed by any individual against anyone or any business, in an attempt of hitting the jackpot payoff.  Civil courts further demonstrate the greed and unscrupulous nature of humans.  The entire judicial system is often a travesty of injustice.  

There is one particular topic, in the court system, that I never approved of; “plea bargaining” deals.  This is my condensed description; when the prosecution (district or city attorney) and defense lawyers agree a resolution to the case by reducing the charges to something lesser so they can all avoid a trial.  I have witnessed many of these “deals” during my career.  I objected to a number of deals, regarding on cases I was involved with, but what I believed didn’t matter.   Some of these (few in number) are worthwhile; depending on the nature of the crime.  If the victim agrees, the suspect is forthright and willing to accept responsibility for their actions and it serves justice, it’s okay.  In my opinion, the majority of these plea bargains do not serve a greater good for our communities.  Often times they allow violent offenders or career criminals to go free, only to continue to commit additional crimes.  An example would be an individual that was arrested for rape; and a plea deal is struck to allow minimal jail time and/or probation for misdemeanor assault, trespassing or something just as ridiculous.  Where is the justice in these deals; for the victim or the community.  It only serves to send a message to the criminal(s), that they can continue to violate the laws without significant consequences.  A clear message needs to be sent to all criminals (and those contemplating a life of crime); by enacting news laws, stricter penalties, longer prison terms and fewer plea deals to demonstrate our nations determination to stop crime.  We need to unite to show our willingness to join together with law enforcement officer across our nation to fight and deter criminal activity.    

Correctional institutions are and have been a wreck since I first began my law enforcement career.  Who hasn’t heard of all the illicit activities that occur behind bars?  Criminal enterprises and gang activity continue in prison.  These nefarious pursuits can include (but not limited to); drug use/sales, fraud, extortion, murder and more.  Prison isn’t supposed to be a hotel, resort or place of joy; nor is it a place of torture.  Inmates shouldn’t be filing for unemployment, government aid or welfare funds.  How ridiculous is our bureaucracy and institutions for being duped by this foolish nonsense?  Convicted felons (in prison) should be denied the rights or civil liberties (afforded to Americans).  This means not be allowed to vote or be an active participant in our 

government.  Violent individuals, whether they’re career criminals or first offenders, need to remain in custody; serving the full length of their prison term.  There needs to be tighter controls in place for release for any reason, including parole.  How many times have we witnessed these perpetrators commit horrific acts after being freed on bail or parole.  It’s a kind thought thinking every criminal can be rehabilitated or every soul can be saved.  Unfortunately, in today’s world, neither of these scenarios is possible.  I’ve been face to face with the “devil.”  Evil exists, and some individuals are capable of horrific acts.  When I first realized these creatures lived among us, this ugly side of humanity truly frightened me.  Why do we keep allowing these individuals to walk among us?  Criminals confined to prison forfeit their right to vote, among other privileges.  When an individual is convicted of a crime, we aren’t sending them to summer camp; where they live a good life.  Why would any sane person, especially an individual who has the ability to keep criminals locked up behind bars, allow them to roam our streets.  Are politicians, leaders, judges or others, so fearful they will lose votes or power, that their decisions are based on their ego and control?  It’s time for our society to demand penalties that will deter criminal activity.  Criminals actually need to be locked up, instead of allowing them to go free, over and over again. 

Over the last decade; individuals, groups and politicians, have worked hard to defund police agencies, limit law enforcement power and reduce jail sentences.  America, lets support law enforcement; with more funding, better training, new equipment and overall moral support.  Don’t allow egotistical political representatives, civic officials and subversive groups to further reduce authority, remove funding and limit the ability of law enforcement officers to conduct pro-active efforts to prevent and deter crime.  Instead of demanding reform or enacting laws to curb the violence directed at officers, these individuals push to decrease the effectiveness of law enforcement.  Law enforcement officers across America continue to be targeted, attacked, assaulted and murdered without provocation.  State, local and federal agencies are overwhelmed by calls for service; or having enough resources to patrol our streets, prevent crime, handle investigations and ensure the safety of our communities.  America needs to see this narrative change.  I believe standardized training for all of Americas law enforcement; in the areas of tactics, firearms proficiency and use of force; should be mandatory.  This training should encompass local, state and federal laws for all jurisdictions across our nation.  I understand how federal, state and local laws vary from state to state, but I firmly believe uniform training in specific areas of law enforcement is required.  Providing the same training and skills to our nations law enforcement would eliminate confusion when involved in inter-agency operations or mutual aid situations.  Tactics, use of force, firearms training and proficiency should be the same for all sworn police agencies.  

Unfortunately, many political and civic officials don’t seem to care; or are simply unwilling to do what’s right.  Selected individuals, politicians, social and news media; yell, point fingers of blame and hold law enforcement accountable for the problem.  None of these people offer solutions to the issues we face.  Most of them only fuel the fire of hatred and division.  If we continue to wait, fail to stand up and act to stop the atrocities committed against law enforcement, it may be too late.  Who will join me to stand up and support our law enforcement officers?  How many more brave men and women have to be killed, while protecting us, before America acts?  Without these brave individuals, who will protect our communities (and us), from criminal activity?  How long will we (America) allow these horrific attacks on law enforcement officers to continue?  Police Officers across our land deserve so much more in the way of respect, praise and thanks.  Their rights and freedoms are valued equally, compared to any other person.  We are human beings, like everyone else on this planet; with the exception of dedicating our lives to being protectors for all.  The military defends our nations exterior; while law enforcement defends us all here at home.  They’re our only defense against the criminal chaos that’s in our communities and increasing daily.  If the liberal or socialist minded agenda has its way, they would do away with police officers; and instead create a nation controlled by a militaristic single party government.  If we allow criminal activity to continue, unchecked as it is, our nation will eventually crumble into chaos.  I do not want to see our nation degrade into a communist (or socialist) state.  

Why would anyone want to be a cop today?  You are underpaid, you miss important family events and holidays, divorce and suicide rates are high, you may be ridiculed, disliked by many and some people will try to kill you.  I can attest to all of these as true; because I lived that life for nearly 34 years.  I am extremely grateful for the men and women who have the courage, strength and fortitude to step forward, take the oath and wear the badge.  They proudly serve in defense of our lives and property.  Preventing or stopping crime isn’t just a police issue.  It should be what a society does; standing unified together against evil.  When will the people of our nation wake up and act?  The American people need to demand more from our government and our representatives.  These individuals were elected to act in our best interests.  It’s up to us America, to hold elected officials accountable and ensure they do what’s in the best interest of our nation and us.  I hope and pray that America, and the world, wake up to restore order, deter criminal activity and put an end to violence.  It’s time we restore every day values; like hard work, integrity, honesty, God and country.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together, let’s be healthy and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!


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