Social Media Madness

Social Media Madness 

April 16, 2023

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  We are already midway through the month of April.  I do my best to live each day in the present; while cherishing every moment before it passes.  After writing recent blogs (on crime and politics), it was my plan to return to writing about fun topics.  Those thoughts quickly faded after several days of spending too much time viewing social media and paying attention to network news coverage.  It appears our lives, at least here in America, revolve around a self-absorbed life style.  We live in a nation with an over-abundance of nearly everything imaginable, within a fingertip touch away, yet many are still never satisfied.  It’s sad to think technology and stupidity may lead us to our own doom.  Maybe if we took the time to pull ourselves away from the screens, that many seem to focus on, we would actually see what’s truly happening in our nation.  Instead, we visualize it through sources that have been altered, tainted, indoctrinated, manipulated and controlled to fit a specific perspective, narrative or agenda.  America, it’s time to educate yourselves with honesty, wisdom and knowledge; not something you see via biased reporting.  The facts are out there, you just have to take the time to locate them.  For some, that may be asking too much; they’d have to break out of the protective bubble that surrounds their world or beliefs.  Truth begins with integrity.  I am much happier knowing what’s real or isn’t, rather than living with my head buried in the sand (or video screen), pretending it doesn’t exist.  I hope to be inspired to write about new exciting adventures in the coming weeks.  

I thought about making a “Top Ten” list of reasons why I stay away from social media, but for me, one reason is all I need.  I first joined the face book craze when my daughter was a teen.  It was my job to monitor the content of what she was seeing and doing.  Being a cop, I am well aware of the evil predators, in our society, that scour the web for their prey.  They’re often disguised and may appear innocent at first glance, especially to an untrained eye.  Believe me, these perpetrators come in all sizes, shapes, colors, nationalities and genders.  They are well versed in the art of deception and seduction.  These miscreants know how to lure our children, and often unsuspecting adults as well, into the darkness.  I wonder how many parents bother to monitor what their children see or do these days.  Parents should be actively involved in “parenting,” to ensure the safe growth and development of their kids.  Children need care, control, guidance and love; not more stuff.  Maybe that’s a skill or responsibility some “adult” individuals never learned, or they’re just more interested in having fun or just too lazy to actually be a parent.  From much of the trash I see (both on social media and the news), I doubt some parents know what their kids are involved with or do each day.  Today, it appears many adults (and parents) are too wrapped up in their own “social media” circles.  I see more adults posting foolish tik tok videos, now more than ever.  Young and old have become addicted to this nonsense.  I assume none of these people are aware, or don’t care, about the hazards that abound with this Chinese invention.  Such a subtle, yet ingenious method of gaining instance access to your life.  I’ve stated in previous blogs, we are being defeated from the inside out.  China, and other American adversaries (like Russia and North Korea), are well adept to fulfill their desire for world domination.  The internet provides an easy tool (for criminals, foreign powers or manipulative sources), to access our lives.  With so many willing subjects falling prey to this mania, it won’t take much to bring US down.

Seeing posts of family and friends in real time, on social media sites, used to be fun.  It was exciting and easy to see what everyone was doing.  Their posts are now mixed in with a mindless array of worthless nonsense.  Social media has become a degradation and dumping ground of mistruths, misguided information and idiotic rhetoric.  It’s become much like television news programs; filled with crime, violence, politics, swayed agendas, advertisements and idiotic rubberish.  If you don’t believe people are being influenced by social media madness, think again.  There’s the term “influencer” that has many reaching for stardom.  People spout and rant about issues, individuals or groups they know little to nothing about.  Some seek their 30 seconds of fame; while others seek more than mere notoriety.  These sites rapidly became a pit of misinformation, subversive behavior, sexual exploitation; not to mention the whole algorithm process.  Billionaire owners of these companies assure us they monitor and control the illicit content of posts.  What they actually control is what they want you and I to see.  They allow sexual, racial, drug, perversion, division and the political propaganda (of their choosing) to flood our pages in an attempt to influence what we think, buy and believe.  They subvert the logical and informative posts, deeming them harmful or not meeting their standards.  Control and manipulation, by their terms, translates into a dictatorship.  Our society and moral fabric are slowly eroding away.  America, what will you and the masses do to deter the siege of our nation?  I prefer to just be me, doing what I do best; observe, collect useful knowledge and speak my truth.  My objective is to help preserve this great nation; under God, with liberty and justice for all. 

Individuals, I once thought were sane and rational, have flipped the script and are posting utter gibberish.  A recent post depicted yoga as a demonic ritual, giving worship to false gods.  How do seemingly good individuals, come to this conclusion?  What makes people, who believe in God, want to demonize yoga (other religions or anything for that matter)?  These individuals, like fanatics across the globe, have taken their beliefs to the far extreme.  This reminds me of an 80’s movie, where the town preacher wouldn’t allow dancing because he deemed it evil.  It’s also reminiscent of politics here in the USA, where fanatics and extremists exist at every corner.  I was raised in an Italian / Catholic family.  That translated into church every Sunday, holy days, holidays and many days in between.  I was first introduced to yoga, while attending the FBI National Academy.  After three months of yoga, every weekend morning, I discovered its many benefits.  Nearly 17 years later, I attended yoga teacher training in Bali.  This was an intensive 200-hour course and certification process.  None of the training, led by two Indian yogis, contained anything adverse to God or religion.  Both of these men are well versed in the art of yoga.  Their journey and training began as children.  They are kind, caring and compassionate individuals.  I valued their teachings, as much as they appreciated and welcomed my insight during our training sessions.  The guidance and instruction, they provided, was heartfelt and without any hidden meaning or agendas.  Yoga didn’t direct me to worship other gods or conjure up any sorcery.  It did help heal my body physically, mentally and spiritually; bringing me that much closer to God.  There are many different religions across the planet, all worshiping God.  I am not worthy to judge whose God came first; but I understand that we all believe in the Higher power, that is God.  

Evil can be found in all aspects of life.  Condemning yoga, religions, institutions or whatever, because they don’t fit your personal agenda or beliefs isn’t an answer or solution.  Your dysfunctional statements only add to the frustration and division in our world.  I’ve witnessed how easily humans can be led astray by evil.  It’s often cloaked as good.  I’m tired of listening to conspiracies, hoaxes, schemes and the redundant postings of people who believe every bit of nonsense they see, heard or read.  These fallacies are manufactured for a purpose.  Please don’t be so weak minded, that you can be duped or influenced by such trickery.  Stay strong, be an independent thinker, do your own research, make your own conclusions and decisions.  The powerful and controlling forces want you to be subservient and manipulated into believing what they want.  No matter how dark our struggles appear or how difficult the road ahead may be, there is always hope.  I live each day, doing my best to remain hopeful, steadfast and confident good will overcome evil.  I pray our nation (and its people) can bring us back on course, before all is lost.  I do my best to limit my time on social media sites.  I still enjoy posting positive stories; to facilitate more hope, joy and love in our world.  My strength, perseverance and believing in my own magic help pull me through.  Having faith and knowing that God and the universe always have my back maintains my resilience for better days.  Stay positive and happy my friends.  Find peace, joy and love in life, because this is what unites us with the world.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together, let’s be healthy and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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