What I’ve Learned

What I’ve Learned 

May 21, 2023

Good morning my friends.  I hope you are doing well and enjoying life.  My week-long visit to Zion National Park and participating in the Ragnar trail race, brought new enlightenment, understanding and inspiration.  My teammates expressed their gratitude and thanks to me for inviting them to participate.  We were all struck and mesmerized by the beauty and grandeur of the incredible landscape.  I cannot speak for everyone, but I know for myself, this event was a magical and spiritual experience.  This setting is an amazing and inspirational location, that makes it difficult not to feel touched by God.  There were times, while I was out running on all three loops, that were truly awe-inspiring.  Each ridge or mountain top revealed a new and magnificent view, placing God’s creations on full display, for all to see.  The only thing necessary was to slow down, or stop, for a second or two, to bear witness to the glorious phenomena constructed over millions of years by the universe and divine inspiration.  Even the Ragnar crew, while out marking the trails before the race began, recognized the majestic views at specific locations.  They set signs (across the mountain tops) like, “selfie spot” or “stop, look up.”  Witnessing the collaboration of God, the universe and nature touch my soul, and that of many others as well.  I could feel a boost of vibrant energy rush through my body, empowering me to continue on my quest.  Too often, we humans’ race from here to there, never stopping to look up to witness the beauty of life.  I’m not afraid to admit my own self-transformation was slow to begin.  The transition wasn’t always easy, but I’m both thankful and grateful to be where I am today.  Now, that I am more aware of who I am and what I want to be, life has revealed its inner beauty.  I am living in the present and cherishing every moment of life.  There is beauty all around us; if we only take the time to open our eyes to see it.  Don’t wait my friends.  Life is short and we never know when our expiration date will come.  Happiness is a daily choice for each individual.  It’s not dependent on anyone or anything else.  It’s really all up to you, so don’t waste a precious second.  My positivity and determination continue to motivate me forward.        

Beginning at an early age, I was taught, shown and learned many character traits, moral values, lessons and aspects of life.  My Dad was the most important and valuable role model of my life.  He showed me, by his daily demonstration of the traits and values he wanted me to embrace.  Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Duty, Trust and Honor became the cornerstones for me and living a good life.  These words hold deep meaning for me, not just because of what my Dad taught me; but what they mean, represent and for what they stand for in our nation, the world and for all mankind.  Learning the difference between right from wrong, positive from negative and good from evil was simplified and easy to understand with my father.  I miss his physical presence, but I know he stands next to me each day.  I hold tight to the values, traits and truths he showed and bestowed upon me.  In our society today, we hear little of these principles; only more of the negativity, hate and division that plagues our land.  I know that the good people of this land, work hard and keep to themselves.  It’s times like this, we need to let our voices be heard.  Too many big corporations, dictators and fools work to rule the world, not understanding they can’t control life, nature or God’s destiny.  Don’t focus your efforts on building wealth or power; instead be grateful and appreciate the goodness of life.  We are all heading to the same place on judgement day.    

What I’ve learned, is to just be me.  I was so fearful for far too long; but then we are all afraid, even if you won’t admit it. Allow the beauty of life to unfold before your eyes.  Set boundaries, say “no” and make decisions based on (not only) what’s in your own best interest, but what’s best for those you love.  Don’t live your life trying to please others (especially family members, friends or co-workers), because it never works.  I can guarantee no matter what you do or how hard to try, you can’t please everyone.  All this works just adds extra stress and anxiety to you mind, body and soul.  It’s best when you live life using self-care and happiness to please yourself.  You will be happier, healthier and eventually everyone will respect and honor your wishes without question. Let me preface that by saying, unfortunately, there will always be those foolish souls who just don’t get it or understand.  You can hope and pray all you want that they will change, but that’s really their decision and has nothing to do with you.  Keep moving forward and be happy.  Life is too short to attempt to convince the skeptics of the world that your own personal happiness is the key to living a better life.  Fortunately, these individuals are few in number, but somehow, they seem to make the most “noise.”  Don’t allow this nonsense deter your positivity and goodness from shining.

Remember that you are the only person who’s in control of the little voice in your head.  I’m sure there will those some who argue they were persuaded to say or engage in negativity or evil by outside sources or stimuli.  Unfortunately, there is no lack of idiotic or hateful sources floating around our society and world.  Walk around your neighborhood and I’m sure you’ll come across one or two.  Do not allow the foolish, idiotic, negative or adverse sources of the world influence or divert you from living a life. How you react to each incident, situation or encounter sets the tone in each moment.  The better you control the thoughts and your mind; the better life will be.  We know nothing in life is perfect.  Stay positive and make it your daily ritual.  Instead, be the person you want the world to be. He same voice that tells you to stop or give up, can be trained to tell you to keep going.  It takes fortitude and effort, but we all possess the strength and determination, you just have to believe in yourself.  Our power and energy are unlimited with a little positivity.  I believe God and the universe will guide us all.  So, I begin each new day with gratitude and I end it with thanks.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

I want (and need), to acknowledge a very special woman, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Over the last eight years she has been an amazing friend, partner and love.  We’ve shared happiness, struggles, love and pain.  Though it all we’ve managed to remain friends, because we have always seen the goodness in each other.  She recognized my fears, weaknesses, strengths and loving heart.  Her insight, passion and energy pulled me from the depths; where I’d closed my heart and soul for far too many years.  Thank you for your support, love and always believing in me.  The kindness and intuition you provided helped me find the light of happiness and love.  You are a vibrant and blissful reminder that true love exists.  Happy Birthday!    

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The puzzle of life is always changing.  Change can lead to amazing opportunities.  Together, let’s be healthy and strong; mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!


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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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