It’s time we get it together

November 29, 2020 Good morning friends.  I wish you all a happy and healthy day!  It’s the last Sunday (and second to the last day) of November.  I’m hoping December (the last month of 2020) will be a happy, healthy and prosperous month.  The holidays and New Year are rapidly approaching.  Time is   moving atContinue reading “It’s time we get it together”

Dealing with Trauma

November 8, 2020 Good morning friends.  I wish you all a happy and healthy day!  It’s definitely been an interesting presidential election here in the United States.  It’s both disheartening and ludicrous when you realize what some individuals will do to sway, manipulate and influence an outcome.  I pray our new president will do allContinue reading “Dealing with Trauma”

Falling Backward

November 1, 2020 Good morning friends.  It’s the first day (and Sunday) of November 2020.  It’s difficult to believe (and sort of fabulous) there are only two months left of this crazy year.  Did you remember to “fall back” an hour, ending daylight savings time?  It’s always wonderful to enjoy and utilize an extra hour. Continue reading “Falling Backward”

Election Politics

October 18, 2020 Good morning friends.  Take time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful October Sunday.  The presidential election is ramping up.  Mail in voting is underway.  Depending on where you live, polling places will soon open for in-person voting too.  This election will be critical in deciding the future of America.  Do youContinue reading “Election Politics”

Columbus Day?

October 11, 2020 Good morning friends and happy Sunday!  I hope you are doing well, staying healthy and enjoying plenty of outdoor time.  Tomorrow, Monday, October 12th, is our nations traditional celebration of Columbus Day.  It’s sad contemplating what may happen to holidays like this and many others.  The outrage, hate and violence being perpetratedContinue reading “Columbus Day?”

It’s time for logical thinking

October 4, 2020 Good morning friends.   I hope you are doing well, staying safe, healthy and informed.  How do you stay up to date with what’s happening in our world?  If you place your trust in news outlets or social media, it’s time to rethink that idea.  Many news sources don’t provide all the facts,Continue reading “It’s time for logical thinking”