Healthy Humans

March 7, 2021

Good morning friends!  We’re already a week into the month of March.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast time passes.  I remember my Dad telling me, “Time just goes by faster as you get older.  Go do it and enjoy life.”  I didn’t comprehend the full meaning of his statement until I retired.  When you have time to relax and enjoy life, it definitely passes much too quickly.  My suggestion; live in the present, while you enjoy each and every moment.  Make time to spend with those you love.  Travel and explore new places, lands and civilizations.  Visit sights, near or far, that interest you.  Too often we say, “I’ll visit that someday”, or “When I have time”, but that seldom happens.  Happiness isn’t built on how much money you have or how many possessions you own.  Tomorrow is not promised and someday doesn’t exist.  Don’t wait to expand your horizons, live your dreams, share your passions or tell someone you love them.  The possibilities are endless and you’re your only limitation.  Do it now, before your time on earth ends.  Life is a precious gift, so don’t let it pass you by.

Are we healthy humans?  Health isn’t limited to your level of fitness.  It’s not all about the food you eat, what you drink or how much exercise you do consistently.  It encompasses your entire being and life style; physically, mentally and spiritually.  Health includes what you say, your actions in what you do and your thoughts and how your mind thinks.  Humans have inhabited planet earth for thousands of years.  They built incredible cities, created amazing inventions, produced fabulous works of art and insightful philosophical thoughts.  When you examine history, even with all the goodness and greatness; greed, corruption, power and control have been the core sources of destructive events throughout time.  This scenario persists to this day.  In the past I believed intelligence translated into common sense, morality, values or integrity.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  I often wonder how we’re considered the most advanced species.  Cruel and evil individuals have existed since the beginning of mankind and continue in our present.  It’s shocking how incredibly vile and vicious humans treat one another.  The lack of decency or respect for others is sad.  I witnessed this behavior too many times during my career and I see it now.  Is power or greed that strong, or is there an underlying evil within these perpetrators?  I’m not here to analyze them or their actions, just remain aware they’re among us.

Humans are an incredibly interesting group of creatures.  They’re a mix of good and bad, curious and adventurous, fearful and happy, and mostly intelligent beings.  We’re a diverse and different species.  We come in a variety of physical sizes, shapes, colors and appearances.  Our mental and physical operating mechanisms are generally the same.  Genetics may vary or differ in some aspects, but we really are all just human beings.  We share the same capacity to experience emotions, feel pain, joy, increase our mental capacity, learn and grow.  We have free will, to make decisions and control our own lives.  Our individual fortitude, determination, ability and willingness to build on the foundations we were born with is what truly sets us apart from others.  We have the brain power to achieve whatever we desire.  We manage and control our personal happiness and well-being.  In order for you to be happy with others and life, you must first be happy with yourself.  One of earths greatest pleasures is our ability to love.  It’s a desire of all humans; in families, friends and relationships.  It’s an incredible and amazing feeling.  Don’t miss out!

Do you know who’s blocking your path to happiness, success or love?  It’s you!  We are our own worst enemy when it comes to personal satisfaction, love, happiness, success or achieving goals.  We constantly stand in our own way, either physically, mentally or both; because our mind creates stories that aren’t factual or true.  We ruin our own attempts because our mind fabricates nonsense.  Is this part of being human or can we overcome this obstacle on our own?  It didn’t take me long to realize how simple it was to control my thoughts, especially when my mind would wander.  I became self-aware and the sabotage my mind created was easier to remedy and control.  Sometimes we need to get out of our own way to succeed.  Self-confidence, discipline and determination will assist in this fight.  It takes hard work and dedication to make your dreams come true.  Set your goals, put in the effort and keep moving forward. Your effort will always pay off.  People sometimes get discouraged along the way because their vision of success doesn’t materialize fast enough.  If you truly want something, motivation and effort will never falter, especially if it’s a true passion.  You have to keep working.  Don’t give up.  Stay focused and your self-confidence and esteem will grow as well.

Many of my favorite people are humans.  Some individuals make you wonder if they’re from this planet or evil aliens.  It never ceases to amaze me how some humans say or do things that defy reason.  These individuals seem to be more interested in their own scheming endeavors, rather than others or their rights.  Some weld power as if it’s their world and we’re their subjects.  They constantly complain about whatever doesn’t suit their particular political or personal agenda.  They spew hate, create division, ban books, manipulate free speech or deem things as offensive.  They cry racism, play the victim role and slander others; yet do nothing to help the struggling or poor of the communities.  These individuals do nothing to offer solutions to homelessness, hunger, addictions, drugs, suicides or the ever increasing violence in our cities.  Unscrupulous individuals may always exist in our world.  Society has always banded together, to fight against criminals and evil deeds.  I pray our strong morals, values, integrity, character and conviction are not a fading quality, but only temporarily silenced by a one sided narrative.  Americans are not limited to one race, color, gender, nationality or ethnicity.  We are a mixed people seeking freedom and equality for all.

I can only speculate why some humans are dissatisfied, unhappy, fearful, miserable or evil.  Complications of a fast paced, technologically advanced and socially disruptive life can be one of many reasons.  We have so much, yet some remain fearful, scared, unsatisfied or less socially connected.  We live in a society where life is over analyzed, victims rule and fear abounds.  Simple interactions and social contacts have faded with technology.  We live under a microscope of scrutiny, manipulated by biased groups or leaders seeking only more control.  We’ve adopted the “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality.  Whoever shouts the loudest and silences the other group prevails.  If that doesn’t work, then these individuals resort to name calling, slanderous phrases, vulgar verbiage or violence.   Too many political leaders do what’s in their best interest, instead of what’s best for Americans.  This treatment is neither fair or sane.  I don’t want to live in a society where our freedoms and rights are manipulated, restricted or controlled by unjust, one-sided, devious humans. 

Our government, leaders and our nation should be focused on building a stronger and unified America.  Our leaders should be solving problems in our nation; creating jobs, enhancing economic growth and supporting all businesses, so they can flourish.  Our veterans need assistance; they deserve so much more than our government has provided.  They should be a top priority.  Individuals should be moved away from unemployment, homelessness and welfare.  Assist them to earn their own way and become contributing members of society.  Jobs build self-confidence, while creating security and increasing self-esteem.  Let people get back to work and school, instead of restricting their lives.  I want politicians to place humans and humanity before their own desires.  This isn’t about race, gender or equality.  This is about being a good human, doing what’s right, fair and equal.  It’s human decency.   

The world remains an amazing place, filled with wonder and excitement.  The vast majority of humans on this planet are good individuals.  We were all put on this earth for the same purpose.  No person is better than another.  God’s blessing is upon every race, color, creed and nationality.  We’re all created the same; and should have equal rights and liberties.   Respect begins with self-love.  When you respect yourself, it’s natural to show respect for others.  This simple form of reverent recognition breeds an array of positive character traits.  Honesty, loyalty, trust, discipline and honor are honed from this admirable quality.  It’s easy to recognize the lack of respect some humans display.  Now is the time we all become better humans.  I treat others how I want to be treated.  Instead of hate think love; instead of anger think kindness; then lead with integrity and respect for all people.  Be happy with who you are, reach for the stars and turn your dreams into reality.  Belief and positivity are your starting points.

Congratulations are needed for some very special people today.  First, I wish my sister and brother in law a Happy Anniversary; along with great friends: Karen and Doug & Julie and Dana (who are celebrating today).  I’m sending a special Happy 30th Birthday wish to Jay.  A great young man and human.  Thank you for being one of my new favorite people.  Wishing you ALL a fabulous Sunday Fun day filled with Love and Happiness!  Enjoy life!  

Along with the celebrations of life, follows the sadness of death.  My aunt passed away, joining her husband (my uncle), now in Gods care. Two amazing and wonderful humans, more like my second set of parents, with their children like my brothers and sisters.  Her passing leaves only my Mom as the final sibling from both sides of the family.  In my sorrow, I know they have joined my Dad, and family, with God.  They will forever be in my heart, as I rejoice in my memories, until we meet again. 

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

Struggles and Fear

February 28, 2021

Good morning friends.  Happy last day of February!  I hope you are all doing well, staying happy and healthy.  If you aren’t, then it’s time to get busy and make it happen.  You should be your first priority.  This is your life and that stuff is your responsibility.  Life is a gift; please don’t waste it.  Time doesn’t slow down, so get moving.  I’m not sure if you feel the same, but this month flew by in a flash!  There were special events, celebrations, holidays, pain, heartbreak and sorrow.  Some of these I was a part of, while others just drifted and passed me by without notice.  A wonderful couple near and dear to me joined God’s angels.  This is the part of life that tears at my heart and the sadness only subsides with time.  Lessons learned from the passing days are difficult; life continues.  Our lives are ever changing, and hopefully we change for the better as time ticks away.  Remaining open and positive to the universe is one of my new best features.  I’m grateful each morning I open my eyes, realizing I have a fabulous opportunity to create happiness.  The sunrise provides a blank canvass to live my life and turn my dreams into reality.  I’m excited for the chance to just be here and be a better human.

Happiness is my choice every day.  That’s what I strive to achieve and want to facilitate in others.  I may not always succeed and hopefully I’ll learn new lessons along my path.  We all deal with various struggles during the course of our life.  Don’t ever feel you’re alone or the only person experiencing these difficulties, dilemmas, situations, frustrations or fears.  We are all subjected to doubt, anxiety, stress, trauma, or emotional issues while navigating life.  We all feel and share the journey of existence.  If someone tells you they have never been burdened by these, I doubt they’re being truthful with you or to themselves.  Whether issues occur during childhood, adolescence or adulthood, it’s all part of our evolution.  We’re humans and no one is immune from these events or feelings.  Some circumstances are real, others are perceived and some are simply fabricated in our minds.  Whether physical or mental, big or small, each has the potential for being equally debilitating or destructive.

Fear is a powerful weapon that has the ability to control our minds, immobilize our actions or completely restrain us.  It can keep us from living a happy life.  It’s a tool utilized by leaders, politicians, media outlets or others as a device to establish or maintain control.  I’ve witnessed it used by power craving individuals in the work place, in families, domestic abuse incidents, relationships or for manipulating the masses.  Keeping fear from invading your thoughts or being able to move past it can be a difficult process.  Once it establishes itself as a mechanism of control, it is keenly effective.  Individuals become conditioned to the constraints by constant indoctrination or abuse.  Continual worry about events and things out of our control drags us down.  Some thoughts seem to hold us hostage.  Breaking the cycle or moving beyond it is a continual battle.  How you process and dismiss fear is important to ultimately allow freedom of thought and expression.

Our indoctrination to life typically begins as young children.  We’re all raised in different settings, with a variety of values and character traits.  We are each subjected to various stimuli, situations, issues or events that trigger apprehension, anxiety, fear or some specific reaction or emotion.  We grow and perceive fear based situations through our past experiences.  As a young child I became ill for several days with a very high temperature.  At night, the intense fever brought vivid dreams of a raging inferno with demons rising up from beneath my bed.  As they grabbed at me to pull me under, I could only do my best to hold on and resist.  This memory (and fear) was etched in my mind.  It lingered within me for many years.  Another fear based incident occurred as a teen while body surfing at the beach.  I was rolled by a sizeable wave, bouncing me off the bottom while I guzzled salt water.  I gasped for air as I broke the surface, excited to be alive.  I immediately swam for shore as fast as possible, shaken and scared.  The incident created fear and took considerable mental fortitude before re-entering the ocean.  The scary memories faded as I matured and increased my self-confidence and personal security.  Fear, trauma or death are no longer my deterrent.  Life is precious and finite; to be lived and enjoyed.  Wisdom and knowledge provide me the power to move past the apprehension to some life events.  Not participating isn’t an option.  Sitting on the sidelines paralyzed or overthinking is not living.  Life is an experience meant for all. 

Human beings have an amazing brain capacity to think, create and build incredible feats.  When our mind creates thoughts or stories based on faulty information, this is where more problems begin.  If you allow your thoughts to wander freely, the more fabrications it creates.  One moment you are innocently silent and a second later your mind has manufactured an incredible tale in your head.  An innocent comment, read or heard, may trigger your mind to create an entirely false narrative.  I remain mindful to know when my thoughts begin to create such a tale.  I end this process before it takes my brain on a crazy journey.  If you allow these negative issues to be sown, it creates additional harm.  My past experience has taught me physical struggles can be easily overcome.  Hard work, discipline and a positive mindset gives me the energy to achieve and succeed.  For many of us, it’s the manifestations in our mind that create the most significant difficulties.  Our thoughts are extremely powerful and controlling.  This is where the real struggles begin and end.  There are many things in life that can scare us, want us to hide, not go out, cease interactions with others or be fearful.  Facing fear and moving beyond it is the path to happiness.  During my law enforcement career, I was involved and witnessed events and people that showed me sides of fear I never knew were possible.  These incidents made me more aware of the dangers surrounding us.  Some were deeply traumatic, painful and caused me to withdraw within myself.  I realized living in fear or hiding isn’t an answer.  I would much rather be an active participant in life than just exist.  I took charge of my thoughts and life (with some assistance).  My positive and happy outlook allow me to live in freedom. 

My Dad rarely showed fear.  He served in the Army during World War II, fighting from the beaches of Normandy across Europe.  I’m sure those fears and scars were deeply imbedded in his mind.  He fought and defeated much of the adversity thrown at him in life.  He never seemed to worry.  He recovered from a heart attack, high blood pressure, bypass surgery and prostate cancer.  When he was diagnosed with MDS (a blood disorder), he continued to fight.  I took him to many of his doctor appointments over the four years before it consumed him.  I knew it was slowly wearing him down, but he never complained or was fearful.  After each appointment he’d tell me, “Michael, I can beat this.  The doctor said I should eat healthier foods and exercise, so that’s what I’m doing.”  He told the doctor, on several occasions, that he felt better after eating a particular food.  The doctor would say, “That’s great John.  Keep doing that.”  Dad never gave up; always remaining positive and strong.  I’d always agree with his assessments and reciprocate with my strength, encouragement and positivity.  Fear wasn’t an option.   

Death has the ability to create fear, sadness or a full spectrum of emotions.  Maybe it’s the manner it’s introduced to young children, or how it can be used as a scary device.  We know it’s an inevitable part of life, but few people are eager to acknowledge this fact.  The death of a loved one is heart breaking.  Their memory remains close in our heart and forever in our thoughts.  We never know when our time will end on this planet.  Culturally, being Italian, death was an open subject.  The death of relatives or family friends gave cause to mourn and celebrate.  As I’ve grown older, more relatives and friends succumb to their final breath on earth.  I have no control over death, but I do have control on how I live my life today.  I want to be here as long as possible to enjoy my daughter, family and friends.  I believe the more I enjoy life in the present, the more I am at peace with giving my soul to God when that time comes.   

I live a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health and increase longevity.  I enjoy nutritious foods, fitness, exercise, restful sleep and quality time in the sun and nature.  My intention is to live the best I can, in happiness and with love for others.  Life is an amazing and beautiful experience.  The first step in this process is allowing life to happen.  You can’t control everything, so don’t try.  It just creates more stress or worry.  It’s natural to be fearful, but not to the point where it keeps you from living life.  Pull back the ego or the belief that you’re the center of the universe.  We are merely tiny specks in this vast expanse of space.  Limit your time viewing social media and main stream news.  Get outside often and enjoy nature.  Remember you’re never alone in your struggles.  Don’t allow fear to consume you, prevent you from living your dreams or enjoying happiness.  When you free yourself from the constraints within your mind, you discover the joy and splendor of life.  Our world can be fraught with struggles and fear.  Protect yourself with knowledge and knowing what is truly dangerous, rather than what’s created in your mind.  Stay positive, strong, self-confident and courageous.  Be fearless to live a happy and healthy life.  I’m here if you need support or a helping hand.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!


February 21, 2021

Good morning friends.  Happy 2-21-21!  I hope you are all doing well, staying happy and healthy.  This past Monday, February 15th, we celebrated President’s Day.  It’s the day our nation honors two of our historic leaders.  Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th; while George Washington’s birthday is tomorrow, February 22nd.  Combining the celebration of both these great men was initiated in the late 1960’s.  It was part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which created more three day weekends for Americans.  This change took effect in 1971.  Prior to that, our nation celebrated both of these holidays independently.  I suppose having a three-day weekend is the more important issue, not the actual men or their accomplishments.  It always amazes me how humans attempt to manipulate or alter historic dates to fit our own agenda.  If you haven’t, please take a moment to appreciate what these two men represented.  Their strong character and values assisted in building this great nation.  They are truly remarkable individuals, who turned their dreams for our nation into reality.   

What are your priorities as we journey further into 2021?  I’m sure neither of these two great presidents could have imagined what the future of our nation would hold.  We have made great strides of progress since the colonial and civil war days.  Unfortunately, some politicians and biased individuals, cast aspersions on these great leaders, our people and nation.  I have found that when people make attempts to discredit strong leaders or others; they are pushing some diluted or radical agenda.  Do not be fooled or influenced by unscrupulous manipulation of the truth.  Remember that knowledge is power.  The more you stay educated on what’s happening in our world, nation and your community, the better you will be in fending off the untruth.  There are those who only seek to spread fear or mislead you with foolish notions.  They only seek to gain more control.     

This past week shared several significant events.  February 17th, was Ash Wednesday; the beginning of Lent.  This is primarily celebrated by Christian religions and a time of repentance.  It precedes the coming of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ (the Son of God).  On Thursday the cork was popped with National Wine Drinking Day.  The trajectory of the day drastically changed course later that afternoon when the Perseverance rover landed on Mars.  Whether these events were the highlight of your week or not, they are all amazing in their own regard.  If you gave up drinking wine for Lent, then the celebration Thursday tapped out.  The Mars landing is truly a remarkable and significant event.  It seems like we are truly reaching for the heavens.  This mission; the search and exploration of the “Red” planet, could potentially produce interesting facts about the history of the universe.  Evidence may be discovered revealing the existence of other life in the universe.  Consider how far our space exploration has progressed.  It really blasted off on April 12, 1961, when Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space.  Then on July 20, 1969 American Astronauts landed on the moon.  The launch and construction of the International Space Station began on November 20, 1998.  The first crew to reside in the space station were American Bill Shepherd and Russians Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev, on November 2, 2000.  They worked together for several months.  I’m certain a celebratory glass of wine is the proper thing to do for these occasions. 

Our world has witnessed incredible individuals; from all races, nationalities and genders; share their dreams, passions and exceptional insight.  These men and women graced our planet with their presence.  Throughout history people with extraordinary capabilities, visions and integrity have stepped forward to take a stand on moral, civic or controversial issues.  They introduced new methods to promote freedom, equality, fairness and educate the world.  Individuals with fantastic ideas brought them to life.  These people fought to forge new ground in order to bring creativity, imagination, inventiveness and inspiration to life.  America was built on visions and dreams of individuals promoting a better way of life.  Our nation continues to travel forward along that same path into the stars.  People who are supportive of growth and diversity, of our free society, are the backbone of this great country.  As Perseverance begins its exploration for signs of life, let’s stand together, united for a better and greater America.  Now is the time for strong voices to be heard.  Your voice matters.  It’s our responsibility to ensure our political leaders are doing what’s best for us, our nation and the world.    

People around the globe continue to experience difficult and turbulent days.  These are crazy and chaotic times.  The struggles are real and often unavoidable.  Worldwide pandemic madness is inflicting damage, both real and perceived.  Fear, created by politicians, leaders and the greedy foolishness of wealthy individuals continues its spread.  Tech giants are limiting use of social media outlets, applying their own brand of censorship and blocking entire nations from their platforms.  Many businesses and individuals are struggling to maintain their livelihoods, while dealing with health or financial concerns.  The economic devastation is both heartbreaking and sad.  The mental, physical or spiritual health of everyone has been significantly impacted in one way or another.  We are being hit hard each and every day.  Fear, stress and anxiety seem to be working overtime, even when we attempt to convince ourselves otherwise.  The effects from this devastation will linger for years.  Those severely affected are in desperate need of aid and assistance.   

Even planet earth was exhibiting its own problems; with severe weather changes, earthquakes, volcanic activity, avalanches and the like; plaguing our world.  A large swath of America experienced bitter cold storms.  Winter continued to sweep across our country from coast to coast.  Frigid cold temperatures created deadly accidents, power outages and wreaked havoc on humans, animals and the earth.  I’ve heard many accounts of the support and reliance of Americans during those dangerous storms.  Some politicians and media outlets would have you believe otherwise.  These individuals create more fear, while they point the finger of blame away from themselves or the true causes.  I suppose they could blame the chilly weather on Punxsutawney Phil.  He saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, which ultimately predicted six more weeks of winter.  At least his prediction has been accurate to this point.  It would be wise for these leaders or media sources to be more truthful in their accounts as well.      

The events of this past week provided much to digest.  How much of this can you control?  The simple answer is, “Take good care of yourself. When you are confident with yourself, then you can assist others.”  It’s not rocket science, but it definitely propels me.  Why would I waste precious time on things beyond my scope of influence or control?  Life is a one-time limited opportunity.  Focus on what you can do to make your life the best.  Stay focused, disciplined and continue to push forward.  Ask yourself, “What’s my priority?  What is most important to me?”  The answers will vary from person to person.  I can only tell you what my response is; “life.”  I am grateful each and every morning I wake up and roll out of bed.  Each new sunrise provides another day to fulfill my dreams, cherish those closest to me, share my love and live my best possible life.  My gratitude leads me to an array of many things; including my daughter, family, friends, health and happiness.  Decide what you want to accomplish, make a plan, believe in yourself and work hard every day to make it a reality.  Don’t let your foolish thoughts or the fear used by others to block or restrain your progress. 

Life is an ever changing mystery.  It can flow smoothly, it can be complex or as difficult as you make it.  We (humans) attempt to control whatever we can, by engineering specific events or altering outcomes to fit our own intentions.  Don’t make life about possessions, things, money or greed.  These only serve to create more dissatisfaction and unhappiness.  My best method for navigating the universe is to allow it space to ebb and flow.  Life always has a way of working its own magic.  It creates and manifests itself without our knowledge.  We can always do our best to work hard; with integrity, diligence and honor; to achieve our dreams and live our passions.  The events beyond our control may seem to block or plague us at times.  Don’t be discouraged.  Life really is an amazing opportunity to thrive and succeed!  Happiness is a choice. Positive thoughts begin when you believe.  Be happy with who you are and believe in your own capabilities.  Anything is possible.  The stars are attainable, if you reach for them.  Show yourself love, then it’s possible to show your love for family, friends, relationships and others.  Make life your priority and live the best possible life for to you.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

It takes two…sometimes

February 14, 2021

Good morning friends.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I wish you a bright and beautiful day.  Today provides a fabulous opportunity to honor your “significant other.”   Don’t allow advertisers to fool you into believing this occasion is limited to couples.  Some businesses like to emphasize that aspect to increase sales.  Marketing agendas invade many simple holiday celebrations.  They create commercial money making schemes to sell cards, flowers, candy, gifts or dining out experiences.  This isn’t what holidays were meant to represent, but right now it’s good for businesses that are hurting during these crazy days.  I realize today might be considered more fun if you’re in a “couples” relationship.  For me, this day represents the joy of life, while celebrating my family and friends.  I’ve shared some wonderful memories over the course of my life.  I’ve also been alone or at work for many of these days too.  Holidays have the ability to dampen spirits or depress attitudes, especially for those of us that are single.  Some people may be separated from partners, while others may have lost their loved ones to death.  Remember, you are never alone.  Be happy and in love with you.  You’re in control, so don’t let depression or anxiety influence your mind or behavior.  I make today all about being thankful for the many gifts and blessings I enjoy.  I celebrate my daughter, sister, mom, family, friends and life.  My heart is filled with gratitude. 

I was one of those individuals who thought today was only about couples.  It took many years of struggling, maturing and educating myself about what’s really important in life.  Showing the special individuals in our life that we love and care for them is what makes living exciting.  Giving flowers, cards or gifts is nice and appreciated, but saying, “I Love You” is a heartfelt tribute.  Physical items can be fun or help represent our feelings.  Showing them with actions and deeds is an incredible gift as well.  We all utilize various methods to show or express our love and emotions.  You might enjoy giving gifts or doing kind acts.  Spending quality time together is always nice.  Physical touch; such as hugs, kisses or holding hands is an amazing conductor of energy and emotion.  Communication and telling someone how you feel is always best.  I believe it’s more impressive to tell the special people how and why you love them.  Don’t ever be fearful to communicate your feelings with the exceptional people in your life.  Being close to others and sharing love is all part of being human.  

Since the inception of humankind, couples have come together to live united and propagate the earth.  Today is not much different; other than the advancements in technology and social skills. Maintaining strong relationships takes work and constant maintenance to achieve success and longevity.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a loving couple, family, friendship or business arrangement.  We must nurture and care for that union to ensure it develops and grows.  Honesty, trust, loyalty and communication are few ingredients that make them last.  Relationships should be a cooperative effort.  If you are truly vested with your partner, you are equals when it comes to care and love.  Two individuals join together to achieve specific goals and enjoy their dreams.  You enhance each other through mutual respect, admiration and understanding.  Every person wants to be successful.  Couples (or partners), help push, motivate, console and share everything life offers.  Together we conquer the bad and relish in the good.   We share our dreams, passions and goals; both independently and together.  We work as one to set new aspirations, while always supporting each other in the pursuit of their desires.

In order to have great things in life, it takes work.  When you put forth true effort and continual care for a shared vision you will achieve fabulous results.  If you sit by idly expecting everything to be okay, or just work itself out when issues arise, doom typically awaits.  We’re human and live on a planet spinning around the sun in a vast universe.  Yes, there may be turbulent times.  There are many aspects of life beyond our control.  Communication (open and honest), helps keep life in order.  Don’t hesitate to share your feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes.  If you withhold any of these, it can create potential misunderstandings, hurt feelings or worse.  The best solution is to talk about everything.  The real joy of an amazing relationship is knowing opposite ideas do not mean you no longer care or share love for your partner.  The balance of love is in how couples share, communicate and resolve their differences.  My parents were married 65 years, before my Dad passed away.  I’ve had aunts, uncles and cousins who were married just as long.  I have friends that share amazing relationships.  I’m sure they all have moments of disorder.  I know my parents had theirs.  They were always willing and able to resolve anything thrown across their path.  All of these individuals share similar traits when it comes to maintaining a great relationship.  They don’t take things personally.  All these wonderful people share commitment, understanding, respect and love for each other.  It’s a true bond.  I envy the dedication and love these couples share.  I aspire to reach that level of joy with a partner someday.  There are many amazing and wonderful individuals in this world.  We all strive for success, appreciation and love.  Begin with self-love and let it grow outward.  You’ll be amazed at what transpires with your friendships and relationships.

On this Valentine’s Day, consider how fortunate you are to live in America.  Free nations across the planet share so many wonderful privileges and rights.  Dreams come in a variety of visions and colors.  Do you ever dream that you’re strong, confident and achieving everything you want?  Our dreams can be as big as the universe.  I recall staring at the stars when I was a kid.  On warm summer nights I’d lay in our backyard and star gaze.  Dreams do come true.  If you can dream it, you can live it.  If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  You are your only limitation.  Start living life and enjoy every moment!  Your happiness and success are completely up to you!  Even with all the craziness, political madness and virus fears, we should be grateful and happy each day.  Success is simple; believe in yourself, then believe in your partner.

Singles and couples, just enjoy life!  If you’re stuck in wintery weather, then stay safe and warm.  Take time to talk with your partner, kids, siblings, parents, family and friends.  Share your feelings, thoughts and let them know you love them.  Life is a gift.  Time flies by at a blazing speed.  Don’t waste a moment worrying about the small things or events out of your control.  Humans are social creatures, so don’t sequester yourself due to fear or anxiety.  If nothing else, step out into the world, breathe and enjoy some time in nature.  It can be incredible medicine; for your mind, body and spirit.  Happy Valentine’s Day!! 

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

We’re the Police

February 7, 2021

Good morning friends.  Here we are, already a week into February.  Time is flying!  Last Tuesday, February 2nd was Groundhog Day.  Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.  This brings a prediction of six more weeks of winter.  I send my sympathy to those residing in wintery locations.  I’m a southern California native, where our seasons consist of spring and summer.  Fall and winter make occasional appearances.  If there’s a disruption in the weather, it’s major news.  I’ve witnessed my share of SoCal craziness.  Earthquakes, fires, mudslides, protests, celebrity nonsense, serial killers, gangs, drugs, riots and violence; are a few of our events.  Much of the madness is beyond our control.  We are responsible for our own actions and expressions.  We share this responsibility with all humans; to maintain a civil society and not let it slip into anarchy.  Adults (especially parents) need to educate our children and younger generations with intelligence, integrity and history.  We all should be aware of what humanity and goodness really stand for; and that evil is lurking nearby too.      

Children often dream of what they will become in adult life.  When I was a kid I wanted to be a fireman.  My backup plan was a cowboy or astronaut.  The fire department aspirations were based on the premise that it looked like fun.  Riding in big shiny red trucks with the lights flashing and siren blaring, just enhanced the thrill.  The cool looking fire station was a garage full of toys.  I recall going to open houses, climbing on the trucks and trying on equipment.  It was always a blast!  Who doesn’t like firefighters?  Part of my dream came true after I graduated from college.  I was hired by the Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service, as firefighter on a Hot Shot crew.  My four-year stint concluded working an engine crew on Angeles Crest Highway.  Years later I achieved a backup plan goal, assigned to the LAPD Mounted Unit.  Police work on horseback was a challenging endeavor and saddled with excitement.  The closest I came to becoming an astronaut was while assigned to SWAT and toured Cape Canaveral, at the Kennedy Space Center.   

Life and paths change over the course of time.  It’s interesting how the universe works its magic.  In 1980 I applied to the Los Angeles Police Department.  Four months later I found myself entering the LAPD academy.  My journey and passion for law enforcement began the first day of police training.  I had no idea my career would span nearly 34 years.  It took me down a variety of roads with twists and turns.  Some paths I had no idea existed or often no intention of traveling.  It was a grueling love hate relationship that slowly wore me down.  When I reflect on my many years of service, assignments worked, people I worked with, friendships, experiences, traumas and successes; I cherish each and every moment.   Each day brought new interactions, learning, experience and different individuals to assist.  The goals I set and decisions I made enhanced or altered my career in a number of ways.  I had the opportunity to work with many amazing individuals.  Several of my bosses were great mentors. They assisted me in developing my abilities and skills.  Their support and guidance pushed me to reach my potential in law enforcement.  I spent 16 years as an officer and 18 years as a supervisor (9 years as a sergeant and 9 years as a lieutenant).  The vast majority of my career was spent working field assignments (as opposed to sitting in an office).  As a lieutenant, in charge of personnel working the streets, it was my priority to be available to them.  I knew from my past experience what it meant knowing your supervisor was out there with you.  The support, mentoring and direction offered by a good leader is invaluable.     

Law enforcement, and the policing of any society, is not a simple or easy task.  The inherent dangers are ever present.  It can be rewarding and exhilarating work.  It can also bring pain, sorrow and heartache.  The stress you feel strains your entire being.  Countless incidents of trauma can debilitate you mentally and physically.  The pain and suffering of victims seemed nonstop at times.  Responding to trauma filled incidents became a normal occurrence.  I did all I could to assist people that were filled with hate, despair, anger, hurt and every other emotion you can imagine.  Witnessing abused women and children, death by suicide or murder, innocent victims brutalized, twisted wreckage of car accidents or people robbed of their possessions (taken by soulless thieves) was routine.  Maybe some people forgot, or maybe never really cared, what law enforcement represents.  For me, it stands for the good of our society and nation.  Large cities, or vast metropolitan settings, are filled with diversity, both good and bad.  Densely populated areas bring a variety of social, economic and crime related issues.  A career in law enforcement includes a life of dedication and giving.  It’s a calling rather than a job.  It often was difficult me to leave at the station what occurred during my shift.  I’d go home feeling exhausted from the mental and physical fatigue.  Trauma and tormented individuals remain with you forever.  Some days were uneventful, while the majority were filled chaos, madness, sadness or anxiety.  Your mind and body remain on “high alert” for potential danger or criminal activity.  I’m always aware of my surroundings, situations and people around me.  Knowing you’re a target, from attacks or from individuals seeking to discredit you, and what you represent, is forever present. 

We all know evil exists (or we should).  If you have doubts, please educate yourself on individuals that commit heinous and atrocious acts or crimes; like mass murders, serial killers, child predators or brutal dictators.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and nationalities.  Evil individuals have been on this earth since the inception of mankind.  Millions of innocent people have been brutalized, traumatized and butchered by evil and sadistic humans.  When laws were first enacted to protect societies, individuals were sought to serve as a buffer between the good and bad.  Law enforcement officers became the protectors of society.  Officers have rules, policies, procedures and laws (civil, state and federal) to follow and obey in the facilitating of their duties.  Criminals, or those who disregard our society; don’t obey laws, disregard moral conduct and will use any force to take what they want.  Individuals with no affinity to police, pose a dangerous threat to all.  Encounters with them can have deadly consequences.  There is no nice or pretty way for officers to restrain or stop the aggressive or combative actions of these individuals.  Criminals aren’t nice people.  Some humans do not have the ability, will power, mental fortitude or desire to control their illicit urges.  Using force isn’t delicate, politically correct or pretty.   Officers are guided by policy and law when force is necessary.  Lawlessness is bound by no code of conduct.  

We live in a country, where laws exist, so all people can reside in peace and freedom.  The defund the police movement grew as a political argument.  Politicians used it as a tool to spread fear and garner votes.  Extremists utilized it to discredit law enforcement and push their own agenda.  These individuals want you to believe we (Police Officers) are bad, racist or brutes.  Limiting police authority, freeing incarcerated criminals, closing prisons or opening our borders won’t solve any issues.  This only perpetuates more fear, division and unrest.  Following the incident at the Capital, democratic leaders used this to lock down Washington DC.  They set up fences, barricades and deployed thousands of military troops and police officers for protection.  Who are they afraid of, or was this just a cleaver disguise to create more fear and control?      

Today, law enforcement is under attack, both physically and politically.  The tactics to create fear, division, hate, while vilifying law enforcement are real.  Leaders call to defund law enforcement; then ensure their own security and protection with these same officers.  We should all be aware of the rising crime across our nation.  Murder rates, especially in large cities, gang violence, drugs, crimes against children and criminal behavior in general, is on the increase.  The threats against officers and dangers they face, horrific and appalling, grows daily.  Police officers and law enforcement individuals are dedicated to serving and protecting the community.  We are willing to do a job no one else wants to do or see.  We know the risks are real, but we want to maintain safe communities for all people.  When an officer encounters a dangerous or combative individual, split second decisions made under duress can be crucial to survival.  These encounters are scrutinized, picked apart and questioned to the smallest degree.  If an individual is injured or killed during a confrontation, officers are often condemned before all the facts of the incident are known.  People base their decisions on news or social media accounts, that often do not know the facts associated with the case.  Some news sources or media outlets alter, sensationalize, twist, fabricate or manipulate statements or facts to gain an edge on their competitors.  For some, news reporting is a business.  Who can break a news story first or provide more information than their revivals, wins.  There are people who do not care about facts or truth.  They only care to push information that supports and serves an agenda that serves their purpose.  There are hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers throughout our nation that provide outstanding, professional, fair and unparalleled service.  When you examine any career, nationality, race or gender, you find a few unsuitable individuals.  That small percentage can tarnish the entire group. 

I was blessed to work with one of the best police departments in this country (and the world).  The LAPD constantly sought new techniques and technology to resolve critical encounters with criminals or impaired individuals.  Our tactics, policies and training were constantly evaluated, reviewed and altered to ensure we were on the cutting edge of policing.  Before you render decisions on police actions, take the time so seek the facts, evidence and the truth.  The battle being waged against law enforcement is a sad commentary on our society.  We are becoming a world influenced by progressives and extremist beliefs.  It’s a fantasy world where good is now bad and bad is good.  I want to live in a world of law and order.  Our nation offers peace and freedom, but that will only last as long as we retain the good.  As long evil exists, or individuals prey upon others, the need for law enforcement and the military is required.

When evil is outside your door or you need help, who will you call?  I doubt it will be your congressional representative or state senator.  They have plenty of law enforcement security to keep them safe.  I guarantee you’ll want someone who offers immediate and unquestioned protection at any hour of the day.  We’re the police.  We’re here to help you.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!


January 31, 2021

Good morning friends.  The first month of the New Year flew by in action packed fashion.  Antics by both sides of the political spectrum continued.  The decision making of our “leaders” confuse and dismay me.  It makes me wonder how some of these individuals were elected.  Tomorrow we roll into a new month.  February brings new avenues to achieve success. I have no doubt the month will go quickly; it always does.  Let’s do our best to make each day spectacular.  Tuesday, February 2nd is Groundhog Day.  I hope, for the sake of those in wintery climates, Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow; forecasting an early spring.  If he sees his shadow, then six more weeks of winter is possible.  The fate of winter and our future may be unknown, but I plan to enjoy whatever each new sunrise brings.  Challenges and change will always exist.  Success can be achieved when you stay focused, maintain a positive attitude, use fortitude and hard work to propel yourself through adversity.  Life is full of opportunities!  Open your mind and grab them before they pass you by.

America is a great country and amazing place to live.  It’s a land filled with possibilities.  I’m sure people around our planet share my sentiment about their homes.  There are many incredible nations with wonderful people across the globe.  I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with some of them during my travels.  We all have things to be thankful and grateful for; most importantly life.  Our existence on earth, and the freedoms we share, are precious and valuable gifts.  These privileges should never be taken for granted or assumed.  We have endured many struggles over the course of time to ensure freedom and our way of life is protected.  Complacent or apathetic attitudes have the ability to bring disastrous consequences.  Life shouldn’t hinge on being a democrat, republican, liberal, conservative; or what your race, nationality, gender or religious belief may be.  Life, here in America and across the earth, should be about being a person of good character.  Be a role model who values good principles in support of our nation.  If a person consistently displays integrity, respect, honesty and loyalty; they easily gain my esteem and gratitude.  These four character traits seem to have faded for some individuals over the last decade or two.  The moral qualities America represents and stands for continue to slowly erode.   Extreme interpretations of our ethics, laws and Constitution has created a nation of politically correct fear based fanatics; while some see themselves as “victims” of our society.  America is not filled with racists or evil individuals, as some politicians want you to believe.  Every nation on this planet has a segment of extremists within population.  We all have biases to contend with, because we’re all humans.  Coexisting with others on this floating rock in the universe has always been tenuous.  Some just seem hell bent on increasing that difficulty. 

Life is an interesting and challenging process.  Hard work, principles, discipline and determination are a few traits that help create success.  Sitting on your rear doing nothing or living on government subsidies only breeds disrespect and malcontent.  America is a nation built by immigrants.  People come to this country to live in a free society.  They have the opportunity to build a better life in freedom.  The majority of these individuals work hard to achieve success and live their dreams.  My fathers’ parents came to the United States from Italy in the early 1900s.  My mom and her family immigrated here from Italy in the late 1930s.  They, along with millions of others, were proud to become Americans.  My sister and I asked our parents why they didn’t teach us how to speak Italian when we were kids.  Their reply, “We are Americans.  English is our language.  You didn’t need to know Italian.”  This was the mindset of many hard working immigrants that were eager to become citizens.  The tax dollars of Americans fuel this great nation.  Now we have many people struggling with economic hardship; influenced by the pandemic and restrictions created by unscrupulous politicians.  Our country, its people and many businesses need assistance.  Instead, our leaders are sending billions of tax dollars to foreign lands, or giving it to wealthy corporations.  Their idiotic decisions ruin businesses, increase unemployment, while sending our jobs to other countries.  It’s evident some politicians don’t care about our nation.  When does our government actually start helping its own citizens?  I’m not opposed to helping others, but shouldn’t our people and country be the primary concern.  Our military veterans, homelessness, small businesses and a variety of other social issues are in desperate need of attention, care and repair.  Some political leaders work to keep our nation divided.  They spread fear and hate; having you believe your fellow Americans are evil or not deserving.  These deceitful manipulations are both ludicrous and wrong.  It’s time we all show gratitude for life and each other. 

Family values should be a primary corner stone for building lives in America.  The majority of us live fast paced lives; that is often demanded by society.  We can become consumed by the chaos and madness.  The speed at which we live erodes our time and the importance of families.  The pandemic restrictions forced many families to stay home, but has that solved the problem?  Children are left alone at early ages; when parental support and guidance is most important in their development.  Parents need to be role models, while they empower their kids with family values, structure and discipline.  Self-esteem, confidence and character traits that instill the difference between right and wrong are advantageous in their development.  We’ve witnessed the ravages of alcohol, drugs, extremist ideology, criminal behavior or suicide; from our youth into adulthood.  Why are we allowing this to happen?  Are we that obsessed with our own lives or pursuits of grandeur?  It’s a tragedy how some parents subject their children to this behavior.  This demonstrates how we continue to remove the love of God and country from many aspects of life.  The government shouldn’t control our worship of God.  We should be proud to recipe the Pledge of Allegiance and sing our Nation Anthem.  We’ve allowed political extremism to remove important pieces from life.  Removing respect and loyalty to others and our Nation is increasingly easy.  “One Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.”  Our great nation was built on principles, that continue to be thrown away by an extremist mentally.  Let’s bring back our national pride, our self-respect, dignity and loyalty to God and Country.     

Innovation and education are amazing things.  New ideas, concepts, creations and advancements in technology bring us an array of amazing and time saving products.  Vehicles, electronics, medicine, manufacturing and housing are just a few examples of advancements over the last century.  Our nation, the world and civilization has come a long way.  Learning has developed and changed during that time too.  The educational process has provided many people the opportunity needed to achieve individual success.  It has given others the boost to reach higher goals to bring their dreams and creations into reality for the world.  While many aspects of education remain similar to previous ages, some aspects have altered into an evil mix.  Reading and writing are essential and have the process is the same.  Mathematics, science and medical studies continue to grow.  History is a subject a great debate and controversy.  This is where we have allowed professors and teachers take liberties in this field of study.  The problem began years ago; when individuals, school boards, historians or politicians, made decisions on what and how “history” should be taught.  Now we have “artificial intelligence” monitoring and caring for our needs.  Robots to keep us company are on the near horizon.  Talking to a small box in your home collects and tracks more than just data about you.  How long will it be until our advances reach “Technological singularity?”  Is that even possible?  I’m not sure I want a robot as a friend.  I’d rather share my time with other humans.    

We know there may be uncertainty and challenges ahead.  Change is one constant in life.  We are a nation of immigrants; mixed by race, nationality, culture, gender and religion.  Some political leaders continue to spread hate, fear and division.  Don’t allow them to shame or coerce you into believing this madness.  Don’t be manipulated by an extremist left or right mentality.  Educate yourself and be an independent thinker.  If you continue to believe this hate filled narrative, you will remain fearful and controlled by deceit.  I’m not naïve and I do recognize our planet has its share of idiots, extremists, racist and evil individuals.  They come in all colors, races and national origins.  It’s a sad fact of this world.  I respect the heritages of all people.  We are all humans seeking the same peace, equality and freedom America has represented for decades.  I enjoy my cultural heritage, but I’m always an American first.  Life is truly a magnificent creation of beauty and pleasure.  All people are equal and deserve to live in a free society in God’s universe.  How we care and respect ourselves reflects on how we will treat others.  Show kindness and love to yourself and then to others; it will in turn be shown to you.

Life really is an amazing and fabulous thing.  Don’t waste it on fear or hate.  Now is the time to do all you can to make this the best life ever!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

Conquering a Country

January 24, 2021

Good morning friends.  I’m sure we all had high expectations for January and the New Year. Even with the chaos of the presidential election, I had hoped our newly elected leaders would bring calm and unity.  Then devastating events at the Capitol occurred, Pelosi called for impeachment and disenfranchised half of America with her loathing rhetoric.  Hate and contempt only breed more the same.  Biden’s’ inauguration speech of “unity” offered more separation than inspiration.  As a career politician, including eight years as vice president and 36 years in the senate, I hoped for more wisdom.  Seeing only camouflaged spectators in a deserted DC was an unnerving sight.  What’s next for our nation?  Let’s pray that our country can come together, heal and move forward in peace and freedom.  We can’t allow our country to be conquered. 

Inhabitants of this planet have been engaged in conflict since the birth of mankind and inception of good and evil.  Animals fight for superiority within their kingdom.  The stronger, or more cunning, typically ascend to the top of the food chain.  Combat among humans is to conquer foes, gain dominance, plunder treasure or rule lands.  Arrogance and greed are the roots of control, manipulation and power.  Missiles, bombs and armies provide a show of power, force and invoke fear.  In this technological age, physical battles are no longer required to conquer or oppress others.  Chaos, uncertainty and turmoil from within can create desperation and panic.  Control and fear are a reality in communist, socialist or totalitarian countries; like China, Russia, or other countries without freedom.  People in these lands face imprisonment or death if they do not adhere to the oppression of fanatical leaders.  In the 1960s, Russia predicted the USA would fall without an invasion or firing a shot.  Communist China vowed to topple our government and control our nation from the inside.  Their intention; to spread fear, hate and division; reduce our rights, beginning with free speech; and by controlling our businesses and political leaders.  Look at what they have accomplished here, while in the midst of devastating the freedom of Hong Kong.  I pray our nation never comes close to falling into hands of communist arrogance and domination.  People of America are becoming increasingly complacent in their life style.  We allow fear to rule us; dictated by unscrupulous politicians, slanted media and idiotic billionaires.

I don’t know what the next four years holds for us.  I can only hope our elected leaders step forward to ensure our nation, rights and freedoms are protected.  It’s easy to recognize how foreign powers continue to gain a foothold of control throughout the world.  I have no doubt countries like China or Russia work to gain influence over political representatives.  What better way to conquer a country, than from the within?  I’m sure this scenario continues around the globe.  The goal is world domination.  Evil forces across this planet work diligently, focusing their efforts to achieve this agenda.  Large corporations, land, industries and natural resources are being purchased in massive scale around the world by China.  We need to wake up and become educated to what is occurring in our nation and around globe.  Americans, the battle is at our doorstep.  The only way we can win is through education and knowledge.  Begin thinking logically for yourself.  Unscrupulous billionaires and politicians control our lives, through what we see, read and hear; via main stream news, social media and the internet.  Now they are attempting to silence the sources of truth and honest reporting.   

The events across our nation during the last five years are compelling.  Democratic leadership, including some news outlets, boasted Trump could never win.  The momentum intensified against his presidential campaign.  I believe Americans were tired of the lack of action and finger pointing by politicians.  Some were eager to elect the first female president; but Hillary wasn’t the right option.  Did she lack the peoples trust?  Was her honesty or integrity in question; especially after Benghazi in 2012.  What caused Democratic leaders to attack Trump with such vigor and distain?  Were they that convinced he wouldn’t win the election in 2016?  Did an outsider’s victory (especially someone they could not control) completely upset their agenda for the US?  Answers to these continuing mysteries remain unsolved.  I’m confident the truth is out there.  For the sake of our freedom and nation, I hope and pray the story will be revealed in time.

When Trump was elected, it touched off a battle for control.  Pelosi and her colleagues intensified their assault on his character and administration.  He threatened to “drain the swamp.” This proposal presented a risk to their supremacy.  We (the American people) have been held hostage in the middle of this political feud.  Pelosi and the democratic party provided no support for Trump when viable solutions to real issues in our nation were needed.  How many mass shootings have there been or inner city killings; yet not a single bill or resolution has been tendered to address these issues.  Politicians receive large “donations” from a variety of wealthy individuals, corporations, companies and countries.  Why would they do anything to go against the will of these industries?  How many protests occurred across our nation in 2020; resulting in destruction, burning, looting and violence?  Pelosi and many democratic leaders condoned the behavior, as free speech or racial inequality.  They used words like, “systemic racism” and “white supremacist” to define people like me.  Law enforcement officers were unjustly accused, abused and murdered.  Where was the outcry for these men and women, who only wished to protect and serve?      

Is there more to the attack on the Capital than we know?  Was it really Trump supporters gone mad, or something more sinister?  It just doesn’t make sense.  There are so any unanswered questions.  I’ve visited Washington DC on numerous occasions.  Security and law enforcement are a highly visible component of safety.  The White House and Capital have restrictive perimeters and secured points of entry.  When rallies or demonstrations occur, security operations are much more rigorous.  On this particular day, the Vice President and full Congress were in the Capital.  Where was their protection and security that day?  How individuals gained easy access deepens the mystery.  Why, or who orchestrated it or how it was possible, remains a mystery.  I do not condone the lawless attack on our nations’ Capital or law enforcement.  The people who took part in this atrocity deserve to be behind bars.  The thousands of rioters who participated in the looting and destruction across our nation in 2020 deserve to be jailed as well. 

The dust around the Capitol barely settled when Pelosi (and her colleagues) branded millions of Americans as extremists, domestic terrorists, racists or white supremacists.  This is offensive and insulting to our nation.  Democratic leaders have been spreading this division and bigotry for years.  They use news outlets and social media to propagate their agenda.  I know evil exists in our world.  There are good and bad people (I hope we all understand that).  Unfortunately, the majority of what we hear, typically centers around bad deeds.  Fear and evil is easy to sell and manipulate.  Racism and extremist ideologies are not confined to any one people or country.  They exist in every race, color, nationality, gender or religious background.  These behaviors span our globe.  I do not agree with the term, nor have I witnessed “systemic racism” in our culture, as Democratic leaders want you to believe.  I’m aware of the social and economic issues facing our nation.  Pointing a finger of blame at everyone isn’t an answer or solution.  This country has issues in many aspects of society, but it’s easier for these leaders to deflect the real issues and their lack of action.  I worked in a variety of communities throughout Los Angeles, engaging individuals from many races, nationalities, religious beliefs and economic income.  I’ve travelled our country and the world, interacting with many people.  America (and the world) is filled with good, hard working, God fearing individuals, striving for a better life.  My experience, throughout the United States of America, shows me our economic and political issues are much more extensive than racial.  Unfortunately, some Democratic leaders want you to believe that nonsense in order to further their own power and control.  They’re actions have created sad days for America. 

Now large tech giants are tampering with free speech; as what we say or do can be deemed unacceptable, by merely voicing our opinion.  Where is the outcry from our representatives or the media?  The inhibiting of free speech, by billionaires, should make you fearful.  Our freedom and rights are being attacked.  I do not want to live in a country where what you think, say or do can be controlled by the government.  This is our “democracy.”  “Government by the people especially: rule of the majority.  A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly, resulting in free elections.”  Do you see where this road is leading us?  If we stay on this path, it takes us toward the destruction of America from the inside; just at the Communist Party predicted many years ago.     

Real life is much more intriguing than any spy novel or murder mystery.  Be aware of your sources for truth and facts.  Inaccurate and misinformation abounds; much of which we’re bombarded with daily.  It’s difficult to know who to trust or believe.  America was built by individuals who shared many voices, but united for a common goal; a free nation.  I know we have patriotic leaders within our representatives.  I am anxious to have their voices heard in this administration. In this first week of power, Biden and democratic leaders reversed and enacted a number of Executive Actions.  These measures have the ability to create additional economic or social havoc across our land, with far reaching effects.  The uncertainty of our freedom is real.  We can’t allow fear, hate and racial division to be continually pushed on us.  This is the illusion they preach to further manipulate their control.   

I was raised with morals, values and a belief in God.  I learned to respect all people; treating everyone fairly and equally.  I hold my characteristics of integrity, loyalty and honesty in high regard.  I’ve done my best to maintain these traits throughout my life and career.  I support our new president, even though many others refused to support Trump when he was elected.  I’m not a Biden fan, but it’s the right thing to do as an American.  Our nation must unite to preserve freedom and equality for all.  We need more kindness, more understanding and more God in our lives.  I know our nation (on both sides of the political fence) is filled with great people; rich in diversity, culture and respect for freedom.  We need our collective voices to be heard.  Let those voices speak up loud so we can regain control of our land and our political system.  I do not want to see our land conquered or lost; for myself, my children and their children.  God bless America.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

Build your strength

January 17, 2021

Good morning friends.  We’re already mid-way through the first month of the new year.  Time keeps ticking away; never slowing down.  Take advantage of each and every day.  Live the best possible version of yourself.  These are difficult times for many individuals.  Good people are struggling to keep their businesses and lives afloat.  The chaos filled days of dealing with political madness, social unrest, violence in our streets, the virus and economic uncertainty; create consent fear, stress and anxiety.  I had hoped our nation would begin to heal in this new year.  Why do people continue to divide our nation?  Is there an advantage to dividing and conquering us?  It sure seems that way.  There are two days bearing significance this coming week.  Tomorrow, Monday, January 18th the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.  His legacy represents equality, peace and freedom.  We can all benefit from his enlightenment and kindness.  On Wednesday, January 20th, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.  I pray he will do what is right for our nation and all our people.  It would be beneficial for him to follow Dr. Kings inspirational wisdom; “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Many political and corporate leaders could learn a valuable lesson from his many quotes.  Some of them haven’t done the right thing for years.  These individuals are all about their own power, influence, control and wealth.  What have they done to unify our nation?  What have they done to end violence in our streets or stop mass shootings?  During the last five years many have focused their energy and attention on discrediting and removing one man.  Now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on building your strength.  We live in a society where fear is used as a tool for manipulation and control.  Powerful politicians, billionaires, mega corporations, (and even foreign countries) use this tactic on a daily basis to leverage us and our nation.  How is it possible for us to unite, when we’re constantly being pushed apart?   Do not allow fear or these evil ploys to consume you.

Fear is a powerful force.  We learn it at a young age, then do our best to avoid it.  The fear of failure, other people, leaders, politics, police, crime, sickness and death seem to drive our emotions and reactions.  We are bombarded with fear daily; from politicians, news sources and social media.  Unfortunately, the stress and anxiety associated with fear may be inescapable for some.  If you allow fear to control your life, it has the ability to alter your perceptions.  It allows you to settle for what doesn’t serve you; to say yes when you mean no, experience difficulty making decisions, become silent and no longer voice your opinions.  All of these reactions can make you feel sick, but the control is real.  Living in fear has the ability to constrain every portion of your life.  It’s natural to be cautious and afraid, but our strength is required to push beyond the initial reaction and the uncertainty. 

Now is the time to increase your knowledge and create self-care.  I want you to concentrate on your own personal well-being.  I know from my experience; change is the one constant in life.  People often say it seems to occur when we least expect it.  The other explanation is we know it’s coming, but attempt to avoid or deny it.  Like fear, trying to out run it just doesn’t work.  It’s better to face change head on and deal with it.  How we react, embrace or reformulate our lives when that shift happens is a key component to our stability and success.  There are a number of things we can do to assist in stabilizing ourselves, so any impact felt won’t throw us off our path.  It really is up to each of us to absorb any effects, without dwelling or allowing them to impede our progress.  The best thing we can do, is remain positive and keep moving forward each day.  Building your strength, so you are well prepared for change or making course corrections, if needed, is beneficial to your survival.  Self-care and building inner strength begins with maintaining your body physically, mentally and spiritually.  Make the decision to be strong. 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say, “Build your strength.”  Many people may immediately think of increasing muscular or physical development.  Maintaining physical strength is an important aspect of health, but it is not my complete definition.  For many individuals, physical fitness and strength training are a way of life.  For people in certain career fields, being strong in stature is a must.  In some professions it may even be a requirement.  Athletes of all types, shapes and sizes, use exercise and fitness to bolster their careers.  First responders, military and other professionals (like those working in the trades) utilize fitness as an element to their success.  I believe fitness is an important piece of the healthy life puzzle.  There are a couple of component parts that comprise this framework that are equally as important.  It’s beneficial to remember that all parts of the healthy fitness scheme incorporate exercise, rest, enjoying out down time, sufficient hydration and wholesome food.  They all complement each other, while working together in unison.  This encompasses a complete and healthy lifestyle. 

Mental fitness is an integral piece to this plan.  Maintaining an optimum level of mental stability does wonders for good health and our sanity.  One of the best things you can do to accomplish this, is to keep the stress or level of anxiety at its lowest.  Living and functioning in society today, especially when there is so much chaos and uncertainty in the world, can make this process difficult.  One method you can use to achieve this is to reduce your intake, or time spent, watching mainstream news and limiting interactions on social media.  Don’t believe everything you see, hear or are told from any of these sources.  They have their own agenda and it doesn’t necessarily match our own.  These are mega corporations, owned by wealthy conglomerates or billionaires.  These individuals have one thing motivating them, greed.  They are in the “sales” business.  They twist and manipulate stories and articles to fit their own needs or desires.  Social media content is closely controlled and orchestrated to achieve their desired goals.  Do your best to seek knowledge and truth from reliable and well tested individuals or sources.  Education and learning is something we can attain with moderate effort.  Knowledge provides us with the power of comprehension and understanding.  It’s an incredible tool and resource.  Another option to keep your mind calm, is to get outside.  Take some time daily to exercise, walk or just sit outside.  If you can go to a place that’s away from traffic and people, it works much better.  Whether you’re at the beach, in the forest or in your backyard, utilize the time to just relax.  Take 20 or 30 minutes to breathe and enjoy the serenity of life.  When you calm your mind and clear your thoughts, it really is amazing the new and positive thoughts that are revealed.  It can be a truly meditative experience.   A calm mind makes rational and intelligent decisions when needed. 

Spiritual strength is just as important to building and maintaining your overall health.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, a higher power, the universe, aliens or the power of you.  We all share a spiritual connection to one another and to the earth.  We are all comprised of energy and thus, products of the universe.  This is true, no matter how you believe we evolved on this planet. 

Gaining spiritual insight into yourself can be a process.  If you allow yourself the time and ability to gaze into your own soul, much can be revealed.  I believe in a Higher Power or God.  When I visualize our universe and our planet, I see us as a tiny speck in a vast cosmos.   

Building your physical, mental and spiritual strength, (like happiness or positivity) is a choice.  It requires your conscience effort.  We each have the ability to choose to do what’s in our own best interest, or not.  I’m happy to live in America, where I am free to make my own decisions each day.  When you are physically or mentally impaired, it may impede or prevent this; then that ability may not be possible.  Many humans on this planet have the ability to choose freely.  Sadly, there are many people living in totalitarian or communist controlled nations, where freedom does not exist.  I believe our nation provides strength to others.  We must maintain our nation, freedom, rights and unity to succeed.  I begin each morning with gratitude and thanks.  I’m thankful for free will, new opportunities and life.  Even before I roll out of bed, I tell myself, “Today is a great day to be alive.  I’m grateful to be here.”  Those few, but important words, set the tone for my day.  It’s literally really that easy.  Tell yourself to be happy.  Your mind will believe you.  Then you have to manifest it into life.  This isn’t a left, right or political thing (as some idiotic leaders would have you believe).  It’s the right thing to do.  In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., let’s unite as Americans, maintaining respect and freedom for all people.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

What happened to America?

January 10, 2021

Good morning friends.  January was off to a relatively smooth beginning.  Then January 6th happened.  I don’t have an issue with the rally for Trump that occurred, because that is our right as Americans.  What I find disgusting is the assault on our Nations’ Capital and officers assigned to protect it.  This behavior cannot be tolerated or condoned.  It doesn’t matter where you sit on the political fence.  This isn’t about who you support, like, dislike, race or who is president.  This is about respect, integrity and doing what’s best for our Nation.  What occurred inside the Capitol is a disgrace.  It is embarrassing knowing the world is watching us.  I had several friends from around the globe reach out to me, inquiring what the hell is happening in the USA.  Our country is supposed to be a world leader.  The violent events of 2020, and this past Wednesday, make me wonder.

I can understand why thousands of conservatives, republicans and advocates of President Trump gathered to show their support that day.  During the last four years, he achieved significant accomplishments, although I doubt main stream media will admit or share that information.  I wasn’t a fan of his ego or antics, but I do support some of his policies and goals to better our nation.  I wasn’t a fan of President Obama, Clinton (or the democratic party), but I gave them my support as presidents of our country.  That’s my duty as a good, decent and honest American.  We stand together “through thick or thin.”  Our democracy and political system was established as a free society, with elected leaders.  Visions and policies of our political parties vary, as they have for decades.  We still need to render our support for our president, no matter who it is or if we like or dislike them.  That’s how America is built.  Individuals like Pelosi should have figured that out long ago.  She (and others) have been taking up space in office for decades.  They are all talk and offer no solutions to real problems or issues.  This is where “term limits” would be very beneficial in keeping individuals like her out of office.

Heaven knows our country has serious economic and social issues that have been festering for years.  Trump, as a president, had little to no support from our so called political leadership.  The last four years have witnessed hate, division, harassment and unscrupulous behavior; and that’s just within Congress and state leaders.  The vast majority of people (99.9%) who gathered in DC for Trump attended with peaceful intentions.  During my career in law enforcement I worked numerous rallies, protests and demonstrations, including the LA riots.  As with most events of this magnitude, they always draw an evil element with their own agenda.   You can label these individuals with any name you see fitting.  I believe extremists, on the far left or right political fringes, are evil adversaries of our nation.  They are a threat to our democracy, freedom and the world.  These people live in America, but do not believe or adhere to the same values as the majority.  We are a free nation, with rights and privileges for all people.  We can peacefully protest or demonstrate to show our support or dislike for an array of issues.  Lawlessness, anarchy, looting, violence and destruction of property are not part of those freedoms.  Anarchist behavior should not be tolerated; from individuals, groups or elected representatives.  It’s frustrating and upsetting when race is injected into any scenario as an issue.  Every time you raise “racism” as an issue as to why an incident happened, you push people further apart and impede progress.  The fact is, no matter where you are in the world, evil people exist.  The sooner we accept that and unite, the better our world will be.  My career in law enforcement provided me with a unique view into society and human interaction.  Years of working in various communities across Los Angeles, and interacting with individuals around the globe, provided much insight into humanity.  I learned that good people vastly outnumber the bad.  Don’t be fooled, evil does exist.  Evil, bigotry and hatred isn’t confined to one group, race, nationality, gender, religion, profession or economic level.  Criminals come in all shapes, sizes and persuasions.  Evil is real; whether it’s in front of you or attempting to remain hidden. 

During 2020, a number of protests and demonstrations occurred across our nation (including Washington DC).  All of these events quickly degraded in violence, looting and burning of businesses and buildings.  Police officers were attacked and killed.  The Democratic Party and its leadership condoned and often urged rioters to continue with this disgusting behavior.  The rioting that occurred last summer in Washington DC ravaged this beautiful city.  Marauding thugs defaced monuments, memorials and tore down historic statues.  Businesses were looted, fires were set, buildings were destroyed and people were injured.  Where was the outcry to these atrocities in DC, or other cities?  Violence isn’t an answer or solution to our domestic issues or problems.  Leaders of the Democratic Party have basically given their approval for this to occur.  They have been sympathetic, while utilizing their methods to regain control and power.  Maybe they believed, or feared, the Trump administration was diminishing or taking their power and control away from them.  Aristotle said, “Yes the truth is that men’s ambition and their desire to make money are among the most frequent causes of deliberate acts of injustice.”   The Democratic leadership has failed to bring unity or social justice for anyone.  They only spew more hate and division, while lining their pockets with our money.  

So, what’s happening to America?  This past year (and this past Wednesday) showed a much darker side to our nation and all the issues troubling this land.   Do not be naïve enough to believe one individual (over the last four years) is to blame.  Don’t be lured into believing this is a racial, political or leadership issue.  Career politicians have done nothing to solve or offer solutions to any of the urgent issues facing our nation.  They enjoy pointing fingers of blame at others, telling the American people lies and spreading fear while indicting other political party members.  Our so called leaders ridiculed law enforcement, created racial unrest and demanded change.  Many of these same individuals have been in office for decades.  Over this expanse of time, these individuals have done nothing to effect any significant or positive change.   These unscrupulous leaders use their political power, rhetoric, and the main stream media, to promote their own agenda while propagating fear and racial division across our country.  They collect large pay checks, have financial support from a variety of sources and yet do nothing to bring positive change for the masses.  Our nation needs new leaders who will bring creative and innovative ideas that actually make positive changes, for the betterment of all Americans.  We must demand our leaders to take action that make our country safer and bring equality for all.  Many people and businesses are suffering, physically and economically, from the pandemic.  The “stimulus” package tossed a few hundred dollars to individuals across our country.  The bulk of the funds Congress approved went to political constituents, big business billionaires, foreign countries and increased their own salaries.  This isn’t a solution.  It’s a slap in the face to every American. 

Washington DC is a symbol of our democracy and freedom.  Every visit to this city energizes my patriotism, making me proud to be an American.  It’s easy to recognize the various levels of security circling the Mall.  Protection measures are noticeably more evident at the White House and our nations’ Capital.  I find it difficult to believe Capital security was caught off guard on Wednesday.  They knew this large event was planned.  It wasn’t a surprise attack.  This is a building you just don’t open the front door and walk in, although it seemed to be on Wednesday. 

What occurred wasn’t a surprise, considering the lawless events of 2020.  These lawless attacks, were perpetrated by individuals with an agenda to achieve.  The individuals were visibly prepared; with helmets, shields, gas masks, ropes, backpacks and equipment intended for battle.  It was reminiscent of recent riots.  Anarchists, extremists, antifa, criminals or evil anti-Americans; and have no place is this country.  It’s tragic and sad several people died, including two who were killed.  A US military veteran attempting to enter the building was shot by police and Capital police officer died from injuries sustained during the assault.  These deaths could have been avoided.  So, where was the security at the Capital on Wednesday?  Who controlled the security detail on this day?  What was their security plan?  Who are the perpetrators?  What is their agenda?  Why did this happen, why did people die and why wasn’t it prevented?  There are questions that need to be asked and answered.  We deserve to know the answers to these and many other questions.  I want the facts and truth.  I believe there is more to this story than we know, or are being told.  Will unscrupulous politicians allow that knowledge to be revealed?  The Capitol Police Chief tendered his resignation Thursday, but that didn’t provide any answers.   

On Friday evening I learned about the silencing of free speech.  Tech giants (billionaires that control media companies) are attempting to shut down other social media platforms they deem “dangerous.”  Who authorized these companies to limit Americans First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech?  Social media outlets, like Parler and individuals like Candice Owens, are targets of this agenda.  Is this where the control begins, by closing avenues of free speech?  Be an independent thinker.  I do not put my faith in main stream news, social media, athletes, entertainers or billionaires.  What we see on main stream news or social media is what they allow us to see.  The content is controlled by them.  These wealthy elitists have their own agenda.  It typically revolves around their own greed.  Seek the truth from honest and reliable sources.  Outlets such as the Voice of America, AP News and 1440 Daily Post, offer fact checked stories.  As a police officer, I sought and examined the facts, listened to all sides of the story and relied on the truth before making an informed and intelligent decision.  Today, many people are making statements based on their own conclusions before hearing any of the facts; or only listening to one side of the story.  Gathering facts and evidence is crucial to any decision. Knowledge is power.  The more truth you know, the stronger you become. 

Honesty, trust and loyalty to our nation has evaporated with arrogant, greedy and hateful behavior.  It is troubling and sad watching our glorious country sink into chaos.  Consider the sources of discord and malicious misinformation being spread across our nation.  It began over four years ago when Trump became a candidate for president.  The Democratic party politicians began their propaganda campaign to sway voters into believing our country is filled with racism, hate and inequality.  Main stream news, social media and extremists continue their daily misleading barrage.  Don’t fall prey to this arrogant and entitled nonsense.  We are all merely human beings residing on this planet.  Our time here is limited.  Why would you place your trust in individuals that rely on fear, hate and prejudice?  These people only seek to control you for their own gains and satisfaction.

I pray the next four years create more solidarity and unity among all Americans.  I’m confident law enforcement will bring the anarchists responsible for the Wednesday assault of the Capital to justice.  Combined police authorities have been working nationwide to locate and arrest looters, law breakers and violent offenders associated with events across our nation during the last year.  We deserve to live in a free, peaceful and lawful society.  Our Constitution provides rights and provisions of law to maintain order and a free society.  Together we can bring our country back as a leader in the eyes of the world.  United we stand, divided we fall.  If we fail, we place the freedom of the world at risk.        

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

Cheers to 2021

January 3, 2021

Good morning friends!  Happy New Year!!  We made it!  I hope you enjoyed celebrating the start of 2021!  I was happy to say farewell to 2020!  Cheers to setting our vision on a brighter year.  It can be filled with endless possibilities.  Are you willing to take a chance?  Just say “Yes” and move forward with eager anticipation.  It takes dedication and some work, but anything you dream is possible.  Believe in yourself and you will succeed.  The rewards will vastly outweigh your efforts.  Opportunities abound daily, but only if you recognize them.  Don’t let them pass you by unnoticed.  Open your heart and mind to becoming a better version of you.  Do your best to make it a fabulous and uncomplicated New Year.  The world is a wonderful place when we move forward, bringing joy and harmony into our lives.  It all begins with living a healthy life.  

2020 began with much hope and promise.  The first couple of months were filled with wonder and possibilities.  Those dreams quickly degraded into nine months filled with stress, anxiety and chaos.  The new year provides a fresh canvas for us to create and improve our life.  In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you must first begin by being happy and in love with yourself.  We are each responsible and in total control of our own attitude and moods.  If you constantly perceive everything in a negative manner, that’s what your world will reflect.  You have the ability and power to direct how your mind processes what you take in from others and all that touches you.  How we each react and internalize this material can manipulate our emotions or behavior.  It can be for good or bad; it’s your choice.  If an individual or event, creates negative or hostile energy toward you, the best response is to deflect it.  Do not allow negativity to have a place inside your thoughts.  No matter what the source, how you deal with these interactions is really up to you.  Each day should begin with gratitude and positivity.  Don’t allow what others say or do create an adverse reaction within you.  Typically, how others act, or what they say, has nothing to do with us, but is a direct reflection of their own attitudes, perceptions or insecurities.  It is up to each of us to maintain a clear and positive thought process each day.  

Here are a few simple suggestions to remember when you experience difficult circumstances.  Always be kind to yourself.  You’re never too old and it’s never too late to set new goals.  Remain focused and positive while working to achieve your goals and live your dreams.  Don’t allow the negativity of other individuals to influence your attitude or behavior.  If you fail, don’t give up; it has a way of keeping us grounded.  Each step forward takes us closer to achieving what we desire.  Discipline, integrity and dedication are the building blocks to success.  Change is an inevitable constant in the universe.  Don’t resist or fight it.  Embrace change, as you do life.  Maintain a balance between work and fun.  Add plenty of nature.  Gratitude equals happiness.

When you’re happy with yourself, life improves dramatically.  The moods of those around you will be impacted by your positive energy.  My Dad had an old saying he shared with me.  He said, “If you walk with someone who limps, pretty soon you will begin to limp too.”  It took some growth and maturity for me to understand the true meaning.  When I put forth an effort to be positive and live a life with integrity, my world suddenly changed.  I saw the enthusiastic change in myself.  It was easy to recognize how my attitude affected and encouraged the confidence in others around me.  Why would you limit yourself, when it is so easy to grow and expand your horizons?  Over the years I have done research, seminars, taken classes with professionals regarding all of these issues.  Many people will give varying advice, but agree the process starts with you.  Your life and happiness is in your hands.  You choose how to live it.  I sincerely hope you will choose wisely.  For me, healthy living includes exercise, rest, sunshine, water and eating foods that are good for me physically, mentally and spiritually.  Communicating your thoughts, feelings and passions with those you love is an integral part of the equation.  All of these combined abilities will lead us to living a healthier lifestyle.

There can be “traps, pitfalls or limping” along the path of life.  Why would you want to create another?  Whether unintentional or not, when we dig ourselves into an adverse situation, we need to get out of it quickly.  One pitfall to avoid, at all cost, is the use of a “crutch.”  I’m not referring to a device to help you walk.  This “crutch” is used by some individuals to deal with stress, depression or just life.  In my earlier years I used alcohol as a means to relieve anxiety and stress.  I thought it helped me fit in, while dealing with trauma and life.  I drank to ease the pain and bring me happiness.  It took me a several years, but I realized drinking only made my life worse.  It only succeeded in creating additional adverse issues, none of which were ever good.  It was poor judgement that became habitual.  “Bad” habits can seem to be the most difficult to overcome.  Whatever crutch, stimulus or habit you may be using (or considering), to help reduce the pain: alcohol, drugs, binge eating or some other addiction; they will only create more harm.  I’ve met many people that say, “I only have a couple drinks after work to take the edge off.”  I know from experience, a couple of drinks a day to relieve stress is not the answer.  It’s not healthy and it just doesn’t work.  It may give you the sensation of relief, but it wears off quickly.  Alcohol, or whatever substance you lean on, only creates more stress, anxiety and grief.  This is a great time to kick those bad habits, use better judgement and toss those crutches away.  If it’s an addiction or substance abuse problem that requires professional assistance, then please seek that help or treatment.  There is no reason to put your health in jeopardy or compromise it.  Life is short enough as it is.  Let’s be here to live a happier and healthier life together.  

I was fortunate, through advice from others, self-realization and the grace of God, that I needed to overcome the negatives in my life.  I learned how to love myself again, while increasing my health in mind, body and spirit.  These simple, yet definitive actions, propelled me forward into the positive.  From that point on my life has only improved with each step forward.  I am happier, healthier, loving who I am and living a grateful life.  There are many accolades I can share about discarding negative crutches.  Living a healthy and happy life is just the beginning. Dealing with the stress and trauma of life is real.  There are better choices to assist in dealing with daily stress or trauma.  Exercise has always been my “go to” for mental fatigue or spiritual enlightenment.  Going for a run, bike ride or lifting weight has always paid off with huge success for me.  Simple things, like going for a walk can bring magical effects as well.  Spending time outside, in nature, is a fabulous and natural method to seek stress relief.  I have spent many hours just sitting in nature.  Whether it’s at the beach, forest or in my own yard, the solitude provides greater benefits, mentally, physically and spiritually.  If you intend to benefit from this, you must allow yourself to connect with your surroundings.  Leave your cell phone and find a secluded location away from distractions.  Enjoy the beauty and magnificence of Gods creations.  This experience can be meditative and provide introspection.  It has often enlightened my mind and spirit, while empowering me to push forward.  When you couple these natural forces with healthy eating habits, better rest and a kinder spirit, it makes for a happier and more vibrant me. 

Don’t be afraid to talk with the people you love.  Good communication is not only healthy, but great for bonding and building better relationships.  There are many methods that will assist you in finding inner peace.  Yoga, meditation, journaling and exercise are great actions that will ultimately “take the edge off.”  You should be craving these amazing qualities in your life too, no matter what stage of life you’re at.  Enjoying good health, being happy and loving yourself (as well as others) is what we as humans need and crave.  The best part of this is they’re so simple and easy to achieve.  Yes, there’s a little effort involved, but that makes the rewards so much sweeter.  Think of how this will impact you and everyone around you; especially those we love.  It is so simple to cherish and nourish these qualities, allowing them to grow and expand within ourselves.  As we flourish, these qualities will spread and grow in those around us.

In keeping with my goals for the New Year, I want to start it off fresh and open.  My question is, “What do you want to achieve?”  We are rolling off an incredibly battered and chaotic 2020!  There were so many “issues” to deal with and understand.  I know it was difficult deflecting the constant barrage and assault from so many sources.  Now, more than ever, I want to move into 2021 with my own agenda.  My intention is to make this year about striving for a healthier and happier way of living.  I will seek truth over deceit, and honesty over corruption.  I value freedom and equal rights for all.  I stand for a strong America.  I value independent, rational and honest thinkers.  Individuals who are open to listening to all opinions before rendering any of their own views.  Our government is there to enhance our lives by encouraging economic growth and stability, while protecting our rights and freedom.  When unscrupulous politicians begin imposing their agenda, rather than the will of the people, we have a problem.  Laws are enacted to protect all individuals from the evil and sadistic side of our society.  When leaders threaten the community with unjust, unfair and idiotic mandates, they are no longer credible or worthy of our representation.  Now is the time for patriotic leaders, with love and kindness for all, to step forward.

Whether you set goals to achieve your dreams, make new plans to enjoy passions or follow an intuitive path you create; do your best to live a healthy lifestyle.  We are each responsible for our own being.  Hold yourself accountable that you are a valuable member of society.  This is the time to reveal your character and share the values you hold dear.  Together we can improve our lives and society.  Let’s create a better world.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!