Good or Evil

September 20, 2020

Good morning friends.  I sincerely hope you are doing well, staying safe and healthy.  Recent events can create uncertainty, anxiety and depression.  The virus, economic distress, “outrage culture”, hatred and violence are real, frustrating and cruel.  Many of us feel the strain that’s associated with the sadness around us.  We need to do all we can to maintain our sanity and composure.  Self-care is a must.  Take the time to feel good about you.  Spend time outdoors in nature, meditate or do whatever brings your mind, body or soul bliss.  This is highly recommended.  When I feel good about me, it’s so much easier to spread those positive vibes to others.  

This is the time we (all people), need to unify as a human race.  It will require respect, understanding and love from us all.  If we allow the voices of chaos to continue, we will soon lose the society we know and love.  We must stand together for law and order.  Take time to visualize what life would be like in a chaos filled and lawless society.  I know first-hand what crime and violence brings and none of it is good.  It will be an uglier version of what we are witnessing now in many cities.  Don’t believe the lies and fabrications being spread by those attempting to divide us.  I urge you to educate yourself on the truth.  Knowledge is your power.    

Last Saturday evening (September 12th), two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies were brutally ambushed.  They were both shot multiple times while sitting in their police car.  This was a cowardly, vicious and unprovoked attack.  The gunman walked up behind the deputies, to the passenger side and opened fire.  Why?  It is simply because of the badge and uniform they wear?  It is because they represent authority, law and order?   Maybe it’s because attacks against law enforcement, like this, are being endorsed by liberal politicians, leftist groups, the media and wealthy individuals.  Various professional sports leagues and athletes are showing support for criminals.  They have no problem showing disrespect for America, our flag and all those who protect our nation.  It is ludicrous that this behavior is condoned, or even approved of by politicians, their followers or anyone who say they love America.  This behavior does nothing to unify our nation or render solutions for social injustice issues.     

The two critically injured deputies were rushed to a nearby hospital.  BLM supporters soon arrived.  These cowardly individuals attempted to enter the hospital.  When they were prevented from entering, they blocked the outside emergency room entry.  Video of the encounter captures these individuals yelling, “I hope they fucking die.”  Who in their right mind does this?  Anyone with a thread of decency would never dream of doing anything this vulgar.  How can people support a group like BLM that endorses this hate and violence?  My answer is, “No sensible or moral person (who has respect, decency, honesty or kindness in their heart) would ever say or think something vile like this.”  BLM is not a group that stands to support all black lives.  The mass violence, in cities like Chicago, is a prime example.  BLM is being used as a tool of the radical left.  They are perpetrating an agenda to support that cause.  They have no interest in solving the social blight or injustice of any Americans of Color.

I understand why some people are angry and upset, but the violence being perpetrated against law enforcement is not the answer or solution.  There have been incidents where officers have exceeded their authority and used excessive force.  These are tragic events and sad for all involved.  When you examine the statistics you see these incidents have been very few in number over the decades of police encounters.  Facts don’t lie.  Only unscrupulous individuals who want you to believe a different agenda, fill the media with fear and misinformation.

As in most professions, 99.9% of the men and women serving in law enforcement are decent, hard working and honest individuals.  They are dedicated to a common good and keeping America safe.  The extreme left wants you to believe a different view, theirs.  They want to divide and control us.  To do this they instill fear, anxiety and hate.  They use news outlets, social media and extremist groups, like antifa and BLM, to further their agenda by spreading hate and violence in our cities and against law enforcement.  

The true issue that surrounds the hype and outcry of brutality comes from inflamed reporting from new sources, media outlets and politicians.  They report incorrect, slanted and in some cases just wrong information.  They use video and individual accounts to bolster their stories.  Often times the video is edited and “witness” accounts are layer proven to be unsubstantiated. They often don’t know the facts or the entirety of the incident.  Journalists and news stations rush to be the first to “break” a story.  Facts are twisted to sensationalize the events.  Often what they report is based on their speculation.  The “outrage culture” of today, pushes to increase hate and fear.  This is reflected in the validation through violence.  It’s nearly immediate.

During my nearly 34-year career with the Los Angeles Police Department I witnessed unspeakable horrors and trauma.  Gruesome acts of violence were committed by soulless, evil individuals, inflicting untold sorrow, grief and death.  The attack on these deputies, along with violence against law enforcement across our nation is tragic and unjustified.  Men and women serving to protect us from evil deserve our gratitude and thanks.

I’ve known for a long time that many criminals just don’t care; who they hurt, with the injuries or suffering they inflict.  They don’t have any concept of humanity or kindness.  What I didn’t understand was what many criminals and the extremist leftist mentality share.  Neither of these groups have a sense of morality; for right or wrong, good or bad.  They just don’t believe morals play a role in life.  In their world it’s all about them; their power, greed and control.  Good and bad are a product of having a good moral character; which can be from a healthy upbringing with family or a belief in God or a Higher Power.  The radicals, extremists and far left have questionable (if any) morals, values or religious beliefs.  They are about taking what they want; in whatever way possible to achieve that goal.  The lack of religious beliefs or moral character is a shared ideology of communists, fascists, marxists and socialists.  Morality and religion are just words, thus good and evil have no apparent meaning for them.   

As a law enforcement professional, it’s incumbent for me to speak out against the violence directed at all officers across our nation.  I spent over half my life serving and protecting.  I know evil exists in our world because I’ve seen it.  Some people easily dismiss evil. Their explanation is it’s a result of “troubled” individuals who need care and rehabilitation.  This may be true in some cases, but the fact remains, many hard core criminals are beyond rehabilitation.  Individuals, like the one who shot these officers, have a blatant disregard for human life.  These thugs lack respect, integrity and have no value for a free or civilized society.  They lack a conscious, moral character and are no better than street vermin.  I know there are criminals in all cultures, nationalities, races and lands across the globe.  It breaks my heart seeing how the news reports portray these incidents.  Arrogant, unscrupulous, greedy and power hungry individuals are pushing for hate and division.  

The same “educated” individuals (politicians and others) that endorse hatred and violence are lobbying to close prisons and release criminals into our communities.  We have already witnessed the disastrous effects of increased crime due to the early release of criminals because of the coronavirus.  The “no bail” initiative and lack of prosecution by liberal district attorneys has caused an increase in violent crime.  Criminals are arrested by hard working officers, only to be immediately released so they can commit more crimes.    

It is beyond my comprehension how so many (including government representatives) are condoning and supporting these attacks.  In many cases these same individuals verbally spur evil individuals, including groups like antifa and BLM, to continue these violent assaults.  Villainous politicians are creating a culture where it’s okay to resist, attack, assault, and kill police officers.  They glorify criminals, ex-convicts, rapists and violent offenders.  They call to defund and disband law enforcement officers.  What is currently happening in our society is both unbelievable and reprehensible.  If we allow this insanity to continue we will all soon be living in a lawless society.

Similar attacks on law enforcement are occurring across our nation.  Officers are being assaulted and killed.  Where is the outrage for these heroes?  Where are the protests and riots demanding justice for them and their families?  Where are the demonstrators, athletes, celebrities and politicians?  Why are they not standing in unity and support for our support?   Where is the media calling for this violence to end?  The sad conclusion, none of these atrocities fits the leftist agenda.  The media twists its stories to fit their own needs.  Liberal politicians don’t address issues that do not benefit their own political status, power and control.  They only continue to push their hate filled rhetoric.  They point their finger and blame others for the fear.  They want you to take the blame for hatred and injustice.  This is not the truth.  Please do not believe what these controlling individuals are pushing on you.   

Now a new generation of young adults believe laws do not apply to them.  They have been coddled and pampered their entire lives.  Everything has been handed to them and they continue to believe they should be given more.  These are truly “entitled” individuals.  They easily voice their dislike of authority, rules or laws.  Maybe parents gave them too much or their childhood tantrums went unheard.  These kids needed rules, boundary limits or discipline to build character and integrity.  Now they are the “outrage” culture, setting demands because a radical college professor or some social media post encouraged it.  They fit perfectly into the liberal left extremist political agenda.  Politicians are using them, just as they are using extremist groups, to carry out the dirty work of tearing our society apart. 

I’m a human being, with a strong sense of right and wrong.  I was raised with religion and understand and value morality.  I stand for equality, freedom, Constitutional rights and the fair treatment of all people.  Active military, veterans (young and old), first responders, police and law enforcement officers across our land have stood to protect our nation from all evil adversaries (foreign and domestic).  All these individuals honor the flag of our nation by standing to salute it.  This is done out of respect for the symbol of our land and the many men and women who have made the sacrifice to protect and defend its freedom. 

We all deserve to live our lives in peace and harmony; in a society governed by law and order.  Laws were enacted to ensure we all enjoy the rights provided to us under the Constitution of the United States.  I love America and our way of life.  Freedom and equality must be upheld for all to enjoy.  I sincerely hope we all agree on these simple statements.  We live in a civilized society.  Recent events have put that way of life in jeopardy.  Unite with me, and all people who believe in peace and freedom, to maintain a free, prosperous and united America.   

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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