Labor Day

September 5, 2021

Good morning friends.  Happy Labor Day weekend and the first Sunday of September!  I hope you enjoy a blessed and beautiful day.  The Labor Day Holiday was instituted to celebrate the achievements of American workers.  It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century to thank our work force.  It became a federal holiday in 1894.  It was later moved to the first Monday in September, to become a three-day weekend.  There are typically five, three-day weekend holidays, spread across each year.  These holidays were developed and instituted to allow working parents time to share extended days off together with their families.  They have long served their purpose and have been enjoyed by many.  I’m not sure the same family values and traditions exist in today’s age.  For many people, instead of spending quality time together as a family, it’s become an obsession of individual pursuits and electronic devices.  Family units have been replaced with various types of entertainment, pacification or numerous other appeasements.  It’s a sad commentary to our society and fast paced lives (obviously speaking from a California perspective).

Holiday weekends are typically the best days off!  Everyone loves an extended three-day weekend with no work.  Oh wait, maybe not everyone has the day or weekend off.  There are many workers who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy these fun holidays.  Our military, police, fire, hospital and care facilities; and basically, all essential services personnel, are working 24/7.  These workers can include grocery stores, gas stations, utility workers, hotels, restaurants and other service providers.  During the first 20 years of my career, I rarely enjoyed a holiday or extended weekend off.  As a young officer, I worked many holidays and weekends.  This held true until much later in my career.  I worked all field assignments during that time.  That meant I was working out and about in the streets of Los Angeles.  I spent the next five years assigned to Training Division, giving me the opportunity to work mostly Monday through Friday, like a normal person.  My first two years were as the Assistant Officer in Charge of the Tactics Training Unit.  The next three years, as the Officer in Charge of the Firearms Training Unit.  In January 2005, I promoted to Lieutenant and returned to field duty.  Change and trauma were a constant back in the streets of LA.  Those events never shook my dedication to duty or service to the community.

How would you feel if everyone just decided not to go to work?  Life would be chaotic at best.  I have no doubt panic and disorder would ensue.  It’s not a pretty picture.  Luckily, we live in a great land, where most people share the responsibility of work.  There are some people living in our nation, who decided they’d rather do nothing.  These individuals believe the government should care for them; via welfare, food stamps, unemployment pay or free college educations.  That equates to the people working and paying taxes, are paying for everyone and everything.  We do have individuals who legitimately require our care, but they seem to get trampled in the shuffle.  Unfortunately, our current political leaders believe handing out “free money” is the solution.  These “leaders” are more interested in retaining their power and high paying jobs, than helping others.  While they give away the money of hard-working Americans, they continue to increase their wealth and political power base.   None of this is in the best interest of our nation, nor all Americans.

A friend and I were discussing the ills of our land, when she asked me my opinion on the homeless issue.  My initial thought focused on how our nation has allowed this dilemma to propagate and grow worse each year.  When I became an officer in 1980, there always seemed to be homeless living in the “skid row” area of downtown LA.  When California emptied its mental health institutions, the problem developed into a crisis.  I doubt anyone in leadership has ever wanted to tackle this critical issue.  They continue to throw more tax payer dollars at it with aid, programs or policies that do nothing to solve or change it.  Law enforcement was left to police it, when it has never been a law enforcement issue.  Politicians and lawyers used it to push their own agendas, while solving nothing.  They protect the rights of homeless, while trampling on the rights of every hard working American affected by this crisis.  Our nation is slowly transforming into a “3rd world country.”  Business and manufacturing companies continue to be moved to other countries.  Our nation (and its leaders) need to bring industry back to our nation; creating jobs and a new labor work force.  Maybe a “Depression era” modern day Conservation Corps would boost life into this land.  America needs something to get people off the streets, back to work, into homes and become productive members of society.  We cannot exist in this politically correct mentality, where everything is free.  Everyone needs to contribute, or we will continue to sink.      

This past week has been an especially difficult time for many.  Storms, fires and a botched military withdrawal created additional sadness.  Please keep these victims, families and our military personnel in your thoughts and prayers.  Our brave soldiers protect our borders.  Our law enforcement officers protect our communities.  Combined, they all keep US safe.  Now, more than ever, all people (of our nation and the world), need to unify in our fight for freedom.  We are stronger together, when we stand in support of one another.  Don’t allow the negative or hateful words of a few divide us.  Our nation was built on unity and trust.  We need that now more than ever.  Division, manipulation, propaganda and fear are instruments used by those attempting to control the population.  Remember, fear, negativity and limitations are fabrications of the mind.  If we allow these thoughts to creep into our brain and persist, they have the ability to paralyze and consume us.  We must use our strength and mental fortitude to control our thoughts, actions and deeds.  Seek knowledge and the truth.  That is where our power and strength are born.  Each of us possess the character traits to use our mind and thoughts the way we wish.   It doesn’t take a special talent or some obscure tool to accomplish this feat.  It only requires each of us to make the conscience decision to know what we want; including honesty and fair treatment from all those who hold decision making power.

I have no doubt there will be people flowing through this Labor Day weekend, unaware or unconcerned with current events, or with the direction our nation is headed.  Yes, I wish I could be filled with joy today, but that’s not possible.  I’m happy and grateful every day to be alive and for the many blessings in my life.  Those feelings of joy are overshadowed by death and evil in our world.  The recent events in Afghanistan are sad and tragic.  The loss of life is unacceptable and the lack of leadership disgusting.  Abandoning millions of dollars’ worth of “war” equipment is reprehensible and insane.  By allowing this to happen, we have outfitted an evil army with a modern day arsenal.  This really is a sorrowful time in our world history.  America is in serious need of a political overhaul and reality check.  Our seemingly clueless leaders are guiding us down a path to disaster.  Where are the representatives we’ve elected to maintain a strong nation, rather than manipulate and control its population?   If appears if you show any sign of logical thinking or seeking accountability, you’re immediately tossed aside like a “Judas” or traitor.  We are facing serious issues, yet it’s business as usual for our asleep at the wheel political dictatorship.  Many of these individuals are old career politicians.  They haven’t presented a viable idea or logical solution to improve our nation in decades.   

The hurricane in the east and fires in the west, presented our leaders, and the media, an escape route.  They redirected the focus of attention from this military blunder, to the weather, floods and fires.  Where is the accountability for their actions??  Where are the voices of reason and justice for all?  Where are leaders who will stand up to this insanity.  Where are journalists who see what’s happening, yet turn a blind eye.  These are atrocities that need to be recognized and shouted out to the world.  Stop sitting on your hands, with your mouth closed, afraid of what others may say.  Get out of that caged in political box and start thinking for yourself.  This is a time we need, and should demand, honesty and integrity from our leaders.  Today, we need powerful leaders with innovative ideas and solutions for the many critical issues facing our nation and the world.  What we no longer need are political dinosaurs with worn out ideas, doctrines and policies that only fill the pockets of the rich.  Governments (and their leaders) should protect their nation and the rights and freedoms of their people.  It shouldn’t run their lives or make personal health decisions for them.  I want our nation, and the planet, to be a better place for all to live in a free peaceful society.  I want to experience love again; watch my daughter, family and friends thrive in happiness, joy and love.  This is possible, if we believe and stand together, unified as one voice.  Labor Day is a celebration of the American worker.  Let’s get our nation, and all our people, back to work.       

This coming Saturday, September 11, 2021, we commemorate and honor the twentieth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.  Thousands of innocent people lost their lives in this cowardly and heinous act of violence.  Please take time to remember and honor all those who perished that day, and after.  Educate your children, so they know what evil lurks in our world.  Today, we face another evil and continue to see more violence perpetrated by similar thinking individuals in Afghanistan.   The Taliban are a deadly and evil menace to our entire planet.  I pray for peace, or swift and decisive action to quell their rampage of brutality.  We live in turbulent times my friends.  We, in America, and other free lands across this planet, share amazing and happy lives.  This is the time we need to unite against tyranny and injustice.  If we do not stand up for freedom, decency and individual rights; we too may see our rights erode and be slowly taken from us.  Reach and work for your dreams daily.  Put in the effort to turn your passions into reality.  I possess the ability to make each day happy, while working to achieve what I want for my future.  Believe in your power.  Our energy is real, within each of us. A little self-confidence and positive thinking go a long way.  Be grateful, kind and show respect to all living things.  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

On a lighter and happy note, I want to wish my brother in law and a special second cousin a very Happy and Joyful birthday today.  They are both fabulous individuals and deserve all the best life has to offer!  Enjoy your day and remember you’re both in my thoughts and heart!

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thank you for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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