Cheers to 2021

January 3, 2021

Good morning friends!  Happy New Year!!  We made it!  I hope you enjoyed celebrating the start of 2021!  I was happy to say farewell to 2020!  Cheers to setting our vision on a brighter year.  It can be filled with endless possibilities.  Are you willing to take a chance?  Just say “Yes” and move forward with eager anticipation.  It takes dedication and some work, but anything you dream is possible.  Believe in yourself and you will succeed.  The rewards will vastly outweigh your efforts.  Opportunities abound daily, but only if you recognize them.  Don’t let them pass you by unnoticed.  Open your heart and mind to becoming a better version of you.  Do your best to make it a fabulous and uncomplicated New Year.  The world is a wonderful place when we move forward, bringing joy and harmony into our lives.  It all begins with living a healthy life.  

2020 began with much hope and promise.  The first couple of months were filled with wonder and possibilities.  Those dreams quickly degraded into nine months filled with stress, anxiety and chaos.  The new year provides a fresh canvas for us to create and improve our life.  In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you must first begin by being happy and in love with yourself.  We are each responsible and in total control of our own attitude and moods.  If you constantly perceive everything in a negative manner, that’s what your world will reflect.  You have the ability and power to direct how your mind processes what you take in from others and all that touches you.  How we each react and internalize this material can manipulate our emotions or behavior.  It can be for good or bad; it’s your choice.  If an individual or event, creates negative or hostile energy toward you, the best response is to deflect it.  Do not allow negativity to have a place inside your thoughts.  No matter what the source, how you deal with these interactions is really up to you.  Each day should begin with gratitude and positivity.  Don’t allow what others say or do create an adverse reaction within you.  Typically, how others act, or what they say, has nothing to do with us, but is a direct reflection of their own attitudes, perceptions or insecurities.  It is up to each of us to maintain a clear and positive thought process each day.  

Here are a few simple suggestions to remember when you experience difficult circumstances.  Always be kind to yourself.  You’re never too old and it’s never too late to set new goals.  Remain focused and positive while working to achieve your goals and live your dreams.  Don’t allow the negativity of other individuals to influence your attitude or behavior.  If you fail, don’t give up; it has a way of keeping us grounded.  Each step forward takes us closer to achieving what we desire.  Discipline, integrity and dedication are the building blocks to success.  Change is an inevitable constant in the universe.  Don’t resist or fight it.  Embrace change, as you do life.  Maintain a balance between work and fun.  Add plenty of nature.  Gratitude equals happiness.

When you’re happy with yourself, life improves dramatically.  The moods of those around you will be impacted by your positive energy.  My Dad had an old saying he shared with me.  He said, “If you walk with someone who limps, pretty soon you will begin to limp too.”  It took some growth and maturity for me to understand the true meaning.  When I put forth an effort to be positive and live a life with integrity, my world suddenly changed.  I saw the enthusiastic change in myself.  It was easy to recognize how my attitude affected and encouraged the confidence in others around me.  Why would you limit yourself, when it is so easy to grow and expand your horizons?  Over the years I have done research, seminars, taken classes with professionals regarding all of these issues.  Many people will give varying advice, but agree the process starts with you.  Your life and happiness is in your hands.  You choose how to live it.  I sincerely hope you will choose wisely.  For me, healthy living includes exercise, rest, sunshine, water and eating foods that are good for me physically, mentally and spiritually.  Communicating your thoughts, feelings and passions with those you love is an integral part of the equation.  All of these combined abilities will lead us to living a healthier lifestyle.

There can be “traps, pitfalls or limping” along the path of life.  Why would you want to create another?  Whether unintentional or not, when we dig ourselves into an adverse situation, we need to get out of it quickly.  One pitfall to avoid, at all cost, is the use of a “crutch.”  I’m not referring to a device to help you walk.  This “crutch” is used by some individuals to deal with stress, depression or just life.  In my earlier years I used alcohol as a means to relieve anxiety and stress.  I thought it helped me fit in, while dealing with trauma and life.  I drank to ease the pain and bring me happiness.  It took me a several years, but I realized drinking only made my life worse.  It only succeeded in creating additional adverse issues, none of which were ever good.  It was poor judgement that became habitual.  “Bad” habits can seem to be the most difficult to overcome.  Whatever crutch, stimulus or habit you may be using (or considering), to help reduce the pain: alcohol, drugs, binge eating or some other addiction; they will only create more harm.  I’ve met many people that say, “I only have a couple drinks after work to take the edge off.”  I know from experience, a couple of drinks a day to relieve stress is not the answer.  It’s not healthy and it just doesn’t work.  It may give you the sensation of relief, but it wears off quickly.  Alcohol, or whatever substance you lean on, only creates more stress, anxiety and grief.  This is a great time to kick those bad habits, use better judgement and toss those crutches away.  If it’s an addiction or substance abuse problem that requires professional assistance, then please seek that help or treatment.  There is no reason to put your health in jeopardy or compromise it.  Life is short enough as it is.  Let’s be here to live a happier and healthier life together.  

I was fortunate, through advice from others, self-realization and the grace of God, that I needed to overcome the negatives in my life.  I learned how to love myself again, while increasing my health in mind, body and spirit.  These simple, yet definitive actions, propelled me forward into the positive.  From that point on my life has only improved with each step forward.  I am happier, healthier, loving who I am and living a grateful life.  There are many accolades I can share about discarding negative crutches.  Living a healthy and happy life is just the beginning. Dealing with the stress and trauma of life is real.  There are better choices to assist in dealing with daily stress or trauma.  Exercise has always been my “go to” for mental fatigue or spiritual enlightenment.  Going for a run, bike ride or lifting weight has always paid off with huge success for me.  Simple things, like going for a walk can bring magical effects as well.  Spending time outside, in nature, is a fabulous and natural method to seek stress relief.  I have spent many hours just sitting in nature.  Whether it’s at the beach, forest or in my own yard, the solitude provides greater benefits, mentally, physically and spiritually.  If you intend to benefit from this, you must allow yourself to connect with your surroundings.  Leave your cell phone and find a secluded location away from distractions.  Enjoy the beauty and magnificence of Gods creations.  This experience can be meditative and provide introspection.  It has often enlightened my mind and spirit, while empowering me to push forward.  When you couple these natural forces with healthy eating habits, better rest and a kinder spirit, it makes for a happier and more vibrant me. 

Don’t be afraid to talk with the people you love.  Good communication is not only healthy, but great for bonding and building better relationships.  There are many methods that will assist you in finding inner peace.  Yoga, meditation, journaling and exercise are great actions that will ultimately “take the edge off.”  You should be craving these amazing qualities in your life too, no matter what stage of life you’re at.  Enjoying good health, being happy and loving yourself (as well as others) is what we as humans need and crave.  The best part of this is they’re so simple and easy to achieve.  Yes, there’s a little effort involved, but that makes the rewards so much sweeter.  Think of how this will impact you and everyone around you; especially those we love.  It is so simple to cherish and nourish these qualities, allowing them to grow and expand within ourselves.  As we flourish, these qualities will spread and grow in those around us.

In keeping with my goals for the New Year, I want to start it off fresh and open.  My question is, “What do you want to achieve?”  We are rolling off an incredibly battered and chaotic 2020!  There were so many “issues” to deal with and understand.  I know it was difficult deflecting the constant barrage and assault from so many sources.  Now, more than ever, I want to move into 2021 with my own agenda.  My intention is to make this year about striving for a healthier and happier way of living.  I will seek truth over deceit, and honesty over corruption.  I value freedom and equal rights for all.  I stand for a strong America.  I value independent, rational and honest thinkers.  Individuals who are open to listening to all opinions before rendering any of their own views.  Our government is there to enhance our lives by encouraging economic growth and stability, while protecting our rights and freedom.  When unscrupulous politicians begin imposing their agenda, rather than the will of the people, we have a problem.  Laws are enacted to protect all individuals from the evil and sadistic side of our society.  When leaders threaten the community with unjust, unfair and idiotic mandates, they are no longer credible or worthy of our representation.  Now is the time for patriotic leaders, with love and kindness for all, to step forward.

Whether you set goals to achieve your dreams, make new plans to enjoy passions or follow an intuitive path you create; do your best to live a healthy lifestyle.  We are each responsible for our own being.  Hold yourself accountable that you are a valuable member of society.  This is the time to reveal your character and share the values you hold dear.  Together we can improve our lives and society.  Let’s create a better world.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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