It’s the simple pleasures

May 9, 2021

Good morning friends.  Let me begin by wishing all the Mom’s a very Happy Mother’s Day!  What a fabulous day to celebrate these wonderful women.  Take the time to thank your mother; whether you spend time with her, call her or say a prayer for her; be grateful for her and all she’s done in your life.  These amazing women are truly incredible humans.  They are the reason we’re here today.  I wish I had the opportunity to share this special day with my Mom.  She has been confined to an Alzheimer’s care facility for nearly five years.  It’s a horrible, debilitating and deadly disease.  The difficult part has been watching her mind and body slowly degrade.  It’s been years since she’s known herself, remembered her past, her family or who I am.  She exists in a world confined by her withering mind and body.  She no longer speaks, walks or can care for herself.   This is no way for a human, or any living creature, to exist.  It’s a sad and heartbreaking situation, for her, and many others suffering from this tragic disease.  I urge you to cherish every moment of life; with your Mother, family and friends.  Life is a special limited time opportunity.  Don’t waste it!  “Thank you Mom, I love you.”

A few nights ago, I was sitting on my living couch relaxing.  The sun was setting as I looked out the sliding door window, to my patio.  I noticed a hummingbird perched on the feeder.  This red goblet of delight hangs from the eves of the roof, just outside above the patio deck.  By no means is it out of the ordinary to see a hummingbird there.  The local crew engage in playful daily feedings from dawn to dusk.  What set this evening apart, from any other, is what occurred over the next 15 to 20 minutes.  This tiny creature of God just sat there.  This is highly unusual behavior for these little flyers.  I watched from the couch for several minutes.  Then I had to get up and walk to the slider to get a closer look.  Typically, if they spot movement coming near them, they tend to fly away.  This didn’t happen.  Instead, this little bird turned to look at me, then continued to sip on the sweet nectar from the feeder and relax.

This beautiful little gem sat, sipped, looked at me and continued to observe the surroundings from this perch.  After five minutes or so, I reached for a cell phone to record the visit.  Over the next ten minutes, or so, I took pictures and recorded a video to document this interesting phenomena.  I watch and talked to this little creature.  Then it dawned on me on how special and amazing life can be.  How often do we take the time to slow our lives down to actually enjoy the world around us?  I’ve had the pleasure to observe these tiny creatures on numerous occasions, but never really relishing in their glory.  There is so much life happening on our planet every second of the day.  Next time you’re out in nature, or you observe life in action; take the opportunity to stop and enjoy the show.  Don’t be like many people (humans), who are often too busy, or engrossed in their own little world, to witness these amazing feats.  Nature is truly incredible.  We just need to open our eyes and senses to the world around us to enjoy it.

Hummingbirds are considered magical and spiritual creatures.  When their continued presence is directed at you, it’s believed to be a visit from angels or spirits.  They vibrate at a higher frequency than any other creature; creating energy, harmony and peace.  Whether you believe in the symbolism these incredible tiny beings represent or not, I hope you respect their beauty, agility and significance on earth.  There are so many things we miss because we aren’t looking.  Slow yourself and allow your mind, body and spirit the opportunity to bask in the energy the universe provides.  I’ve enjoyed many encounters with these majestic beings.  I’m thankful I had the presence of mind to recognize them as happy and insightful contacts.  Each has stayed with me and reminds me to stay present in life.  I remain grateful and blessed each day.  We can learn many life lessons from other creatures. 

During my decades on this earth, it’s become apparent to me that life is about the simple pleasures.  It doesn’t matter how big my house is, if I drive a fancy car or wear the latest fashions.  Greed, ego or selfish behavior have no place in my world.  Life is about humility, kindness, respect and integrity.  I begin my days with gratitude, positivity and happiness.  I fill my hours with good thoughts and wonderful people.   You don’t have to agree with what I say or do, it’s just my opinion.  What I hope; is that you seek the truth, educate yourself with knowledge and make intelligent decisions based on facts.  Stay positive, happy and healthy my friends.  Show kindness and love to all beings on this planet.  Our lives move at an incredible pace and we often speed past fantastic scenarios occurring all around us.  Get outside, breathe and enjoy nature.  Life is happening all around us.  There is an entire universe filled with activity and wonder.  Often times it only requires us to open our eyes, look out our window and recognize the world of beauty set before us.  The activity begins at sunrise, continuing 24/7 daily; with plants, trees, flowers and all of God’s creatures, full of life and living.  Take time to notice this magnificent and magical world.  Seek solitude in nature.  Quiet your mind and body so you can rejuvenate.  Peace and mindfulness allow answers to our questions to become clear.  Stay grateful and kind to all humans, animals and living creatures.  Cherish these simple pleasures of life.

Today is a special day, so make your Mom; or any Mother you know, feel the love and gratitude they deserve.  Tell your Mom you love her, give her flowers or take her out for some fun.  If you haven’t spoken to her for a long time, (or if you just saw her yesterday), use today as the catalyst to say, “Thank you, I love you Mom.”  Without our Mom’s, none of us would be here.  It’s such a simple gesture to tell someone, “I love you.”  It’s even more grand when you can show them by your action and deeds.  Don’t miss the opportunity.  Remember, life is short.  Be grateful and thankful for what you have and continue to work hard for what you want.  Enjoy a Happy Mother’s Day, filled with love and happiness.  “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.”  Follow your dreams.  They know the way.

Please tune in and join me again next Sunday for more!  The healthy life puzzle is always in rotation.  Let’s be healthy and strong mentally, physically and spiritually!

Thanks for your love and support!  Embrace Life!  Be sure to get outside and enjoy nature!

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My goal is to be a better me. I want people to be more aware about mental and physical health. We are all humans living on this planet. Let's enjoy our lives, happy and healthy. It's okay to smile and help others along the way.

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